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Sunday, January 06, 2013


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Is this a sign of another year without any truly great teams?

I think based on Olean's win over Canisius and them being in Class B would suggest they qualify. I realize they lost to Nichols, but if healthy come sectionals, I bet they get the results of a truly great team.

I love the competitiveness that this season has already provided - and there's a ton of ball left to go.

You are probably right about Olean. They have everything a team needs at least for a B team. I also love the idea of any given night, but it likely means a lot of competitive games locally but probably means our teams will struggle when they play section 5.

And there still is time for teams to rise above the pack.

As far as getting past Section V:

C & B - Between Olean and either Silver Creek or Middle College, Section VI is advancing.

AA - 50/50 shot. We have Falls, North, & Jamestown. They have Fairport, Kearney, Webster Schroeder, & McQuaid. Falls plays WS next month and already beat a healthy BK. My sense is we'll draw Fairport, and the AA final will be a thriller that goes down to the wire.

A - Projects as McKinley vs. Aquinas. They matchup very well with each other. Both are super athletic and lack a true big. St. Joe's had a much easier time beating Aquinas than they did McKinley.

D - I'd have an easier time guessing your weight right now, I think.

Section V does not have any real dominating teams in any class.

If not AQ in class A, it will likely be Charlotte, who recently defeated AQ in a close game.

Class B could very well be Batavia, who has not lost since they laid an egg in the Cataract against North. We can expect them to at least be playing soundly and give olean a test come March.

Class C has about 100 teams and it anyone's guess who could emerge but it is safe to say they will not have the resumes that either MEC or SC will have. Last year's Far West class D champ, Batavia/N-D has moved up to c and is undefeated thus far.

Shockingly in class D, the top team does not appear to be a private school, but University Prep, a new entrant into the sectional scene. Their only loss this season is to a local team, Niagara Catholic.

With all that, it would be surprising if section VI did not "win" regional Saturday and have at least three teams advance to Glens Falls. I would say four is a real possibility for the first time in a while.

We barely beat USF yesterday, what's the word on this Taplin kid, can he play? MCW and Triche will be gone after this season, and I will need a guard for the '14-'15 season.

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