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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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What do you base it off of to have Olean in the top spot? I know they beat canisuis but i think the falls/jtown would probably take care of them.

So do you think Canisius should be ranked behind Falls & Jamestown, or do you just discount Olean's win?

Discount the win. If they played 10 times Canisius would win 7. If Falls was playing their 1st game of the year and Olean had already played 2 the same thing would have happened.

Plus Kyle Husband dresses better and has much nicer hair than Coach Anistasia - that alone should get Canisius the top spot. Until St Francis beats them 2nite by 30 - then u will have 2 adjust.

Discount a win? Olean beat Canisius, give them the credit they deserve. The list of excuses I see on this blog are ridiculous, first game, away game, it snowed that day and the road were slippery, the officials missed a travel, etc. I agree that Canisius is very good but think that Olean is just as good and they beat Canisius. High school teams don't play against each other 10 times a season.

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