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Thursday, February 14, 2013


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CC where are you spending your thursday in hs hoops?

CSAT @ Roy-Hart

Rams thinking upset. Eagles trying for 14-0 season in the N-O. CSAT needs to win to secure the top seed in B2 and avoid a semifinal with East.

Sounds like a good game. Me personally would have went to a girls game, but if I was serious about hs hoops, I would have done in this order: Joes/Sweethome, East /Middle College, Timon/Canisius, and finally Trix vs kids.

East would dismantle CSAT~hate to say it cause I like Darnell at the wheel but lack depth and if anything were to happen to Darnell,well i think everyone knows the answer to that.He puts a good fight to the word basketball teams cant win with only one premier player...CSAT has.Dont get me wrong they have some players but hes the heartbeat of the team and if hes not their~~~~cardiac arrest for them!they did not blow out any good team in their league as a matter of fact(but they did win and thats a undeniable arguement)they own a few 2pt wins over Akron a pair of 3 point wins over Newfane and just a week ago a 6 pt win over Wilson who I read Newfane beat tonite by almost 30 in the Lakemens house. I dont have all the scores but think they won more close games and thats the diff between a W or L..kudos for getting it done but low marks for putting away even some of the other teams under .500. But like i said 14-0 is good and it dont matter how you do it.But thats out the window now because it matters and its a moot point they will not be in the final and alot of the action is already written on the wall but upsets are always a good thing at this time of year,because if your not ready to beat the teams you should you are not going to get better as the teams get tougher and CSAT can surely get a win when they are firing on all cylinders so we surely cant write them off yet....but for real i wish all a good post season and hope my team can slip into Buff State as i would love it but there would await some very,very good teams.take care all and hold on tight

CSAT will probably make it to Buff State this year, but I don't expect them to make a push to the Sectional Championship. CSAT relies on athleticism and they are the most undisciplined, selfish team I have seen in years. They have athleticism, but lack fundamentals and they don't have the leadership (coaching and on the floor) for a sectional push.

Good luck to all teams!

we have a Bingo.

Funny didn't they make a sectional push and BEAT the Lakemen last year with the same cast? You guys sound jealous. Talk about a team that will never win a sectional, Wilson is the biggest choke job in section 6.

So you're saying they had anymore coaching and leadership last year when they won a sectional title? No, they didn't.

CSAT will play Akron/Fredonia in the semis. I think playing on the full floor at Buff St.(and wherever they play in the quarters) helped them last year and should do so again this year, at least until the final, where they would play East or CH.

CH will likely host R-H in the quarters, so that could be a big test.

there will be some good games and although my post talks alot about the season i also talk about the post season being a new game...a reset if you will so i dont mean to say two different things but we can use some data for chatter but the bottom line is year in and year out is who gets the game going the best when it counts most.so i look for tough play from everyone giving it their best and we will wait a few games and see how things shake out.nothing like good games one after another!!!basketball junkies are ready and waiting!!Good Luck!

sec6 -

I agree with the general sentiment of not calling out CSAT after the just won B2 last season, but cut Wilson some slack.

Six straight trips to the semifinals is pretty impressive. They just ran into better teams. The exception might be 2010, Wilson's best team in the last six seasons, that lost to Akron in the semis after sweeping them in the regular season. I'd agree that Wilson should have won that season.

I also think (know) they would have won in 2011 if Tyler Truesdell didn't tear his ACL prior to sectionals.

EA has a strong case to be in your top 25 if you considered HT, Iroq., and CSAT for the last three spots. EA beat CSAT in the same tourney that CSAT beat HT and they only lost to East by 4 at the MLK, East being ranked higher than many other teams on your list.

James Ritchie has been out for the Blue Devils and without him, they're not a top 25 team. With him, I agree with you.

He's been ineligible for their last five games. I don't know if he'll have the opportunity to get back before playoffs. Cox has been their top scorer but Ritchie runs the show and they're balanced with Allen but, point well taken. I still feel like if they had to play those three teams today, they'd be toss-ups but they could win.

