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Monday, February 25, 2013


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Sorry for the lousy formatting on the above post. It's a typepad glitch that I cannot correct without completely re-typing the entire thing, and that's not happening.

So Timon basically wins one meaningful game all year and suddenly there ranked #4???

It's called the postseason Gus. That's how it works. Where would you have put them?

If they win anoother "meaningful" game, suddenly they're the Manhattan Cup champs. How bout them apples?

How about both Timon and Joes much lower. What is Timon like .5oo? C'mon! They won't beat Canisius and might struggle to compete. Theres your apples!

See my post under Manhattan Cup Playoffs that made at the same time as the comment just above this one.

I think things will work themselves out just fine. If Mckinley makes a strong run to at least the regionals, they will not finish any lower than 4th. Barring either upset on Thursday, the winner of the Falls/Jtown game will likely finish 2nd, unless they get to Glens Falls(probably even have to get to AA title game), which then depends on if Canisius gets to Fed.

The loser of Falls/Jtown will finish 4th. 5-10 will depend on the showings this week from Timon, Amherst, Clarence and KW.

Ok i give up. No more Roger posts. But I am handicapping games tonite, and need some advice. I got csat-5, olean-25, and Lack-3.

Adjust your CSAT & Lackawanna lines.

St. Joes should be lower. Timon is finally healthy and if they were all year would probably be a top 5 team all year.

these are the looks (rankings) as CC sees them an even tosses in some logic on how he arrived at them.i look at them and say....cool..thanks for sharing your view and thoughts with us,and i believe he gets these facts by attending more games than the average hoops fan.now there is plenty of room for anyone to give their list of rankings and explain how you arrived at your rankings....now if its a simple case that youe favorite school isnt where you think it should be...you are out of luck...actually your in luck as the next week or so a few of these teams seasons maybe over...in which case its a moot point.weather or not i agree with CC i for the most part dont pay much attension to them as by the time they are posted one or more teams may have or will take a dump redering the list as it is now slightly transformed.dont let the ranking define your team..let championships define them.most of the top teams are there because they are pretty darn good ballers(shot callers!)so as ive said before in a very short time we will see whos got game and whos got good seats to watch the rest of the tourney.i will try to come on Saturday to see some good ball but if im to sore i will watch it on live feed with HDMI to the big screen if it works as im not sure if resolution is there..but my little guy has been pounding that darn harlem globetrotters mini ball and the official spring loaded back board nicely hung on the french doors to the great room....and imagine the non-stop ponding that rattles the house on every bounce!!anyway i told him about all the talk about who the best teams are i told hom Olean is really good and Canisius a Catholic school is good...he said were Catholic so i am them or Olean and i am his big brothers school....lucky me im just getting pelted with the ball as i cant move hardly at all.....anyway lets talk about who on the ranking list is going to be there at weeks end!!!as usual the best to all from me and my little hooper!!

I kept Joe's and McKinley 5 w Timon 6. Joe's beat Timon twice pretty good and McKinley crushed Timon and Joe's. agree w 1-3 and 7-10.

Also if u want food at Butf State plan on missing at least 1 half waiting in line

Thanks for heads up on food MIG...most get stuck and last time i was there for my boys game it was terrible,dont know why they dont sub it out to someone who knows how to run it as i believe the whole thing is about an enjoyable and full day of basketball but to serve a quality food for those who are there for the day.if you nail it with the food people can keep their minds on the rumble on the floor with great games and not the rumble of a starving belly or a rumbling lower intestinal feeling from the sad food product...i will pay whatever is asked (within reason) if the food is good to very good...my fav and something hard to mess up is taco in a bag!!crush a small bag of doritos and cut the side off...toss in a scoop of taco hamburger,lettuce and a "dallop" of sour cream.....2.50..make good money and a good snack yjats hard to screw up!!!!IMO

ilovethisgame -

The burning question I think everyone has at this point:

What night are you coming to Buff State this week? I've got people asking me to point you out, but I have to tell them you're not at the game. Actually, I tell them that if they see a dude with a cane who matches the description of what they envision when reading his comments, that's him.

Lots of good games the next few days.

Thursdays might be the worst

Of the next three nights, I'm most looking forward to Thursday. The talent level, size, and speed of the game all increase because it's AA. Falls brings the band, and Ken West will probably be well represented and all pumped up. I think the Jamestown/Clarence game is going to be a really good one.

im tryin CC!!....i have been a bit under the weather with back...been laying on heating pad and wish i could have came last night but it sounds like the CSAT game is pretty close to one we watched earlier this year!!!!i wish they could have gone deeper but they arent deep enough was on max prep they are scoring 64 ppg and Darnell got 23 ppg..next closest kid avg 9 and after him they are even lower.i will say one thing they won all the close games because of him....hes a real gamer and wish him and all the boys good luck...good bunch of kids.

Back Schmack. The associated pain you'll experience when thinking of the games you missed later on is always far worse. You should go Thursday or Saturday.

