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Sunday, December 23, 2012


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CC, do you know what the discussion and ruling was after the tie up in the st. joes game after players rushed onto the court? Why were reserves all playing after that even though some of them ran on the court, I believe?

There were 4 techs two each side, therefore no foul shots. No ejections. Coach made the decision to play subs. Only he can explain and the rest of us can but speculate.

Thanks Jack, I was wondering how that all played out. So the Aquinas coach went along with playing reserves then too?

His decision first, it wasn't anything that was agreed to. They were out there so we put ours in. I don't think he was happy with his kids, but I am just guessing. He is a fine coach and a good guy.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

WOW Canisius lost by 40? wny hoops is great and competitive but we are a long way from whats really out there

Score was 77 to 39. This is not necessarily a reflection on WNY basketball. The kids need more exposure to this kind of competition in order to defeat these teams. AAU helps to get them ready for that. A loss is a loss, CHS will still be the team to beat for the MMA title this season.

ok thats 38 pts lol, my point exactly in wny we think section 6 and MM titles are whats its all about. Teams need to get out of this area, with that said there are some good players and fun competitive games here. 18 games in wny doesn't help kids

Canisius 67
Loyola from Baltimore 44

Nichols over Olean??? WOW! Reagan scores 32! No wait he is gone! Nichols is back. Move them back 2 AA division. No Sam Eckstrem so not sure I am going 2 drop them from #1.

If coach had a better haircut this wouldn't have happened.

Maybe that team from BALTIMORE needs more exposure as well!! Enough with the infieriotity complex; there have been plenty of GREAT WNY Teams that beat good or great teams from other areas: SOUTH PARK 83; NICHOLS 85& 86; LASALLE 88 95 96; NFHS 2005 ; NICHOLS 2010 ETC.

team from Baltimore now 3-6, not an argument just saying we are far from a hotbed in the real world of hoops with that sid, alot of good coaches and players this year and it will be afun hs season.

MIG gets it ... if Eckstrom plays, Olean does not lose to Nichols. It's just that simple.

What happened to Eckstrom? And how did Olean lose to Nichols in Olean? They still had Bathurst who is potentially 1st all WNY?

Hey use ya left...were you at the game? If not don't be so certain about the outcome of that game if Eckstrom played. Hes a very good player but Nichols has 3 big men...not just 1, like Olean. It would have been closer and perhaps an Olean win but 100% certain. Liam Ryan shut down Bathurst holding him to 3pts in the 2nd half...and that was a banked in 3 during desperation time. Their point guard was held to 4 pts by Adam Noonan. Nichols was ready to play that game and Olean looked lost...it cant be about just 1 guy...besides everyone i am sure thought Nichols would lose by 30 even without Eckstrom...give the new coach and those kids some credit.

Amherst was very impressive at the Jolley Boys Tournament the past two days. Belton was outstanding, he is one of the top 15 players in WNY in my opinion. He is efficient in every aspect of the game and does a great job distributing the ball on time and in great positions for teammates. They play hard, defend and are very well coached. TC Brown also has to be one of the top freshman in the 2016 class.

Hey lefty, guess what else is that simple? If canisius and Olean played again, Canisius would roll.Olean held on for their life in that 2nd half. just that simple.Olean = overrated = simple.

Even with Nichols' height advantage last night, a few times they had trouble finishing but got more chances ... Eckstrom, out with a shoulder injury, would have easily negated much of their presence inside. That was the difference in the game.

If they double Eckstrom - which they would have had to do - then Bathurst gets the room he needs. Much of Olean's success — against good teams — comes from when teams help with Eckstrom down low, Bathurst gets into the created openings and the guards get better looks.

I do believe Nichols played harder last night — as they sensed more of a chance with Eckstrom out. Olean will have to improve its outside shooting as the season moves on, regardless if Eckstrom is in there or not.

Canisius. 68
Georgetown Prep 80

I think that's real hair. At least that's how he looked back in my day.

ever notice all the wny "big wins" are at home just saying

Who is this Female that keeps posting Canisius scores. I mean I cant stay with the Cheese and Crackers forever.


Think I am wrong? I got 2 Gold Medals and will surpass 1,100 wins by the time my career is over.

Female is a parent DUMBASS!!! You bombed the 1st time you tried the cheese and crackers "joke", so it would be best to file that one away and not bring it out again. YOU, are not funny. Happy New Year.

I agree with Coach Ek on Belton from Amherst. He plays under control and lets the game come to him. He get the ball to his teammates where they can be effective. Coach Ek says top 15, but I will put him in the top 10 from what I have seen this season.