Chad, please inform the payola ayahtollah that contrary to his extremely inaccurate opinion, I have NOT participated directly in your blog this basketball season. My only indirect participation, via a third party, occurred when some of your so called experts in all their whizdumb, inexplicably omitted Andy Moore and Jeff Haskell from your group of current coaches that might make up an elite team of former players. They would play with any and all of the others that were considered. Otherwise, I choose not to be a part of some of the rhetorical diatribe that takes place in this venue. Oh by the way, for ever who's keeping score FWIW, last night I was at Silver Creek, for their game vs Dunkirk. But if it will make all the naysayer feel any better, tonight I will be at
Immaculata for game vs Niag Wheatfield and at OP for girls game vs Olean. Then tomorrow, after the Can vs Joes game I will be at Lockport for the girls doubleheader.

So tell us what you thought of Silver Creek.

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to say CSAT can't make the finals at Buff State because they rely on athleticism...do you realize the 2 and 3 seeds in the B2 are Cleve Hill and East? You don't think they rely on athleticism? East is a good team but they are very undisciplined. I'm not saying CSAT will win it or that I even would pick them to beat East, I'm just saying that they won't lose because they rely on athleticism. Also, I wouldn't bet against Carson at the end of a close game - ever.

just as CSAT is not a factor without Darnell Carson,when you talk about their good points its all him.And ive said it all along & not in a bad way but the way that it is.im pretty sure there aren't many teams (if any) that would not love to have him.and now his younger brother is starting to blossom just as his he did.and it would be very safe to say he is responsible himself for 3/4 of their wins.and i agree with CC and losing Tyler T.(Wil) a great all around player hurt the way their engine ran because he was tuned into its workings.And i cant speak for CC but i dont recall him saying anything other than these were his "Top 25" its not written in stone,its how he sees it and for us to read.Make your own "TOP 25" and put EA in the 25th spot then whats it mean??i have a team i would like to see in it but i dont care that they are not because i dont know anyone that watches more H.S. hoops than the person known as CC and it means nothing when your that far down the board anyway,makes for good wallpaper but not much else.besides unless one of those fireballs that hit Russia this morning hits here the B rep out of this area is all but in stone!

Imagine Carson at the next level when he can be a point guard and let them game flow, without having to be the guy. He's an incredible talent.

Agreed 100% their CC,and if their is more talent locked in him its not going to be drawn out "in house" .....someone like Jack would have him ready for the next level now,but because that level of teaching was not available to him he may loose a year or less of floor time because of it.its no ones fault just the way it is.

ilovethisgame is something to consider. :-}
How 'bout that Sears kid!

Well heck all anyone has to do is pick up a newspaper during the Football & Basketball seasons or Honor roll listings to know him.now thats something to consider!!!Or the craftsman insert in the Buffalo Newss!!!~~~GoOd oNe~~~STC!.

Their upside is very impressive. I'm guessing not one of their better games. Believe it or not Zeddie had a poor evening, shooting wise in spite of being leading scorer! One for five from free throw line and nine for l'll bet twenty five from the floor. His 3/4 floor length passes right on the money are something to behold! Brooks was very impressive, in class C maybe unstopable. Starting five can play with (and against) anybody !!!

Carson would be an impressive 1 at the next level. So help us imagine it CC. Does he have any looks, and how about any other seniors that may be earning a d1 scholarship? Think that would make a good column. Btw, i think ilovethisgame is holly j wood.

bobby "AD" vice....i almost pissed myself with that!!!holly j wood!!wtfritz!!!But love that idea for a column for any D1 hopefuls then we can turn it into who will do it after 2 years of JR College!!or even a year of prep.I do agree...Toss it in CC. then i can make a who 2 watch list...i get and am thankful for info i get here and think great idea....hope it flies!!best regards J Wood! all the best

What were the reasons for CSAT losing tonight? Sec6 - did it have anything to do with what I posted on the 15th?

Some of you are extremely high on Carson playing at the next level....... He may have the ability, but I feel his best days are behind him. I surely hope I am wrong. He is fun to watch when he is on his game.

scroll up and read.

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