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Thursday, January 03, 2013


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CC...I have watched every Nichols game this year, and am a big fan. That being said, besides a few missed free throws, the team played a flawless game against Olean. Everything Coach Reinholtz and Coach John have been working on with them clicked, and it showed. The team is talented and still somewhat young (there are 3 key seniors), and will win many more games this year, but will also continue to have some growing pains. Are they better than Olean? They were that night, even with Sam I think the game would have been close, perhaps even an OT game. Which in itself says a ton for the Nichols team. Most people would have thought a 20 pt loss would have been a good showing. I think it would be logical to put them right above or right below Olean, and you could make a case for both. Nichols has a tough week next week with Timon(at Timon), Niagara Catholic, and Aquinas, and while the team is confident, and playing the system well, those will be tough games. One thing is for sure, we will know soon how good the Nichols team can be, and I am excited to watch. If they proved anything last week it was that they will be able to play with any team in the MMA, they have size and aggressive guards who play lock down defense. This is going to be fun!

Great commentary. Thank you.

To me, polls are a snapshot of the landscape of the encompassing area at the CURRENT time. I poll logic varies, as many see polls as more of a "body of work," basis to rank from.

Given that logic, I would put Nichols at #1 in the next poll. Do I think Olean would have defeated Nichols had Eckstrom been in the lineup...of course. However, he wasn't, and you cannot play the "what if" card in high school athletics...the season is just too short. Obviously this is different from an example such as if the Heat lost to the Wizards without LeBron in the lineup. Clearly, nobody would be ranking the Wiz ahead of Miami.

Now, if Eckstrom retruns to the lineup and to form over the next severel weeks and once again is a dominant factor, my poll would likely change. The same goes for if the level of Nichols' play dips over the coming weeks. In all, to me the fun of the polls is fitting teams into the puzzle every week. For those that do play the "what if" scenario, these things always seem to work themselves out in the end. If Eckstrom returns and Olean once again makes a trip to Glens Falls, Olean will very likely end up #1 in the poll. If Nichols continues to improve and posts more victories over top teams in the MMA and makes a good run in the playoffs, they will also make a strong case.

I'll be tweeting updates from Clarence at Williamsville North tonight. Game starts at 7:30 pm.


A very disturbing story involving an All-Centercourt Honorable Mention selection from the past two seasons:


That is disturbing and very sad.

Gus...i wrote a different post and erased it because i gave it some thought and it is a tradgety for all involved but at some point you have to have the mentallity to say ...this is so wrong.we have seen it before about 10 years ago i think most will recall and that man has turned things around last i knew.........>>>>>but my other thought is that as i read all these stories of games and upsets and big dogs going down...all have the same ring to them....when missing a great player they are not the team as advertised so to speak,and i know thats true in most sports but it really seems to make the big difference between this big games and who comes out on top....what it would be for a healthy crop of kids for the year....the shape some of these guys are in is super and im starting to think some of the more taleted and bigmen may not be preping their bodies for the level of play we are seeing from alot of schools that are suprising some teams.....anyone can win on any night.....and my JV football coach at Newfane told me that years ago...and he knows a bit about backetball....his name is John Beilein and he has his team at the top....from Newfane to the Michigan wolverines...i was lucky to have had him coach me.....may you all stay healthy,play hard,play fair,and enjoy the game....thats why we play it and watch it.ALL THE BEST TO YOU.

In the Olean-Nichols game, Nichols out rebound Olean 47-19. Even with Sam they would have won. It would have been a 2 point game or Overtime, but they still would have won. The tough defense they played(holding Bathurst to only 3 points in the second half off a bank three with 30 seconds left) and wanting it more helped them push themselves over to win the game. With the big men stepping up that game they would have overwhelmed Sam. I don't think it would be fair to Nichols if you put them behind Olean because they wanted it more and they worked harder then Olean in the game.

I agree with TML, Polls are a point in time. Each week presents a different dynamic and has to be evaluated on the evidence available. Since Nichols won they should be ranked ahead of Olean (not necessarily #1)for now. If in future weeks Olean becomes dominant against good opponents or Nichols struggles in their MMA games the positioning can be re-evaluated. It will be a little bit more difficult for Olean to make up ground now that league play has started and they have few opportunities against top ranked teams until the sectionals. Nichols will have ample opportunities to prove they belong since they will play various ranked large schools as part of league play

Olean stays #1 because with Sam they win. Simple.

Also anyone who votes Clarence ahead of Will North because they beat them by 1 at North yet ignores the fact they got crushed at home by North is an idiot.

Canisius, Falls, Jamestown, Joe's, McKinley, North, Clarence, Timon, K West, Amherst. EASY Top 10.

So does that mean Ekstrom is back playing again?

Wait till after North at Jamestown tomorrow before deciding on North, Timon, Clarence order.

Clarence also lost big to Jamestown already. Timon only 2 point loss at Jamestown without Williams.

North vs Jamestown. Tomorrow
Clarence vs McKinley Wednesday
Ken West vs Niagara Falls Tuesday
Timon vs Nichols Monday???

North at Jamestown only one before next ballots are submitted.

Small school pollsters: EA beat CSAT and Maryvale(tonight) and only lost to Amherst on Belton's loooong running 3 off glass at buzzer since last poll.

Diagree that Clarence should be behind North, Clarence is getting better as the season goes on. Polls are a snapshot of the current way teams are playng. Sure the polls will change but the voters should vote as is not as was. Give teams the credit they deserve when they are playing well. You also can not compare how one team plays an opponent compared to how another team plays the same opponent. Different day different night. Too many extrinsic factors looking at it that way. Vote on who beats who at that point in the season. If teams keep winning they should also keep getting votes.

At something to consider...EA's loss to Amherst was a nothing short of a one sided officiating mess favoring EA. The worst officiating I have ever seen. Some of Amherst's best players benched due to bad calls. Different refs and there is a completely different game with Amherst winning by a much larger lead. If you think it was a fluke that EA lost to Amherst, think again.

I don't think it was a fluke at all. You misunderstood me. I think Amherst is a better team, was only saying it was a good outing for EA in consideration for the next small school poll.

Don't blame refs,though...bad habit.

I'm here in Jamestown for game against Williamsville North. I'll be tweeting updates throughout:


Man u r a bigger fan than me no way I could miss NFL playoffs 4 a HS game. Looks like u saw a big upset! Rematch Jan 29th should b fun. For now...

Canisius, Falls, Will North, Jamestown, St Joe's, McKinley, Clarence, Timon, Ken West, Amherst.

Small schools will b hard. Again unless u just pretend Will North didn't crush Clarence in the 1st meeting nobody in my Top 10 order lost 2 a team ahead of them.

Just got out of work and saw the proposal to extend game reductions for hoops for 4 more years is on the table for the January meeting. Read here to see what you can do. this is absurd. Ohio just went from 20 to 22 games.


or try bcany.org and read the December newsletter.
Let's see what we can do to pressure ADs and Superintendents to bring back the games. the cost is minimal.

also MIG, your Mr Basketball nominations are due and the end of the month. see above newsletter.

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