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Monday, December 17, 2012


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how is nazareth rated higher than canisius in this weeks rankings, that poll has always favored the city

I already said something - u r correct. It's a joke really. Not sure how 'Canisius is 2-1 with a win over Nazareth' doesn't resonate.

I have W North and McKinley switched. Will South at 9 (only loss 2 Jamestown) Clarence 10. Same top 4 Small but way different bottom 5. CC likes Nichols and the teams they beat much better than I do. I have Newfane 5, Mary's 6, Maple Grove 7, East 8, Nichols 9, Depew 10

Know it is early, but All-WNY team....


After 6 games, WNY's leading scorer...

Senior F Jared Keppel of North Collins, averaging nearly 30 ppg.

Have to ask: Can anyone offer an opinion on Bishop Kearney and how good they really are? I certainly respect Canisius as a team, and I know Okoboh did not play, but a 19-point loss for a team that still had two D-1 level kids on the floor?

I've only seen BK's Bryant play East Aurora at Buff State last March, but it seems like I see a lot of unspectacular 10-point or single-digit totals for him. (Totally understand that he's just a sophomore).

The other kid, Ogide, also doesn't exactly light it up ... and neither does Okoboh, for that matter. Definitely more of a defensive specialist.

Just wondering...

I got an opinion. Kearney has the rep as a traditionally good program and their players get the looks other programs may not. Also, all the players you mentioned have some size. No secret that you can't teach height. There are many players out their with better skills that don't get the looks because of size. Kearney's problem is that they don't jell as a team.

I agree with everything Truth wrote.

I'll add that I'm not sure Godspower Ogide is a DI talent and that Thomas Bryant could not be more underutilized. Obokoh is the one player on that team that offers a true defensive presence in the paint and without him, BK is a much different team.

Last night, Canisius played extremely well - BK was lousy for the last three quarters. Their coach rarely got off the bench. They played with no intensity and seemed to give up fairly easily. BK could never do what Canisius did against Olean (claw its way back from a huge deficit). That's not who they are. They are actually the polar opposite. If they get on an early roll, they can look invincible - something they did two years ago in the Class A sectionals and again in the regular season, both times against Aquinas. And in both games, once Aquinas settled in and began mounting a comeback, BK became unraveled.

The player with the most heart on that team is by far and away PG Antwoine Anderson.

As for Bryant, he he gets little in the half court other than 15-20 foot jumpers, they don't seem to run plays to take advantage of his size and slashing ability. Handles the ball well for his size, runs the floor well and has good form and touch on his shot but doesn't seem to take over (he is a soph on a veteran team). Defensively he is able to contest shots with his long arms and athleticism. He isn't really asked to play the other teams best players man to man, that usually falls to Anderson or English. I also noticed he seems to fatigue quickly.

In the two games Obokoh played he was solid at the defensive end, rebounds well and has nice post moves but they only ran a play for him in the post half a dozen times vs NF. He has soom range on his shot and moves well.

Ogdie has a big body, but not nearly the movement skills (ie quickness and footwork)of the other two. He also likes to put up 3s instead of posting up. More of a work in progress than the others.

As a team, I have not been overly impressed with them in their two outings this year. Their half court offense struggled mightily against teams they had signigicant height advantages on and there was too much settling for jump shots and they didn't offensive rebound especially well for ther size. Although NF and Canisius both play very good man defense, I just thought Kearney did not establish its strenghts very well. Because of their height they give up very little easily down low, but Canisius was able to get some open perimeter looks. They do a good job of limiting second chance opportunities on the defensive end.

Saw my first hs game of the 2012-13 season last night. I was Charles Dickens heading to Delaware Ave. with Great Expectations. I have never been disappointed with a Dickens novel. BK on the other hand was thoroughly and resoundingly disappointing. Aside from their pg Anderson, there was absolutely no fight in that dog last night. I can see the potential in Bryant as a lanky pretty fluid outside 6'9" guy who will definitely get better. However based on what he showed last night his best days may well be 3 if not 7 years away.

Canisius on the other hand won easily because of their hustle and scrappyness. They seemed to get every loose ball and every ball on the floor. Aside from Weir no stars just role players who all do everything needed of them and then some. That type of hustle will make up for a lot of mistakes and likely carry the Crusaders far this year.

It was a treat watching Adam Weir. He does it the right way!!! Plays very hard, has good skills, shoots extremely well and conducts and carries himself on the court in fine fashion . He has the potential to be another Brian Dux and that is a huge compliment for anyone not familiar with Brian and never saw him play in high school or college.

I had the priviledge of dining with hoopster prior to the game last night. I actually enjoyed it even more than the game. Was great to spend time with an old friend again.

Does CHS jump NF in the polls CC?

The next poll isn't until after the New Year. There are 10 pollsters and six would have to change their vote to make that happen. You'll have to wait until 2013 Poll Ballots - Week 3 comes out to see how I vote.

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