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Wednesday, April 04, 2012


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my final 2012 overall top 12 meant to be posted here instead of the older link is. FALLS. JAMESTOWN.CANISIUS EAST AUORA. WILL NORTH. KEN WEST. MCKINLEY. TIMON. ST MARYS. OLEAN.RIVERSIDE. ST JOES

Jeez 'fullcourt1' why did u make us wait so long 2 c your final rankings. I've hardly been able 2 sleep 4 weeks.

I had a dream Jack Herlan was making love w Rihanna the other night. Weird.

Yeah like these rankingz are so vastly inferior to having the numbed one team losing to a sub-500 team in the most important game of the season to date. Try sticking to hoops and skip your failed attempt at HUMOR. Any news from the AAU circuit?

fullcourt your rankings are inferior. you have timon ahead of st marys? they lost to them and lancers reached the mma final. and riverside ahead of joes? who did riverside beat this year?

Joe's peaked around mid-season and struggled big time down the stretch. Using your logic. should I have ST FRANCIS ranked?

now you sound silly. you danced around the timon thing like a professional waltzer. joes beat frannies in the playoffs so no.

Rihanna???? Really MIG?? No thanks, I'll keep my wife.

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