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Friday, January 11, 2013


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9 threes is gunslingin!!!!!!but isnt there an easy adjustment that actually benifits the other team unless the whole team can knock dowwn trwys at will u step out and slow him down to where he is trying to get to tank the three......the weak side of the floor can sag putting them in great reboundinding position and get a man slowing him down and a helside guy that can sag while keeping himdelf between this man and the hpoop must have a husler for this...someone drops nin 3 on you you didnt adjust...maybe it would been only 5 or 6 .....congrats on a good shot.

WILL NORTH lost 84-60 at GREEN TECH. NORTH actually led 32-29 at half but ran out of steam. TAPLIN is a very gifted offensives player and NORTH is a decent team but very soft inside and not enough overall quickness to match TECH today.

Another good team from wny goes away and gets beat,wny hoops competiive and fun but not great.Roch. event in feb, has canisius ,nf,timon that will be tough day for sect. 6

A tough day for Section VI would only imply a Falls loss. I'm sure that's not what you meant though.

I think WNY wins all five games in Rochester that weekend:

Olean over East - 2/1

Falls over Webster Schroder - 2/2
Canisius over Fairport - 2/2
Timon over Roch East - 2/2

Falls over BK - 2/3

But I'd much rather go 5-0 in Rochester a month later.

Wow...tremendous confidence...I'd give Fairport a slight edge over Canisius playing in Roch and I'd take Roch East over Timon.

Will BK get it together by the end of the season?

As far ASROCH-EAST goes; it depends which team shows up; they have a prolific guard INCARUTHERS; a decent big man in BANKS and a few other athletic kids ; but they are very raw with little varsity experience other then CARUTHERS and BANKS. They have also had some line up shifts due to injuries.When they are clicking; they are very dangerous; when they are not; they could lose to almost anyone.

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