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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


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Centercourt, who hails from a northern corner of Section 6, can be forgiven for his geographically challenged view of the Southern Tier.

Jamestown is in Chautauqua County, while Olean is in Cattaraugus County. Still, it was definitely a good night for Southern Tier basketball.

As hoops fans we should all take a moment and express our gratitude to public/private school coaches and ADs for their willingness and desire to schedule these games. What a great double header!!

WNY hoops once again shows why WNY football is inferior and will remain so until the coaches and ADs come around. Kudos to all involved in the ECIC-Public/MMA challenge.

Use Ya Left -

Thanks for the correction and the forgiveness. A great night for the Southern Tier indeed!

just to makit easier for some CC.....apparently you should have just said a four teams took place in 2 great games...and 2 of the teams are well south of the othere 2.....i could careless where they are from but more about the way you can almosr bring he game into our homesand its all about basketball......maybe i will start a geography blog for those that it is that it is so important to rather than the importance of your spot on recap of the games.....great job.and way to the NORTH....towards Canada...an little ole school named Newfane put on a great show routing Grand Island by 30-35 points...after the half the scoreboard was good only to let us know when we could go home.Grand Island was caught of guard by Newfanes desire to play insoired ball.

Don't be bitter the Southern Tier has the best basketball...

I didn't see any bitterness. Plus aren't you forgetting Niagara Falls?

Feggans vs Taplin was a great matchup 2nite at W North. I will say 1 thing - Thursday March 1st at Buff State will b a great nite of hoops. Ken West I think will b the 4th team but I REALLY could c W North upsetting Falls or Jamestown if Taplin is on fire. Whatever school has 2 face them in semis watch out.

Here are my thoughts from last night's game:

- There were AT LEAST 4 all WNYers in Weir, Eckstrom, Bathurst, and White on the floor. Quite possibly Schmidt as well.

- Weir impressed me a lot. I knew he could shoot the lights out and get to the hoop but he showed a ton of hustle on the defensive and offensive glass and played extremely strong around the rim.

- Eckstrom showed a ton of improvement from last year which makes it that much more scary that he is only a junior (along with a majority of his teammates). His right AND left handed hook shots were money. I thought that a big reason why Olean lost that huge lead was that they stopped feeding the ball down low to him in the 2nd half. There were consecutive possessions where he didn't touch the ball. That can't happen.

- Aaron White was pretty much unguardable in the 2nd half as well as almost impossible to get by on defense. He was getting by his man at will and a few times got to the hoop and avoided Eckstrom's blocks. He might be one of, if not the quickest guard in WNY.

- Canisius will have trouble against teams with quality big men. Their bigs were just bodies down low and showed no toughness or consistency on offense. I thought Weir would have done a better job guarding Eckstrom.

- Bathurst's mid range is awesome. He hit at least 2-3 floaters in the lane and a couple dribble and pop 15 foot shots.

- Gotta give credit when credit is due. MIG called that game to almost near perfection.

Public schools 6-2 vs. the MMA in this challenge. Christian Central not a MMA school so can't include that game. Also, why is it called the MMA-ECIC challenge when there are non MMA and non ECIC schools competing?

The MMA is always top heavy. The organizers of the challenge do a great job of trying match up equally talented teams so the games are competitive.

The challenge started out as MMA/ECIC teams only. However it has morphed into a public/private school challenge as the organizers have tried to match up the best of the public and private schools. Not sure when teams outside of the ECIC began playing, but it has been a regular occurrence recently.

Sec VI teams were 7-2 vs. MMA, not 6-2. Ironic that "Facts" would misrepresent facts.

Why do they call it a parkway? I'm glad they've looked outside ECIC for teams in recent years. Maybe they should change it to Sec VI/MMA Challenge. Or they could leave that title for when football steps into the 21st century and coordinates its own event.

CC, I should have waited several minutes. You always say things far better than. Kudos!!

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