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Thursday, November 01, 2012


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Classifications are done...Let's get some talk on the area's best players? I saw some good things from Morris and Smith (McKinley),Mulcahy (Niagara Wheatfield),Carson(CSAT)Smith(Batavia)at the BCANY Showcase.Campbell (Ken-West) could have played more inside but it was a showcase and nobody post feeds anymore. Canisuis and NFHS are going to be tough but had other obligations that day!

Don't worry Tripp, during the season you will see Campbell playing inside when he is camped out in the lane with the refs looking the other way.

Darnell Carson from CSAT is one of the top 5 point guards in WNY. If you haven't seen him yet, make it a point to do so this year.

former canisius college asst. gabe michael took wil south job

Good luck trying to schedule out of conference games and finding refs

Schedules have been done for months and refs are assigned, not "found". What are you talking about?

From what I have heard, refs are not going to want to do Will South games, and teams are not going to want to play them

One of the season's marquee games looks to be Canisius/Olean at the AdPro on Tuesday 12/11.

Truth be told...I love guys who camp out in the paint! Why take 40% shots when you can take 95% shots and get the other team in foul trouble. Jordan Street when camping this weekend against ECC's 6'11 center and left on the All Tourney team with 22 pts and 15 rebs

Post Cereal!

Tripp...I agree with you 100% that the best shot is the shot taken closer to the basket. I like to see productive big men. My point was the lack of refs calling the 3 second rule. It unfairly works against many of the high school teams who don't have a big guy lounging around the lane. Just a pet peeve. Also, if Street had 22/15 against a 6'11 center, the 6'11 center must have been sleeping or not much of a player.

What refs at any level call three seconds?

Class AA is always better when there is a Yale Cup presence IMO. Shame there are no schools in there this year.

I like McKinley in A-1 as they return a majority of their squad from last years team.

B-1 could be the most interesting bracket this year with heavily favorite Olean but also teams like Bennett, Burgard, East Aurora and Depew all making challenges.

I wonder how MIG will deal with the next 4 years of President Obama still in office leading our great country. He must be in pain. Too bad you lost once again Buster! Don't cry. live with it.

TML1000...then get the three second rule off the books and be done with it! Although, as long as it still exists, then it should be enforced, especially when it is so obvious. Quite frankly, a big man who towers over all the other players and is allowed to stand in the lane without any call is sickening. You don't even have to call it after three seconds. Wait until 5 or 6 seconds, and you will still nail alot of big men around here that lollygag in the lane. On that note, I won't bring up the three second rule ever again. My next pet peeve-obvious fouls that are not called for reaching in! LOL By the way, congrat to Prez Obama.

Looking at the classifications there has been a large drop in the last couple of years at the larger schools in the section. There are only 11 AA schools and a total of 19 A schools compared to 30 or over in the B/C classes. I wonder if other sections throught the state have seen this decrease as well.. and we will be seeing the classification numbers which decides which school plays in what class go down to try to get more AA and A schools in those brackets.

It depends on the section...section V has more high schools overall...both due to the fact that privates are included, as well as there being more public schools. Section V has routinely had three class C brackets and two class D brackets. They have also had two AA brackets with a total of at least 16 AA teams for some time. Other sections, like section IV have less total schools.

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