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Monday, December 10, 2012


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According to the Section VI handbook, the numbers have been tweaked slightly such that NT has been bumped back up to AA...giving AA 12 teams once again and leaving both A1 and A2 with 9 a piece. Everything appears to have stayed the same, with both B's having 15 and both C's with 12.

As for the polls, the large is just about as I would have it...I'd have Canisus at 1 but it matters not at the moment. Wil South, Hutch-Tech, Wil East and South Park would be my next four. The small is much more difficult due to the large pool of teams. Beyond the top three...there are about 15 teams who could be ranked in a myriad of orders. Lackawanna seems to be back on the train after a down season and that was a fantastic result for Newfane. A very dangerous team not mentioned in the top 10 is Bennett...they have good size and will be well tested in league play. Medina and Lonnie Taylor should be players in a wide open NOL, while Salamanca has had a good start. Maple Grove is probably the second best team in an underrated C2...which also includes Portville, I-Prep and Olmstead. Lastly, East will likely be a player later in the season as they have already experienced their usual slow start. They still have to be considered at least a co-fav in B2 along with Cleve-Hill.

Thanks for passing the information on NT along.

Is there a ADPRO ECIC/MMA challenge schedule lineup posted anywhere?


Cheek v. Niagara Catholic - 4
Iroquois v. Walsh - 5:30
SH v. Nichols - 7
Kw v. Timon - 8:30

Depew v. Frannies - 4:30
Joe's v. J-town - 6
Canisius v. Olean - 7:30

Lackawanna v. CCA - 4:30
Lancaster v. O'Hara - 6
South v. Mary's - 7:30

Tomorrow night is defnitely the marquee night for the challenge.

Gus Buster snow is also white and CC likes 2 go 2 HS basketball games.

And I wasn't aware NT still had a basketball team.

I was just thinking if Chan Gaily coached W North Taplin would only play 8-10 minutes a game.

Where is all the discussion of games??? Things are pretty dead. Let's start hearing from all those rabid fans out there!

They just like to brag about all the games they go to and they never write or comment about what they see.I guess they are saving all that for their season ending commentary or All WNY predictions. As a parent of a player, i don't find it apprropriate to comment as i may be a tad bit biased. You may know the feeling. I have seen them at multiple games with no subsequent observations. Maybe i need to get up with this new twitter thing.

I hear you Dad. However, I always liked writing about other teams and players, especially since you get to know so many of them so well as kids and not just opposing players as well as their parents. It's a great experience. Enjoy the ride!

The #2, #4, #5, #7, #8, and #10 have all lost since this poll came out. Woah

Two of them were to higher ranked teams,one to a team just below them and the other three were to Olean,Timon(which is better than all the teams at the bottom)and East(with Bryant over Riverside w/out Feggans).

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