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Friday, January 25, 2013


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Welcome back CC. Sorry to hear you had to take some time away, but like all happy you're back on the scene. Welcome back!!

1. Welcome Back

2. Its 3 pieces - always. Been lucky since my playing days.

3. Coaches playing ability now? Or back in the day?

We could entertain the conversation for both now and back in the day, but I was thinking now. There are a lot of coaches who can ball, so I thought narrowing that list down to a top 12, and then a starting 5, could be fun.

Here you go.....

Charlie Croff - Albion
Willie "Hutch" Jones - Burgard
Chris Koselny – East Aurora
Chuck Swierski – Williamsville North
Pat Cullinan - Cheektowaga
Erik O'Bryan – Niagara Wheatfield
Shaunessy Ryan - IPrep
Kyle Husband - Canisius
Ben Drake - Jamestown
Matt Krotz – Pioneer
Tim Anderson - Falconer
Paul Rath - St. Mary's

Back in the day
Gary Domzalski - Frontier

That's a very solid list. I had everyone of them written in my notebook, along with a bunch of others, but had no idea where to start eliminating names.

Some coaches who made my initial list that and aren't listed above include:

Joe Mihalics - Timon
Starling Bryant - East
Brett Sippel - Wilson
Brian Ferris - St. Francis
Justin Gerstung - Akron
John Reinholz - Nichols
Ryan Mountain - NT
Ben Scaffidi - Starpoint
Telly Forcucci - South Park
Rob Genco - Silver Creek
Greg Lauer - Fredonia

Back in the day, or was it the dark ages???? Mark Simon, an excellent point guard. Jack wasn't too shabby either, although I only read about his exploits him since he's so much older than me. :)

Thanks Hoopster- for reminding me just how old I am. Even though I'M STILL playing.

Welcome back CC let me know when we r going 2 a game I have some free time on my hands the last week or so :(

Chris Kensy - Amherst

Eric Klumm - New Fane

Mike Meetze - Ken West

Jay Robbins - Ken East

And just for kicks a few assistants....

Jeremy Konst - Will North

Bill Gorman - Will North

Brandon Woods - Amherst/Will South

Fran Snyder - Timon

Okay, so you're old, so what? But just want to know, did your basketball shorts have a buckle? We're the backboards at U of R's Palestra( great place to watch a game) half moon or rectangular? Since there about 20+ NCAA DIII Tournament banners now, how many were there in the shorty short day's?

Take the coaches who could ball and make it a 2 on 2 with head man and 1st assistant and Swierski and Gorman would destroy the field.

No buckle, no banner(we played too many DI's) and I would be more worried about Chuck and his JV coach.

Where did these coaches play college ball? Lets put otgether a litst of the colloegiate careers of the WNY varsity coaches and see what college programs are represented. Anyone....

It's great that Coach Herlan chews gum like he dresses: 3 pieces. I think we should have an all GQ team for area coaches. Mark Simon would join his asst. on that list, along with Ben Drake and Kyle Husband. I believe Coach Anastasia would be disqualified by that shoe string tie he wears. And Sal you have to keep your shirt tucked in to make this list.

Jerome Lane 25 years since you broke that backboard vs. Providence. Thanks for the memory.

Husband is a sweater vest coach. That is the opposite of GQ.

Matt Bradshaw 3 rd leading scorer in Lew-Port history 1,000 and some pts.

To be on the GQ list you have to dress the part home and away. Drake only dresses the part at home games. COME ON MAN....

Welcome back CC ! Your absence truly made this heart grow fonder. I found it extremely difficult to accept the fact that if you include current coaches prowess from "back in the day" as you people put it, that nobody included Archbishop Walsh coach Andy Moore. Back in the day, as good as anybody, better than most! Also, what about Jeff Haskell? Is he not coaching down in the southern tier?

How could a discussion that included assistant coaches exclude Garrett Kensy ?

without doing any research everyone take a shot at what makes a player commit and "over and back violation.......i have taken a count as after 6 years of kids i know playing ball and i little 6 year old boy they know is on his way i know most of the refs by name......out of 14 that i asked 4 got it right and on 2 occasions they were doing the game together.....i didnt say anything.anyway i know you will all look it up but a fear a bunch of close games may have fallen to the rules not being known....and the "over and back i will admit i was wrong at first intil i politely asked one after a game in which i was just watching and no kids i even knew in the game.the way most said was the way it is....simply stepping into the backcourt is not over and back....bpth feet and the ball must all make contact in the back court.now this is the way i understand it to say and also they way that most of what i would say are good refs also told me the same....."all 3 things must hit the back court for over and back according to them and the rule as i understand it......i wouls just like to get a answer from someone who is right and make sure the next time a players shoe crosses over the centercourt line he will not be whisled for a turnover and possibly a turnover that costs them the game.as i said more refs said any part over the line is over and back.i dont know.....many of us may be surprised at the rule.....and then you can start playing back at all those turnovers that "may not"have been cost team much needed possesions.~~~~~~please someone let me know that the "all 3 parts" is true!!!!never hurt any teams i may have been cheering for.......enjoy the game as i always say to the kids you got to like the game and have fun playing it if your going to be serious and give 110%....or you may as well wrestle next year or get a night job for some extra loo!!!

