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Friday, March 16, 2012


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Why is so cold here at Glens Falls? I am freezing! Can't the open the outside doors and let some heat in?

THIS is the best day of HS basketball. 7 games starting at 9am going until 10:30. Get here by 8:30 u get the media donuts...free chips and pop all day, dinner in between sessions - it's great!

Jamesville's going 4 a record FIFTH STRAIGHT State title 2day but not looking good through 3 quarters Mr Basketball D Coleman only has 4 points! They r down 5 in the third.

Jamesville was a 12 point favorite.

My official All WNY 1st team prediction:

Stan Weir (MVP)
S Taplin
M Hart
Reggie A (That kid from Ghana)
J Crumpton

Let's c how I do this year :)

Dajuan Coleman was named Mr. Baketball NYS for 2012.

Stan wier,Adam weir,j. Crumpton,Reggie a.sam eckstrom Stan wier mvp

Round man I wasn't ASKING 4 other opinions I was TELLING u the team! HAHAHAHHA

BTW Sal and Drake...good news 18 of the 20 starters in the AA State semis were SENIORS! And all 10 in the AA Section 5 final...SO 2013 (if there is a 2013) 1 of u guys should make a run at a State title.

Eckstom over Hart? Crumpton over Hart? A. Weir over Hart? Any of those three over Hart? Really Roundman? So let's say you are starting your best WNY team today and Hart is not in your back court. What game you watchin, make your case with these three underclassmen. Hart was arguably WNY's best player in February. Of course he was Silver Hoops MVP today as well, best player on the court.

Nothing aganist hart i think crompton with a div 1 scholarship and a team leader for nia falls all season long should be 1team as for adam weir he was leading scorer maybe leading rebouderat least 2 leading rebounder on manhatten cup winner was also mvp of tournament as. For eckstrom led his team far into playoffs thats just how i see it

As for hart being best player in feb I think weir had more points and rebounds through that month.also hart was injured in the early season and was not able to help the team much early on

None of those 3 today are better basketball players than Hart. Biggest beneficiary of Hart's savy play was his teammate. Hard to make the case it was the opposite. I agree with MIG Hart is first team. He was CHS best player. Eckstrom may be a really big story in a few years but too soon for first team.

Only my opinon we will have to wait and see nice to have so many quality players so we can have a choice good luck to all wny players hopefully they can all play at the next level

If u know my history u won't have 2 'wait and c'

Watching OTC....last Section 6 game of the year! Sad!

BTW if any1 says 'AA is down and A is better' they r IDIOTS. Mt Vernon would KILL - I mean KILL - any team in Class A by 30. At least.

otc player(dont know them very well),reggie,eckstrom,adam wier and stan (poy) Keith will put guys on first if team made it to glens falls,dont totally disagree with him. its a tuff job I wouldnt want it.

U got 2 of the 5 right not a great pct Guest

MIG you are rude. Referring to Reggie as "That kid from Ghana". We get he's not from around here you didn't need to say it. It seems rather condescending of you.

Also race for #1 WNY next year will be a blast between CHS and Olean. I think I'd give Olean the edge as they have a big man(very good one) and CHS doesn't

Canisius, Niagara Falls, McKinley, Jamestown, & Olean all are basically bringing back the whole farm. It will bbe a lot of fun...only about eight months and eleven days away.

Right on "Coach" - Without Hart, Weir and the rest of the CHS crew wouldn't have played as well and got the stats they had. Hart was smooth, didn't force shots, and controlled the game for CHS. Weir tended to force and is getting more cred than deserving this year. Next year is his year to shine. Hart was the catalyst!

I'll admit I am rude, no issue there.

CC move all these posts 2 your new post maybe?

I can't believe Center Court left after the OTC game even though he was already in Glens Falls and missed at 1 point State B title game and today is missing the A and AA Finals! C'mon! Instead of Center Court we should call u 'abandon' court! Ha!

My final 10:

1. Canisius
2. Falls
3. Jamestown
4. Joe's
5. Timon
6. EAurora
7. McKinley
8. Riverside
9. Hutch Tech
10. Frontier

1. Olean
2. OTC Middle
3. St Mary's
4. East
5. Depew
6. Silver Creek
7. Maple Grove
8. A Walsh
9. Dunkirk
10. Seneca

That of course was if I wasn't a woman and was allowed 2 vote in that dumb poll.

!st-S Weir,A Weir,RA, Hart and Crumpton; 2nd- Ekstrom, Williams(NF) ,Williams(TSJ), Taplin,Schmidt

North and KW should both be ahead of Riverside and Tech, AA was much deeper and stronger than A.

Totally disagree. I think Riverside and Tech were ranked ALL SEASON 4 a reason....but we shall c.

Mt Vernon AA Final CLOSE!!!! Aquinas down 4 with 6 minutes 2 go....!

i actually agree w/ your top 10's, but we all know you are not a women. i mean you dook look a little feminine, but give it up. we all know who you are and that you get a vote. maybe you are trying to deflect, because of your insensitive comments (Ghana) and the backlash the news would get if people knew you were voting in the poll.

when talking all wny it should be based on this season only,who cares about last year not a career award.so b/c one makes 4th team last year means this year has to be 3rd or higher?no way, doesnt have to make it at all unless deserves it.based on 11-12 season only,with that said no way taplin should be on 1st or 2nd team he may be better in some eyes but didnt have better year and 2 games in playoffs doesnt make season.a few facts, st joes overachieved clearly and good for them.but they are not #4 and they showed that over the last few weeks of season,#8,9 or 10.Timon not #5,they beat nobody in league and close means nothing.Timon & Joes both lucky to be in top ten due to lack of strong teams.Hart only missed 2 games I believe this year so no injury issue for him.all have favorite players so opinions will be all over the place but results speak for themselves.lastly,nice year for otc but to say they should get a player on 1st team b/c team made it to state final(food for thought: no way they should be a class C school)is crazy.

Payola Dave I love you name. I will b thinking of all my horrible mistakes as I attend my TENTH National Championship game April 2nd while u contiue u 2 live your dull, boring life.

Glad u agree with my Top 10's they r both perfect.
Reggie is from Ghana and I said it who cares? If I mention Rafa Nadal is from Spain does that make me racist against Spanish people? U r jack***

ECIC/MMA fan your post makes no sense. My top 10 in both polls r exactly right. Falls, Jamestown, Joe's all had 1 'crazy' loss and Timon did beat B Kearney and had great losses all year. They didn't LOSE 2 any1 I had behind them. 5 is good 4 them.

I must say I am sorry 2 CC. He just wanted 2 look from the regular stands and not sit at the media table 4 the last 3 State title games. Although he did miss some great pizza and bars w me and Keith until 2am Sat...! Wait - the Buff News people would never hang out with me?! Think of the 'backlash' Keith would get if people knew he was hanging out with me!!!

BTW I know who u r Payola Dave from your URL address I may come smack u around 1 day if I am in the mood.

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