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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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Congradulations to Sterling Taplin on becoming The Spartans all time leading scorer last night. May he continue to blossom as a player and floor leader for the green and white.

Let's be thankful that some of the rumors and suggestions about transfering out of Will North, and onto one of the private schools, offered up by a regular contributor to this blog through the years, never came to fruition.

A carreer mark of 2,000 pts is within reach, go and get it.

He's having a fine career at North but who is to say he would not have had a spectacular career elsewhere. Congrats Tap on grabbing the North record!

True enough Gus Buster, but there is another side to that coin, and he also could have ended up somewhere that limited his attempts and prevented him from being the player he is today.

There are teams that run motion offences, with poor spacing that become very predictable, and are easy for upper echelon teams to defend. In that type of offence his 3 point and drive to the basket attempts would have been severely limited, cutting gravely into his point total opportunities.

North has been the right place for Sterling to begin and end his carreer.

If all goes well it will be great to see Sterling go over 2000 points for his career next year and be among some of the best hs players in western NY history. I never thought he would transfer to a MMA school, like the rumors would have had you believe. In a world of Lebron James and Dwight Howards, its nice to see Sterling remain loyal and play out his career at Wil North.

Nice win for Jamestown, shows they can win with the bigs leading the way and Campion in a complimentary role. Kellam and Yaw were to big and athletic. Also speaks to Campion's unselfishness and putting team first. If North is going to advance at Buff State they need to get more from bench and down low. Attea is the only one contributing down low, not sure that they received any contributions from bench.

There just wouldn't be a point in Sterling Taplin going to any of the local privates. He already has an offer from UB, and I'm sure could have one from Bona, Canisius, or Niagara if he wanted. If he wanted to raise his national profile he would be a lot better off transferring out of the area to a highly ranked private or prep school that plays a national schedule. Clearly that's not something he's interested in, and I don't think that says he is "afraid" of competition at all. I've seen some people say he just wants to stay at North and get his points. Maybe he actually LIKES going to school there. HOW DARE HE. Maybe he doesn't want to let down his teammates. RIDICULOUS. Maybe he enjoys being with his friends and the neighborhood he grew up in. UNTHINKABLE. There's a lot more to life than basketball, especially for a 16 or 17 year old kid. He's done so much for Will North and it will be interesting to see how for he can take them come sectional time. He will have plenty of choices when it comes time to make a college decision.

Nothing like watching a Ben Drake coached team. It's a piece of art. They always play hard, run good sets, run good plays when they need a basket and get up and down the court with anyone. Great performance by the sophomore Kellam. He was a force inside and has a bright future.

Only 4 Spartans scored in the game. They need help elsewhere whether down low or off the bench. The other thing that struck me was how often they failed to balance the floor after a shot, which led to at least 5 run outs for the Red Raiders. That's something they need to address. I noticed the same thing with their jv squad. North also had some difficulty with the RR's zone defense. It seemed they too often passed the ball around the perimeter without penetrating the zone. When they did it usually led to some pretty decent looks for their sharpshooters.

I saw the Nichols/St. Mary's game last Friday. Too bad there wasn't much, if anything, written about the game. The game was well played and hotly contested in a back and forth duel between two very good small schools. I'm not sure if the contest between the players or the coaches was more entertaining. The effort was tremendous from both squads. Both coaches made adjustments during the game that helped their teams regain the lead and momentum. I was extremely impressed by the support of the Lancers bench players or as we used to call them in college...the shock troops. They were fully into the game and urged their teammates on the court on at all times. You don't see that often enough and is the hallmark of an excellent team. I would certainly recommend attending the rematch.

Taplin will b playing 4 coach Smith at Oak Hill Academy, Mouth of Wilson Virginia. It's a done deal for the 2013-2014 season. Now that he has the scoring record and clearly knows his team can't beat Falls this year and won't be Jamestown next year, he decided there is no reason 2 stay. Good luck 2 Taplin next season at Oak Hill.

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