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Thursday, March 08, 2012


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Public schools are at a sever disadvantage when private schools, that recruit, are permitted to play in the the 'NYS public school tournament'. 'They' already have their own tournament.

It isn't a level playing field.

If you're not sure if it is a level playing field, ask the teams that were knocked out of sectional play by private school.

Need some info - What is the admission for the games and are they broken down into 2 sessions? Could someone advise? Thank you.

Not sure about the price - I'd guess $6. There are definitely two sessions.

Rochester didn't do Buffalo any favors allowing the Catholic schools into the section. Expect losses in Class AA, A, and D.

Have u seen any of those 3 teams?

Any players on ND, Panama, East Rochester, or Wayland Cochocton that will be playing D1 ball? If not any of those players worth seeing?

Ricky -

Don't be a talent snob. Kidding.

Of course there are players worth seeing, they helped advance their teams to the regionals. I know absolutely nothing about the D, C, & B teams from Sec V.

I was very impressed with Panama, particularly Nick Lenart. OTC/MEC is loaded with talent, now they just need to play better together and defend once in awhile so they can travel to Glens Falls. I've gushed enough about Olean already this year. Any sectional champ that starts four sophomores is worth seeing.

I have seen Bishop Kearney and Aquinas four times apiece, and yes, both teams are loaded. BK is at full strength again, which is bad news for East Aurora. That means that Antwoine Anderson will play on Saturday (it was said on both Prep Talk and here that he was off the team).

Niagara Falls is the only WNY team to face BK at full strength and they lost by eight. Canisius played them without Anderson, and Joe's & Timon each played them without Chinonso Obokoh. The only team from NY State to defeat Aquinas this year was St. Joe's, and they did so without Jaylen Morris playing for them and without Jarron Jones playing for AQ.

Obviously the night session is loaded with D1 talent. I count eight players between the two games:

Phil Valenti, Aquinas - Canisius Basketball
Christian White, Aquinas - Monmouth Basketball
Jarron Jones, Aquinas - Notre Dame Football
Jahmahl Pardner, Aquinas - Pittsburgh Football

Jermaine Crumpton, NFHS - Canisius Basketball

Chinonso Obokoh, Bishop Kearney - 6-10 junior Undecided
Thomas Bryant, Bishop Kearney - 6-7 freshman Undecided

Stan Wier, East Aurora - UB Basketball

Good 2 c Talin post that he was bringing his talents 2 Nichols. Good 2 hear basketball is more fun when Nichols is doing well.

I hear Tom Parotta is a canidate 4 that Nichols job. Did anybody READ that article Rodney wrote when he went 2 his house??? The man is clearly insane. He said if he got juco guys that he would have won the league and then left 4 a better job and 'they would b asking me why r u leaving us Tom'...I mean read that article. The guy has some serious issues.

UB blew it! That stinks. I will miss regionals have fun without me. Hopefully we don't go 0-5

I might be interested in that Nichols job, but my plate is full right now. Currently flying to chapel hill to interview for assistant position, and then its on to Illinois to interview to replace Bruce Weber. As you can see I am very busy and clearly not insane.

^ Good one.

Shaka Smart to Illinois is basically a done deal

So now in 12 years as a 'superschool' NFHS has a grand total of ONE State title.


Pistol Pat has to be laughing down in Naples. Hey Carm Granto (who since was disgraced and forced to resign for claiming to never take a vacation day for 7 years while he 'built' a school) great choice not giving Pat that job back in 2001. It has worked out great for you guys. He wins a NYS Basketball record 11 sectional titles in a row, gets to the Final 4 in Glens 6 times in 9 years, and wins 3 State titles in those 9 years while beating the other half of the super school 36 times in a row (for you young kids no that is not a joke the great NFHS lost to Pat's LaSalle teams 36 times in a row-think about that).

New school 1 State title in 12 years (as opposed to 3 in 9), 6 trips to Glens in 12 years (as opposed to 6 in 9), 8 sectional titles in 12 years (as opposed to 11 in a row), Outstanding.

Carm Granto - another Niagara Falls genius. No wonder the city is doing so well!

Does anyone have more info on the allstar games? I believe they are Saturday @ Grabiarz school. Time and teams?

2-3 again this year!?!?! What happened! Actually we lost 2 NO Section 5 Public schools.

It's a joke really. The State is a mess. It is called the Public school State tourney. Put all the catholic schools in their own tourney. That is what he Fed is 4.

If CC was commish this would b fixed.

Back from Tampa tomorrow and off 2 Glens on Friday everyone come meet us!

My 1st Team All WNY will b posted next weekend.

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