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Friday, January 18, 2013


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Be well

I hope all is ok! You will be missed even if for a day! God bless.

Hope all is well and God Bless your quick recovery to the Blog.

B well my friend!

I c #1 beat #6 pretty easy today. O wait - that is MY #1 Canisius over MY #6 McKinley by almost 20. Get it right this week guys - Canisius, Falls, Will North, Jamestown (please people don't just 'forget' they beat St Joe's), St Joe's, McKinley (yes people Joe's won AT McKinley), Timon, Ken West (yes folks Timon beat Ken West), Clarence (combined 2 games with North lost by 17), Amherst (lost 2 Clarence)

It's called 'results' guys not brain surgery.

Canisius blew out Mckinley. Big man Jemel Mosley had a couple of blocks but better yet provided some offense around that basket as he provided some nice touch on his jumpers.

Weir dropped 18, doing it from beyond the arc, and taking it to the basket as well. MacDonald added 15 and did a nice job handling the pressure. Game was fast paced and Canisius showed they could get it done either way....fast paced or set offense.

Sweet Home missed about 7 layups in the second half of their game against MEC. In their game against Will East earlier this year, they missed about 12+ in warm ups....think they should be working on those more in practice?

Anyone know what grade #55 is for MEC? Little guy with a bad attitude. Hopefully he will learn.

In my opinion, McKinley plays terrible defense. Made Canisius look better than they are. Almost 20 point blow out should not have happened. Matter of fact, many of the top teams don't plsy basic defense. What is going on with current coaching? They would rather run up and down the court instead of working hard to cover their man or play properly in their zone defense.

Hope everything is ok with you CC look forward to your return

McKinley coach is one of the best in WNY. Mckinley's chaotic defense works against most teams but Canisius is one of the best and handled it nicely.

Not a lot of games going on this week until Friday (exam week for most schools),but but in CC absence here, is an attempt to let everyone know the best IMO:

Walsh @ Nichols

Timon @ St Mary's/L
Maple Grove @ Randolph

Walsh @ St Mary's/L

St Mary's/L @ Nichols
Jamestown @ Clarence
Amherst @ Maryvale
Olean @ Fredonia

hey,CC hoping you the best. this hs hoops stuff is fun but real life is more impt. take care of yourself, unlike some guys on here keep it in perspective.

CC, getting circumsized as a middle aged male is a bold move. Feel better and get well soon. (:

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