Not sure Belton would even be top 5 in ECIC 1. Add the private schools and he is not top 10. Good player but lets be real.

Your crazy! Olean w/ eckstrom is #1 in wny regardless of any 2nd half. Mig is a tool male or female and centercourt needs more content to keep this blog alive. SC just wont cut it alone on here.

What happened to Top Games of the week

The last two years, I've done them on Sunday nights after the New Year...meaning the first one will be up this Sunday. I don't do them before, because showcases, challenges, classics, and tournaments account for almost all the December games, and there are separate posts up about them.

Hey CC, great job as always. I would like to make a special shout out to Oracle Charter and coach Brian Pawloski. They recently won the Cassadaga Valley Christmas tournament. I believe they have been in that tourney the last 4 years, and they used to get crushed in it. But each year, they've gotten better and were able to win it this season. As far as I can tell, Coach Pawloski really has that program going in the right direction and is one heck of a coach with high integrity. He is the kind of coach that we want coaching our young people. Oracle is now 7-1 and I really think they can make some noise in Class C playoffs this season. They don't have great depth, but they have a heck of a starting lineup. They are led my point/forward 6'2 Jamarr Cunningham who really can do a little bit of everything. Then they have guard 5'6 Julius Allen who really is a good floor general. They have two skilled big men in 6'1 Gerald Bibbs, and 6'3 Eric Waters. The starting lineup is rounded out by 5'10 Antone Gulledge who is a solid role player. Every starter but Gulledge is a senior, so we'll have to see if Coach Pawloski can keep it going next season. But no doubt what he has been doing has worked, and he is a heck of a coach and more importantly, person! Hats off to Oracle Charter and coach Pawloski.

I love that coach K is posting on this blog.

As far as content goes CC does a good job. Yale Cup what have u offered recently? I would also like 2 announce that I now dating Roger Wuss. And female is NOT a Canisius parent. I believe it 2 b Adam Weir himself.

Canisius 75
Oak Hill Academny 74

Also is Pat Moran dead? We have 2 at least consider the possibility. Cookie and Tom r still alive so I doubt it, but who knows? Where has he been? Nobody has seen him in months. When Stienbrenner couldn't find George on the Seinfeld episode he assumed that George was dead! He even called the parents!!

"How the hell did u trade Jay Buhner!!! He hit 35 HR's and has a rocket 4 an arm. U don't know what the hell u r doing!!!!!"

Sad news in Basketball circles today as the Depew Boys Club burned down. I believe it is run by basketball officials Dave Hoch and Jeff Kupka. Also the site of a pretty good high school summer league. Hope they can get it going before the summer. Love watching games in that little gym.

Going for win 903 tonight which will put me in 2nd place. I know I will never catch coach K because he is the greatest college coach of all time.

CC, who is the active leader in wins in WNY?

Pretty sure Olean's Jeff Anastasia (455 and counting) is the top active coach in WNY boys' basketball. He was 5th all-time at the close of last season.

Oleander is a very solid team but will they FINALLY win a game at GLENS FALLS? They have got served EVERY time in the SEMIS!!

Previous comment should read OLEAN not OLEANDER.

WOW!!! Canisius beat Oak Hill. Glad they're getting out of the area.

I believe the fire at the Depew Boys CLub was set by Cookie. Not that he would remember doing it.

fullcourt1 -

Olean won a state championship in 2008 and lost in the Far West Regionals in 07, 09, & 10. The only recent semifinal loss in Glens Falls was last year against Bishop Ludden, who went on to win the Class B title and is now tearing it up in Class A.

Jamestown's Tommy Campion tweeted "Hobart it is". He will join Connor Rehbaum (St. Joe's) and Andrew Hoy (Batavia), who are currently both sophomores on the basketball roster for the Statesmen.

Playing for my former coach(Mike Neer) at the UR.

So what are you saying Karl, parents can't date?

how Nichols do the other night with their 3 big men.....i didnt get to see the paper...they really put together good games but again i say when some of these top ranked teamd loose the comander and cheirf they struggle...and that wont fly against hustling team with deep benchesall the best to section 6 i love it.....and lots of crazt things and upsets coming up early...i think a team of strong players with average height and stiffling defence can play some good ball against team s that should be far better,,,,teams must start believing in what they can do now not later....to all teams,go out and have fun.....fat chance any of you are going to the NBA and is so WHO????this area is a hotbed of great teams that play good team ball except for a few that cant get far without there star.......like i said take Sterling from North and where are they....exactly....that was easy......because there are pleanty of teams that have 3 or three Marqee plyers on the team......HAVE FUN OR YOUVE LOST ALREADY.

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