The games tonight will be better than everyone thinks. Mitchell's the realdeal and Amherst could be the most over-rated team in the section.
Also Lew-port might be the most under-rated team after having to play 6 times against NF, KW and NT, much better schedule than Iroquios faced!

i am probably going to try and make both CC.will have to see if the little guy can make it as im his only connection to get him exposed to this high level of play..(of course his brother is his favorite player!)im sure all you other guys want to tape my two typing fingers with duct tape!!and all of the people that posted on this subject i really think the most of you as well. JackHerlan and a few others but i am really thankful to you all for not hammering me as bad as you could have or at times maybe should have.it was hard all season with having my boy playing as i didnt want to be a distraction to him or his team as they were and are first and foremost a great bunch of kids who are all packing 90+ academic avg.second they worked hard and when they played as planned and kept the mistakes to a minimum they were a very good team and as CC will probaly agree of the games they lost it was by their own hand.anyway all you people above thanks
again for your knowledge i gained from you and the patience you all had with my posts that rival any short story in length!!!thanks again and i have the utmost respect for you all and hope i get to say hello and shake hands.also i hope you all got to read my idea about maybe next year making a plan to get some kids with disabilities a chance to where a school shirt and maybe toss the ball onto the court to start the game...a simple thing for us but maybe a dream come true for them and interaction with each of the 36 teams that start playoff week~i would call it "Hoopers with Heart" look forward to meeting you all.God Bless.

Hey Gus, you're a fake, phony and must have some sort of envy to keep using my name. Why don't you go back to something imaginative like guest.

i think Gus Buster is losing his mind...he keeps talking to himself lol

That last comment wasn't from me. This is the real Gus Buster. Technical foul for the nonsense!!!

Please remove the post where the fake GB calls me a phony. Personal attacks have no place here!!!

There are 3 people who know you are a fake, you, me and centercourt.

I don't know and could care less. If you want to send me an email because this is really upsetting you, please do.

Gus, forget the technical foul nonsense. Drop a flagrant on this guy. I'm talking a Matt Howard pick on Kyle Singler in Championship game where Singler was babbling like an idiot, and Jimmy Chit....I mean Gordan Heywood missed 35 ft shot at the buzzer to give the hated blue devils and K another championship.
Now, I am looking forward to Thursday as well. If Niagara knocks off Rider we can virtually assure winning the MAAC and number 1 seed in the tournament. :)

that would be great TH23...im always for the home team in almost all sports...i the nba i have team i like but they usually have a player i really like or is a good player and good for the sport...and you all know my name and the only reason i was trying to be under the radar so i could partake in some discussions without anyone getting personal as dads love their kids most or they have priorities mixed up...i would never put anyone down or be mean spirited unless chidded into it which is hard to do....sometimes a lagh when people are laughing at me not with me to be the nice guy.i find it a bit much switching the names and so on and do know i try to state facts best i know and dont use others names.and what has my home court in the french doors area been named "OLEAN"...i said thats not our school i getmaybe not dad."but are they the best"? well so far they are...."ok then he says!!"

So Gus bails b/c I call someone annoying and he says its a personal attack. Then someone uses the name he abbandond and he starts with personal attacks. aint life funny sometimes?

im 49 years old i enjoy all your posts you guys bring here...i ramble on and write extremly long posts at times and am disabled for life becase as a union carpenter some nit wit left a trap door in the floor uncovered and i fell through it so im stuck home here and kind of look forward to you guys as almost company and i dont care if you yell at me or say im a dumb SOB...i just try to be kind and have learned a great deal and think maybe i have found some friends i may never see.but regaurdless enjoy the place for goodness sakes.im a good ole catholic boyand people poke fun at me at times but i enjoy knowing that they had to read ny post to do so..i dont make them lomg on purpose i just talk from my heart more than i should in this vnue and as i said earlier only used Ilovethisgame so i could comment along with you guys without people cutting my kid or his team or school down.lets have some fun and gather round and say what you wish...im not the boss but im very kind and considerate and if we want to argue about this and that its all good as far as i can see...i would just say insulting and kids or coaches would be a no-no as they are the reason were even here...we may critique im sure but theres no need for any of us to insult or say disparaging remarks to one another or spoof peoples names in order to say something you may otherwise not say...i think Centercourt is a good guy...sees alot of games and does so for the benifit of getting the worg out to the public to come out and support our local athletes and their teams towns or cities..and we can all say that was a crappy so and so or that was the game of the year while another guy may come along and say what planet were you on or were you sleeping at the game....its all a part of all of us getting several takes on certain games and taking away from it what we wish..like it or not ....good or bad.just be at least polite while on the blog as a whole so Centercourt can have and continue to bring some good recaps,game reports and predictions....i really dont know who else sees more games but im sure i got an idea of a few of you that go to plenty of games and with all the input people can take away what they will while some will never be happy if their school doesnt get their just screen time here on CENTERCOURTS BLOG...i dont see any reason not to make it a good place to do all the timgs i mentioned and still poke fun...heck poke fun at me...some of it is so true i couldnt help but laugh and ask myself..."self,do you have a clue about what you just said....they were talking about one game and i was commenting on another"!!!so have some fun at my expence...if you cant take some ribbing at this age you may as well watch "the wheels on the bus go round and round!!"as much as i suffer i managed to see my boy play alot of AAU ball all over the place and one weekend he drove us to Ithaca for a 2 day football camp only to have to sit in 90 degree heat waiting for him to break camp a half hour early so we could jump the 90 back to us to catch his first round game of that huge tourney...but thats what i do,,and if one of your kids needed a ride i would try to arrange one for him as i just want kids to enjoy sports as it may be their last time playing or they maybe heading to the next level...so lets think of the kids and we can hang out here and argue about who should be where and doing what...its what makes this place tick and CC does a great job......suck it up and lets have fum...start by hammering me for my long :cant we all just get along assertation!!".your all good by me...lets get more people in on this blog and really do battle!!!!see ya at Buff St. Thursday or Saturday for sure...if the goof lord will let my back pain me to a mimimum....and i dont use spell check like thats a big suprise!!!!

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