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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


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TJ Scott, Middle College is a transfer from ST MARYS

TJ Scott played for Middle College last season, the reason he is not listed as a transfer this year.

Great job as always centercourt! Glad your back keeping us all well informed on WNY HS Basketball.

I have to disagree with Jamestown being ahead of the Falls...Falls beat them head to head and have just as much if not more talent returning. I have to give the Falls the edge on a "higher ceiling" for that talent this year.

Also, the BK losing predicition...it's possible but if BK is fully healthy it will be a HUGE ask, even for Canisius. Thomas Bryant is the key for me...if he has matured and plays with an edge/agressiveness, BK shouldn't lose to a local team.

Other than that, I agree with mostly everything. Does anyone know what is going on with Feggans? He wasn't in the box scores up at Wilson. Tough to rank Riverside if his status is unknown...although they are still decent.

Very interested to see Joe's/KW tonight...Joe's has some good talent coming back, but not sure about their size and one thing KW does for sure have is size. I'm looking for Shay Cuadra to have a big year...has the potential to score the ball in a number of ways.

I hope everyone realizes the time, effort and thought that goes into this kind of production, and all for the love and enjoyment of high school basketball. Pretty amazing.

Thanks CC! I am chairman of the CC adulation/appreciation society!

Hey hoopster does that make MIG chairwoman of the CC adulation/appreciation society? Yeah, MIG!!!

I thought (s)he was chair(wo)man of the McShea society!

Great work Student athletes love this stuff. It's what HS sports should be.

Centercourt breaking it down!!! This is awesome, what's your twitter so we can spread the news

Great job CC I am already looking forward 2 the Falls-Jamestown game on March 2nd 8:15pm! Love that people r already getting on me. I am doing some light cross-dressing this year so I am not sure which way I am swinging at this point as far as male female.

Taplin, Weir, Crumpton - who gets Player of the Year? I will let all of u know soon :)

Nice preview. 1?, how can a freshman be called a transfer?

I'm assuming you're referring to Howard Washington.

He played varsity as an 8th grader for City Honors. I guess technically we can argue the semantics and phrase it as "Washington chose to further his secondary educational experience at Canisius rather than continue within the Buffalo Public School system, where he received his first two years of secondary educational instruction, and attend City Honors.

I just went with transfer.

Similarly; JAMAR WATERS transferred BACK to Niagara Calla that is where he is from and was in the NF school system prior to attending NICHOLS for 1 year. Other than that; GREAT job on the preview and early games; keep it rolling!

Buffalo New York's own Reggie Agbeko honing his skills at South Kent in the NEPSAC Class AAA in preparation for college against the best division one prospects in the country. http://www.highschoolcube.com/highlight/reggie-s-dunk-with-bad-intenti-32233

South Kent? You mean Kent right? Thought for sure he was playin for Calp after all the hype last year. Two years here and he is "Buffalo's own" now that is immigration reform you can believe in. Ricky and SJCI are you still on this one trick dunking pony?

SJCI is still trying to figure out what happened in the Manhattan Cup playoffs...

Buffalo's own - Stan Weir 2012 WNY Player of the year!

I love all the transfers to the MMA schools.

I guess in time we will see where all these talented kids end up. It is going to be an interesting year of HS ball once again. Gonna be a good one in NF tomorrow night.

will try to come see the nieghbors play but we are at 1:30 Wally,Mike & co. are welcomed faces in any gym and always glad to catch a game or 2 with them!!!!!good luck Wilson.....we are all in for a battle...lets make a showing!!!

maybe do a google search on freshman transfer....first start with the word transfer and the rest will come right to you....Word CC!!!!!!LOL

Taplin - WOW!!! Player of the year race is OVER! Crumpton and Weir haven't played yet!!!

So i take it Will North won? Any update on Niagara Falls vs. Bishop Kearney?

Falls won in OT . Kearney was not nearly as impressive as the hype, big men never exploited the considerable size advantage. Kearney much to willing to settle for perimeter J's

Taplin 23 points AND a tip dunk v big bad Batavia Wow is right! ST overrated and overhyped. Let's get the UB signing done so he and Reggie can be average together.