another Coach that was very good was Denny Sietz.....he was responsible for the B-2 Sectional Champions patch that i still have today and we have not won one since~my second oldest boy came a game awy from being the second since his dad but it wasnt to be....runner up made me just as proud~~~~but to advance to the far west we had to play McKinley and a guy named Ray Crawford..there was another guy im just to old to recall but they had a good 1-2 punch that took us out.....they too only lasted one more game but that was when guys like Tyrone Beeman and lester Rowe were common names as well as the triple threat Lockport had with Evan,Maroney and Quintin Baker!!!!its getting late and time to stop trying to dig through my on board memory>>>>>>>>>>>>i know i cant count him as my basketball coach as i wrestled my freshmen year but my JV football coach is now a halfway decent D1 college coach .....his name was John Bielien....who has turned around the Michigan team in a few short years and does it honestly as that is how he was raised.i used to live next door to his parents and have been friends of the family for over 50 years,a wonderful family

Close but not quite on the o/b call. Until all three parts(both feet and the ball) are in the FRONT COURT, you cannot be called for o/b. The offensive team also must be the last team to touch the ball on its way to the back court. After offensive player is IN the frontcourt any part of his body goes into the backcourt with possession of the ball - it is o/b.

it is exactly what i thought becuase for years ive seen guys leaping to avoid over and back.well there is sure some difference of opinion amoung the local officials as i said in 2 games i asked both refs and they both had a different answear!!!amy way thaks for the help as i said i thought stepping the whole body over the line would be odd!!

Any discussion of former coaches/great players has to include "Pistol" Pat Monti from the great LaSalle teams from the 1970's right up to the end of the 20th century. Not only a great coach on the floor with three state titles, but ruthless on the court as well, with a wicked jumper and unlimited range. had a different decision been made back in 2000, who knows how much more success the city of Niagara Falls could have experienced.

Perhaps you posed the question very poorly or incorrectly as you did on here. Over and Back is a very basketball rule that i would say most of the refs know extremely well. Thanks for the clarification Jack.

IAABO 53, I'll never forget John Bellanti demonstrating over and back during our meetings. My favorite Bellantism though was his demonstration on the mechanics of calling a foul when you're far away from where the foul occurred. I'd repeat it here, but given the family g rated nature of this board it would be inappropriate.

Has there ever been a better duo than Bellanti/Gfroerer?????

Really?? a discussion on over and back? what's next a thread on the proper times to start planting a garden, and how to save your plants during peek frost season? Wake me up when this gets interesting.

zip it dude. its a hoops blog and over and back is a hoops rule. was the garden thing supposed to be funny? it was not. the name you picked was lame too. stay asleep your comments are dumb.

again thanks for the reply i wont bother responding to any thing other than hoops talk...i did error when i said most IAABO53...most gave me the answer you guys gave me and what i thought was alway true...but in a game i was at the kid clearly stepped in the back court but wasnt called.i asked him at the half and he was very polite and told me if the ball handler was being closely gaurded he had to have all 3 over...i thought odd so for a few games i asked and a few more gave me that answer or close....i think the officials are doing a gteat job this year and with only 2 per game they are not going to get everyone right and we all make mistakes so no one really has a need to yell at the officials.most would absolutly know me if i described myself.and in the cases that the wrong answer was given as i said they may have just been thinking the other way.and it wasnt a real big deal im disabled now so cant play the game i love but like to know calls that i think are wrong and you nicely answered my question Jack.....without any un needed remarks.....your a true gentlemen and good sport...but i hate to say it i got another question...a player went in for a lay up and the defender jumped up and slapped the backbord so hard the ball bounced out of the rim.they slapped it on three other occasions but no telling if one would have gone in and the other 2 had no chance.....is there a rule in reguards to slapping the backboard after the ball has first hit the glass????some people were talking about it saying it was "backboard interference"i think was what a fella said....but one i will say clearly bounced the ball out of the hoop....the other the ball hit the glass first then the slap but no telling if they even had a chance.I'm not a stranger to this game and i have a Section 6 B-2 championship patch as i stated earlier....but im no ref and i know the basics and a bit more but some of these come to my attention through others i hear talking that may or may not know so im just trying to politely ask.the rim was not touched but the slapping was not the least bit gentle!!if you could let me know Jack or IAABO53 i would like to thank you in advance....and SEC6.....thank you....i will not "go ask ALICE...when shes 10ft tall or chasing rabbits!!! thanks again for keeping it real...take care everyone and drive safe.

Another rule that is commonly misinterpreted - you can hit the backboard lightly or as hard as you want as long as it is a legitimate effort to block the shot. This is assuming that the ball is not touched after it has touched the backboard and is on its downward flight toward the basket.

