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Thursday, March 01, 2012


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I think the key question 2nite is this:

What does Ben Drake wear? I am guessing a suit that makes him look like a million bucks. That gray one w a tight tie. Sportscoat or not? Does he take it off at half or leave it on the entire game? It's a huge decision, 1 I hope he thinks about on the way up.

The coach of Frontier has some SOLID HAIR. I mean it moves less than our next President Mitt Romney's
so if it comes down 2 hair - I give Frontier a shot but if it's overall dressing up a huge edge 2 coach Drake and Jamestown.

Sal is a bit of a slob. I would suggest a jump suit 2 b honest. The polo shirt w the kacky pants is not a good look. He can't pull off the suit clearly, and if they play Jametown in the Final it will b no contest vs Drake. So go w the Bobby Huggins jumpsuit. Please not the polo shirt.

Coach Switarski? Did I say that right. A well built man. If the coaches were not wearing shirts I feel North would have a shot 2 win both games. If WNY was going 2 send a coach 2 re shoot the video of I'm Sexy and I know it by LMFAO (all of u please watch it on Youtube and u will get it) I would say 4 SURE coach Switarski. He would do a good.

Overall I will say Jamestown pulls it out, because when it comes right down 2 it the style of Ben Drake is simply 2 much 4 any coach 2 overcome.

PS - Stan Weir will b cheering 4 Falls 2nite. He is not even playing but he can only lose his player of the year award if Taplin scores back 2 back 25 plus points and leads North 2 the Regionals

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