Sorry but who is ST?

I'm sorry. I figured it out. Usually when someone says somebody is overhyped and overrated on here it is because they think someone else is better or more deserving than Taplin. So who is it that you think deserves more hype?

Taplin and Crumpton both very impressive last night!

Player to watch this year, really think he's going to have an incredible season,- Donte Williams from Timon. Kid's an absolute beast!

Taplin impressive offensive skills. Crumpton showed a well rounded game especially the defensive intensity to match up on the perimeter.

It's a 2 man race Taplin or Crumpton. I can't have a white guy named 'Weir' win it 2 years in a row. But he will b on 1st team w 1 of the Olean kids so that leaves 1 first team spot left.

^ I don't want to say Williams will make 1st team, but the kid is an absolute baller.

Jamar Waters actually attended Niagara Catholic for the 2nd Semester last year, after leaving Nichols, before enrolling at NFHS this year.

Other transfers: Derick Simpson (Buffalo Arts to Timon), Najee Peters (Timon to Sweet Home), Ahmad Abdo (West Seneca West back to Lackawanna), Kevin Tierney (Eden back to East Aurora), Sean Buckley (Clarence to Park School), Melvin Henley (Cheektowaga to Park School), Derek Cheatom (West Seneca West to Park School), Brennan White (Gowanda to Silver Creek), Andrew John (Lake Shore to Silver Creek), Tyler Mascio (Lake Shore to Canisius - Played QB on Football team, chose not to play basketball this year), Stafford Trueheart (Christian Central Academy to Canisius).

Anybody know why Riverside player Justice Feggans has not yet played this year?

Speaking of the Olean kids ... Bathurst and Eckstrom each went for 23 and double-digit rebounds on Maple Grove Saturday (Buff News had Eckstrom total wrong in Sunday paper) after Eckstrom scored 21 and Bathurst 12 against Bradford, Pa. (class AAA in Pa.) the night before.

Of course, the big early test comes Tuesday...

Justice Feggans (Riverside) is still recovering from an early season Football injury but according to one of his coaches, he will be ready to go soon.

Speaking of the Buffalo News, they have been brutal so far this season with wrong box scores, wrong final scores, wrong player names, and wrong team records. The box scores never add up to the total amount of points and the individual player points are typically wrong. I'm not sure who they have receiving the results being called in but it needs alot more quality control!!!

Couple more things from weekend in Southern Tier:

Maple Grove looks like they will be as tough as ever in their classification. They beat Buffalo East in first night of the Olean Tip Off rather easily.

As for East, last couple of years they started slow, and then came on strong later in the season. A lot of people down here were anticipating an Olean-East matchup in the Olean tourney final ... but East has some work to do.

As an aside: Olean's future would appear to be bright as ever. Olean JV (with two 8th-graders playing significant roles) notched a 30-point win over Bradford, Pa. and then a 40-point win over East (all juniors and sophs listed on East's JV roster).

Watch out for Portville in C. Zach Blask is as good a combo guard as anyone in small-school Sec. 6. Also, keep an eye on Salamanca, led by Tanner John. Both schools are off to strong starts.

Archbishop Walsh has some nice young players coming up ... but they will struggle big time in MMAA this year.

The Buffalo News website has been absolutely horrible since they switched over to their new format a few weeks ago. HORRIBLE. And the funny part about it is that they want you to pay them to start viewing articles now. Why would someone pay for a product that has had known issues for a while now is beyond me.

Buffalo East was missing their starting PG Sophomore Percy Bryant (Transfer from St. Mary's)vs. St. Mary's (Pastor-Cooper) and at the Olean Tournament vs. Maple Grove and vs. Bradford (PA).

He would have made a difference in all three games and East would probably be 3-0 right now. Without Bryant, Jonny Lewis is the lone ball handler and is more of a scoring Guard than a Point Guard. I attended the East/St. Mary's game @ Daemen and you noticed right from the start Lewis was trying to do too much without Bryant in the backcourt with him.

