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Friday, March 02, 2012


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Correct score is actually NF 47 - WN 44 CC. You'll remember that Taplin's heave at the end would have tied the game. Buff News has it wrong in their box score and quarter totals but if you add the individuals' scores, it adds up to 47 and in the live blog, final is 47-44.

Thanks Lucky13. I guess I should refer to my own notes for the final score. Maybe Keith was giving Falls the point that North lost in the Jamestown game.

Yea, I had that thought, too. I don't think that was Keith's doing, though.

That reminds me, speaking of extra points being given or taken away, if you feel like it, go to Canisius' first broadcast (St Joes game) Start of 2nd half ...Canisius' first points... 3 pointer by A. White, his right foot is on the line... should have been two... of course it didn't matter in that game.

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