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Monday, January 28, 2013


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Olean and Timon both play East High NOT Rochester East. East is a .500 team and no where near the team they were last year. Huskies & Tigers should both win easy, and East Rochester is so so also and 6-7. Olean plays East High Friday night and Timon on Saturday.

Since Section VI has its own East High, I thought I should preface with "Rochester" to avoid any confusion, similar to Sec VI's East being referred to "Buffalo" East in the state rankings.

But THANKS for the correction. And since we're being technical, East High (the one in Rochester) is a game above .500. While not regarded as near the ultra-talented team from last season, I do not expect Olean and Timon to win easily, particularly Timon, who plays Canisius the night before.

Not sure why Nichols is below East and Middle College. East lost to St. Marys, and Aquinas. Nichols beat St. Marys and played Aquinas tight. MC lost to East, Nichols should be #4.

Nichols lost to Sweet Home, Middle College just beat them.

East beat Middle College.

East lost to St. Mary's early, without Percy Bryant, a huge difference maker. Theey are a much better team right now.

East played Aquinas just as tight as Nichols did.

Both East and Middle College recently played McKinley very tight.

All three are very close. I've seen all three teams multiple times and I'm confident with where I ranked them.

No way Timon beats East easily...East always has an athletic team and they will be able to hang with Timon's handful explosive athletes.

How is Amherst still ranked so low, they deserve some respect they're 12-1... And undefeated in ECIC III... c'mon

Amherst has earned and gotten respect all season. I like everything about the Tigers' team this year, from the head and assistant coach, to freshman TC Brown off the bench. They have a real all-around talent in Johnny Belton and a talented big in Alex Turecki, and no weakness in the starting five.

But you c'mon...

First off, where should they be ranked and why? You left that part out.

They aren't ranked so low, they're ranked so appropriately. Here's why:

They stay behind Clarence, the only ranked school they've even faced this year, because they lost at home to Clarence. Since beating Amherst, the Red Devils also won at Will North. Clarence stays behind McKinley after a 26-point loss to the Macks. Do you think Amherst should be ahead of St. Joe's?

The number of wins for Amherst against schools currently ranked in the top ten of either the large or small school poll is...0. They do have a pair of two-point wins over unranked small schools.

Records are simply wins & losses, and Amherst is doing excellent there at 12-1.

Polls are supposed to be a power ranking that examines strength of schedule and quality of wins & losses, using the results of games played this season. At least that's how I approach it.

That sounds reasonable CC. Maybe next year Amherst will schedule some tougher competition or distinguish themselves later in the year so they can earn more respect in the poll.

Hey Jack, I can see you playing in 30 years time as well. Keep it up!!

Does anyone have a breakdown of the dates for the MMA playoffs?

You're right I understand


This is what I was told tonight, but I'm not positive. I'm sure if it's off, someone will correct.

Thursday, February 21st
Quarterfinals played as doubleheaders, with games at the first & second seeded schools.

Monday, February 25th
Semifinals @ Koessler Center

Wednesday, February 27th
Manhattan Cup Final @ Koessler Center

Correction. The mma semis will be on Sunday night 2/24 starting at 6 pm

Does anyone have a link to the playoff bracket projections? There was a site that updated them throughout the season last year and I can't seem to find it this year.


Are they doing bracket projections on that site for this year? I found last year's, but where this year's should be just says "New Outside WEBSITE".

They're not up yet, but that's where you'll find them whenever they begin updating them.

Sunday the 24th...some good scheduling shuffling with the hockey being moved to the 25th. Crowds should be huge with no conflicts that day.

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