Olean-Canisius tomorrow will b the HS game of the year until Falls plays Jamestown March 3rd. Since Olean has 2 in the books and Canisius has yet 2 play a real game, I think Olean wins in by 4.

Olean won, they are clearly a great team, but Canisius is better. Kyle Husband proved he is the best coach in WNY. After being shell-shocked in the 1st half CHS came out and dominated the 2nd. They figured Olean out and just dominated the 2nd. Adam Weir is an absolute stud, as are Bathurst and Eckstrom, but Weir was on fire. I think CHS would crush Olean if they were to play again.

Joe's is in for a down year. Not a very impressive SJCI team, but Jamestown is impressive. Campion can flat out shoot!

So all people who rip me 4 being a woman NOBODY is going 2 give me props on my prediction? Canisius Olean will b the 'best HS game until Falls Jamestown' AND picking Olean 2 'win by 4' (I was off by 1) c'mon BOYS give a girls some credit!!

NEVER has All WNY 1st team been done so early. Taplin, Crumpton, Weir LOCKS 1st team Sam E and Will B from Olean fighting with Tommy C from Jamestown 4 the last 2 spots. I'd hate 2 b Keith and have 2 knock 1 of them down.

Kyle Husband is the best coach in wny based on his team being down 26 and losing by 3 on a neutral court to a small school?!?!? LOL! LOL LOL

Olean would not be "crushed," if they played again. How can you say Canisius is better? Olean was the better team for the first half and Canisius for the second. Clearly they are quite even. If you think Olean would not make adjustments as well if they were to play again, you are kidding yourself.

If they were truly the far and away better team, they would not have been "shell-shocked," to start the game...it doesn't matter it was their first game.

Joe's not in for a down year. Simon sat two out of his three best players for the majority of the second half one for the entire second half. The game was back and forth late in the first and early and late in the second half. Trust me they will bounce back.

I wasn't able to make the game last night, no doubt missed a good one. I think MIG's point is quite valid; Olean having played two games already while Canisius had not played any was a huge advantage for the Huskies. What would happen if they played again is anybody's guess. No doubt Canisius will get better and hopefully Olean too. Championships are not won in December, but in late February and March.

Nice prediction by MIG btw.

guest, why did Mark sit out his best players? I'm sure he had an excellent reason.

One came out for missing a dunk at an important point in the game - he only had about two steps and I was surprised he attempted it. The other was sat for getting a 'T' due to a remark to the official.

Centercourt, that is correct. Thanks for responding before I did. I can verify that those are the reasons for Morris and Oliveri being benched.

I already voiced my comments about the benchings on twitter.

I applaud Simon for making the decision to sit Morris and Oliveri for disciplinary reasons. Guarantee they never do that again.

Never try to dunk and never receive a technical?

How about talking to your players about the mistake they made but then having enough trust in them to go back on the court and have enough sense and discipline to not make the same mistake again?

To me the prolonged benchings send out a more negative message than a positive...not just to Morris and Oliveri but to the rest of the team. This would tell me that the coach feels it's more important to "teach them a lesson," than giving his team a chance to grow together, with his best players on the floor, by going shot for shot with one of the best teams in the area...which Joe's was doing for a good portion of the game with a full team available.

Oliveri got a technical apparently for a solitary remark to a ref...he didn't try to injure an opposing player, he didn't demonstratively try to show up the ref. I don't know exactly what was said but it's likely something that could have been let go...especially in a close, hard fought game such as the one that was occurring. One in which the officials made some poor charge/flop calls...shouldn't be an excuse to make a comment to an official, but it happened and you move forward.

Benching players for extended minutes and making an example out of them, especially those tabbed as your leaders, sends the wrong message to the entire team. The "strict disciplinarian" role just doesn't work in this day and age...it is evident at every level of sports. Coach Simon has been a heck of a coach for a long time, but in this instance it doesn't seem just.

