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Sunday, January 06, 2013


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alot of these good teams are tops largely due to a key player in some cases...if Taplin get injured is North still a top ranked team....are any of these star players teams the same without them?i know a team that could lose a guy and still play team ball as long as they keep into the game for 4 qtrs and make adjustments before a team goes on a 33-7 run.good teams rebound with a roar and with a good team on the floor tonite its time to take back some things not done in the last game.(for all 4 qtrs)....that team has a great coach and other things that teams they play can find out.....i hope all teams step out on the floor and have fun playing the game....and you make it fun with good choices and hustle.....i expect to see both the next game i see.if your a senior dont leave anything on the floor because you will never get it back.....i may not always be right but i do have a jackets with a B2 sectionals winners patch on it......i would like to see the team i like get one too.....good luck on your next game boys and listen to the coach......your blessed to have him...because hes much more than just a coach....hes a good man

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