I think Jack should give up the suits for the stripes.

this shot (1st one)was knocked out of the hoop by the force of the hit.....others were you may say frustrated attempts to impede and not block but on a judgement call after what you say i would say one of the 4 should have counted......it didnt effect the outcome but now i know.....it happens alot when a breakaway by a short fast guy is already in when board is slapped.i would have thought if the ball goes off the glass and hits the rim.....and the defender hits glass so hard it literally bounced it out.there was alot of backboard slappin but no dunks!!!!!thanks again Jack....so its a judgement call if the official thinks he was attempting to block the shot or not.LOL~~~~CC>>>>glad 2 c u back.....lots of nice people here and i read everything and when i dont know i just ask.....good crowd,but of course there will always be a few DB!!!happy hoop everyone!!!

CC - Before I took the job at Joe's I reffed for about 10 or so yrs. So been there done that - and not going back.

Hey Sec 6. The other day wgr55, a sports station, had a discussion about the oscars. That wasn't funny either. Nothing wrong with diversity though. Btw, check out Earl Weaver's managers corner on you tube. Its only a couple minutes. Maybe you'll change your opinion on my comment. If not, then I will go back to sleep. Being awake is overrated anyway.

Alice you have been whistled for a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct! You are risking your second T and ejection. Be careful!

Very busy day for me before I even think about driving back to Rochester. I hope to type up a very brief recap of the Olean game, but earliest that would be is after I get to Rochester.

Sorry Gus, I will return to hoops talk. CC hope you are blogging at the Falls game today. I have been looking forward to this game ever since Sal was able to schedule it, and believe it will b a great test for the Wolverines before they enter sectional week. I really wish they would have found a way to play Canisius as one of their 4 non-leaguers, but you can't really argue too much with the 4. In fact, the only thing you can really argue with is for the state to get their stuff together and allow the teams to return to a 20 game schedule. Wishful thinking. Good luck Falls, and the rest of section 6 teams playing out of section this weekend!

IAABO53, since there has been a discussion on some rules, I have a question. Do officials, like coaches make adjustments at halftime while working a game?

For example, if a game get's physical in the 1st half, do you make a conscious effort to "tighten" things up and call more fouls, including "touch" fouls that may have not been called in the 1st half?

Thank you in advance for any insight you may offer.

thanks again Jack.....and my gosh i would not want the job either....i played softball with Jack Diel and have had him at some games...i used to race motocross with Chappy.....been years but think its Bruce.....the all do a great job...and make calls i dont like or agree with but as i chatted at one game with a ref about my little boy who is with me all the time and not one ref denies him a chance to get a touch on the ball during a timeout or qtr. or @the half....so IAABO53 i hope you didnt get my original question as a knock on the refs when a bad call"in my opinion is made we talk about it and when i chatter as they go by we both have smiles and one always lets me know i can have the whistle if i want!!! I have the utmost respect for those guys that do a three man job with 2 guys so plays are missed or blown simply because you cant see everypart of the court,but when it comes to crunch time i know there will be 3 of them out there.thanks to those who gave me the answer to things i just didnt know enough about what the rule actually is,so i ask and pass it down to all my buddies that come to the games to see kids we know play!!!thanks again Jack,IAABO53,and you too CC as you got a good grip on the game and more so with the local seen,you put in alot of time and i just wanted to thank you as well,maybe i will be able to meet some of you at a game along the way as we pass the half way point,a few im sure know me already~~Bless you all and I Love This Game!!!~~~~and Alice this is called Random Smatterings,and if i need to get something right that i want to be able to know 1 more thing as written in the rules,,,so it doesnt"smatter"what you said.just consideri dont know the rules front to back and when a certain thing came up a few diferent ways it smattered to me!!.its all good and if you met me you would probably like me as im a good sport and never rude and i even yell to opposing players as they within inches of me "good hustle,oe nice play or shot.how many really went on to the NBA and fit in like a glove?Cliff Robinson??..a fine Riverside player,a great UCONN and a great nda career.....so we can all just love the game cause chances are mostly a free education to a very select few to D-1 are all thats poppin out of Section 6....so enjoy the goods as they play every year knowing that less than 1% i would guess make it to the NBA as "impact" players.but i see more on the horizon and im here usually writing these long post as im totally disabled and the games are my social event of the week.....so just looking to get some answers or makes some friends....I'm a super good guy and I know this because my "MOM" said so!!!!I Love This Game!!..i reckon we all do or wouldnt be here enjoying CC hard work and his in the know of the WNY hoops seen!!!

It's all good game. I enjoy reading your posts. And by the sounds of it you have seen a ton of hs hoops over the years, specially back in the day. This area has had some great players, like Cliff, Lester, Ritchie and Marcus, Jason and Tim. I could go on, but i'll leave that to you. Ha! Kidding, game. Can't wait for the sectionals and maybe we'll cross paths.

im sure....im easy to spot...and hope to get a chance to go to buff state for some action.and i'm as much fun as anyone and yea ive seen my share as a player and as a Dad,i do like to think back at times about the old school stand outs...back then they didnt pump'em out like chord wood back then.These days its not uncommon to almost have 2 good fives.im familiar with a decent team that can sub at any time and not miss a beat and could chamge the lineup nightly but theses days if you dont have an explosive ballhandler/playmaker and a decent or better big man.....you had better have a row of strong 6 footers that will hustle till they fall over!!!!TTYS>>>A.S.

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