It seems to me, short term pain=long term gain. I'm sure Mark knows both kids much better than any of us and felt based on his knowledge of the kids and the circumstances his decision was more than justified. I trust both of them will grow from the experience.


I appreciate all you have done for the blogs on WNY basketball and your continued enthusiasm is certainly welcome. However, I would disagree with you on this one for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, high school athletics is NOT all about winning, even in a championship game at the end of the season. And believe me, nobody enjoys winning more than I do. Secondly, and I think I read this from you, this is not the first time these problems have occurred therefore, decisions were made on an "entirety of the situation" not just on what happened last night. Not going to discus things further or get into detail lets just say we have to get better as a team and as individuals if we are to have the success we desire.

That's fine, however, I didn't say it was all about winning...I said growing as a team on the floor against a good team.

Point taken, probably should have said its not even all about basketball.

Fair enough...we'll see where it goes.

TML, sorry but today in this forum you changed your words to "grow together" and that's commendable, but in your first comment about it on the game blog last night, you used the words,"Gotta have your best out there to win the game" and you tweeted, "Not sure what Simon's trying to prove other than losing games".

Yes, one of the many improvements to "The View From Centercourt" this season, we now employ a fact checker who gets paid in Skittles. I recruited him from the News, likely the reason some records have been printed incorrectly early on.

Not sure why my Cattaraugus County error wasn't caught by my FC. He may have been searching for the red, purple, & orange Skittles, which I first remove before making payment.

"The "strict disciplinarian" role just doesn't work in this day and age"...tml, that statement is not only whats wrong with high school sports, it is what's wrong with society in general. We can't keep letting a 17 yr old kid dictate to his coach, officials, etc. that he is in charge because he has a little talent on the basketball court? Thank god there are still adults that coach around here like Simon and Herlan. I wish my kids had the chance to play for them so they could have learned about basketball but mostly about life. (my kids weren't good enough at b ball to play at Joe's by the way) Great job coach. That statement sounds alot like an ECIC parent doesn't it. It's so annoying to go to maryvale, Depew, Tonawanda springville, etc. etc. to watch a game and listen to the parents scream at officials, complain about coaches, etc. Nowadays, these players are tweeting about weed, showing pictures on facebook with beers in hand and that is just fine because they play a high school sport? I'll never understand that

Yes...you sure do have to have your best on the floor to win games against good teams. The second statement indicates that I disagree with what occurred...I think that's clear by now. Many agree with what occurred...that's fine. Still never said that winning is everything.

Your words indicate that you were saying you thought coach should have been more concerned with winning the game than teaching a lesson. Yes, in your opinion.

Right...because the I feel the "lesson" will do more harm than good to the team.

Your tone also indicates you are craving more skittles.

Right...but you denied that to Coach Herlan.

personally, i see the thinking of TML, it is that of a sports fan, not someone that works with youth. At the end of the day no matter who won, what records are, I guarantee the kids remember coach simon longer than TML remembers that game. TML as a fan question coach's move basketball wise, but anything long term Mark does is for the betterment of the kids.

I apologize on The News' behalf for the errors.

We are working at smoothing out the most recent web transition and we appreciate your patience.

I can say that there have been improvements made almost every day this week involving the high school sports end of buffalonews.com; included today was the records situation.

Anyone who wants to email me about errors can certainly do so. I will do my best to get them addressed.

Great prediction by Mrs. MIG, by the way.

Exactly Sal, I am a fan...I'm not a coach nor am I saying I know more than Coach Simon, but I do care about the athletes and want them to succeed...Anyone that posts here regularly knows that. If I just wanted to commentate on basketball I'd stay home and watch the NBA and post on message boards.

I hope the athletes do learn from this...all I said was simply that I disagreed with the length of time the players should have sat. Clearly there is a lesson to be learned for the players...just felt they could learn it while going back on the floor at some point. Winning is not everything but it can sure do a lot to bring a team together...so can a tough loss, under the right circumstances.

MIG, congrats on the prediction and being the 1st female in the St. Mary's hospitality suite. I heard it was good as usual. Dan Gill would be proud.

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