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Saturday, December 22, 2012


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tournament style has gone by the way side, i am sure you could pick what 2 teams will be in championship game of each tourney, and i bet the home team is one of them. I understand you want the home team in last game for fans and the gate but why not just put them their both nights vs. an opponent that will be a good match-up rather than first round sacrifices. I think all these events would be better off in a shootout format, just my opinion.

CC-Thanks for the tourney schedule listing. Have a Merry Xmas!

CC, What school is the West Seneca Tournament at?

West Seneca West or West Seneca East?

It's at West Seneca East. Thanks, I added that above.

How do we know any of this info is correct? We all just 'assume' CC knows what he is talking about? Ralph Wilson 'assumed' Tom Donahoe and Buddy Nix knew what they were talking about and look where that has gotten us!

Until I c Keith McShea confirm all this information I will assue it is not 100% correct.


I hope nobody is fooled by the above comment. MIG just wants everyone to think he won't be attending any holiday tournament games because he is planning on trying his "piggy back" stunt out at a tournament over the break.

It's sickening that he's even considering trying it again, having already been banned in five states for it. More below:


A lliliputian like MIG would do no harm seeking piggyback rides from High School basketball player's. As a pollster let's see if he/she will refrain from wearing Mr. McShea as a hat in 2013, it is unseemly. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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