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Friday, January 04, 2013


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two words .....head fake....its been around for years and when bg men are swatin shots they tend to head for the rafters...go up lean in and he will be out of the game fairly early unless he has the disipline to stay grounded..... but even so drive do a 180 and toss the ball in the direstion of the hoop.....good foul shooting and and early foul trouble will likely flustrate most big men because the have relied on their overwhelming height advantage for awhile without knowing when to let one go or take a chance....most of the blocks come from helpside where the wouldbe driver to the hole thinks all he has to do lay it inor is it heading for the stands!!!.....i will admit i love watch i disciplined big man....congrat on 25 block anyway....way to swat!!!!!!

i meant congrats on 15 blocks and the macks still winning.when I went to school a guy by the name of Ray Crawford and a teamate with a big win over us in sectional play ended our far west hopes back in....oh boy i cant give my age.....good luck to all teams playing tonite and i ask my friends ive asked to do continue to follow CC seam like a good look around WNY hoops....keep it up CC you must do alot of traveling!!!!

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