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Saturday, January 26, 2013


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I'm very happy for a well-coached Oracle squad, containing one of my former students (Cunningham). They have given a strong performance each time that I've seen them this season.

Congrats...Proud parent... So proud....

You should be proud.

Eric Waters had an awesome slam dunk in transition last night, and used a great move in the open court to free up the space to make it happen. Moments later, he rejected a shot on the other end with authority. Not to mention, he hit some big shots, including a 3-pointer late, to help seal the win.

Good player, great team, awesome fans!

Great description of the game CC, which was probably one of the biggest upsets of the year. Reading your commentary made me feel like I was right there at the game with you. Which is ironic because I have no idea where I am right now.

Unfortunately, I had to miss this one...but without a doubt....I am ALWAYS there in spirit with our boys!!! Congrats! Mrs. Morgante

An absolutely memorable game. We slept well that night. So, so proud!!
Mrs. Shear and the Family (SuperFans Extraordinaire)

Why do we live here? This weather is horrible. All of us have something serious issues.

Every year I take in 1 game and Timon and was going 2 go 2 nite but the pizza is HORRIBLE. Honestly a school that charges 7G 2 attend should b able to come up with a better mix of food selections, candy, soda, etc. I predict the combined points 2 nite will b less than the Pro Bowl.

Congratulations to our boys and some of the hardest-working coaches I know. Not only do these men demand precision on the court, but off as well, and I have watched as year after year they work to improve the boys' game both on the court and in the classroom. This win is a testament to all of the hard work and heart that goes into this team. I am so proud of all of you. Ms. Komoroske

We live here because if people like you, CC, Keith McShea and high school basketball.

You live here because I say you live here. Now give me your guns and 32oz. sodas, or I will cut hs hoops down to 16 games

Soda is the worst...if I weren't a libertarian I would want it banned.

Now now boys, this is a basketball site. Enough politics.

Great win for oracle charter. Always like to see a small school beat a large. Good luck in march guys!

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