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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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Congrats to him! Nice to have another WNY player going D1

i think he is walking on

Congratulations to Justin.

McShea is right. Why does I has to go to class. NBA is calling my burn right now anyway. I get paid to play games for the Cuse not get good grades. The entire thing is off hte chain. I does block shots man!

If the NBA aint for real I may go to this Nichols place y'all is talkin about.

I feel bad for you... You must be a lonely person.

Williams is a good player. Although, are we going to give pub to every player that is deciding to "walk on"? It appears to indicate in this article that he was recruited. The Buffalo News reads as a "walk on". Regardless, wishing him well and I hope he makes it! It would be nice to get a local guy at Niagara as opposed to the constant trolling by the coaching staff on the streets of Philly for all the recruits.

When so few high school players get the opportunity to continue playing at the college regardless of level I for one say yeah to giving them "pub" especially on this forum. Good luck to Jordan and to all others who continue to play the game they love and have sacrificed so much for.

Bad edit on my part. The above should read
"...continue playing at the college regardless of which level..."

KKBUNDY - After thinking it over, you are correct. Good luck JW!

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