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Thursday, February 28, 2013


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From Alex Kline at Recruitscoop today:" The stock of 2013 South Kent (CT) PF REGGIE AGBEKO has taken off as Duke, Villanova, Oklahoma, & more are involved."

"Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright and assistant Raphael Chillious in today to see Reggie Agbeko in his head to head against #8 nationally ranked Indiana commit Noah Vonleh.

Reggie must have improved IMMENSELY to be getting those big time D1 looks. He definitely had the physical presence at Joes, but you could tell he was pretty raw. Good for him, and good on the Joe's coaches for obviously steering him in the right direction. Good story, hope he ends up at a good school

great to see that.its always good to see a local hoopster getting good bigtime looks....and i think there is much much more talent "Buried" in less than ideal conditions that would better sevre their best interests for better coaching possibly and a better supporting cast.But some guys actually sacrifice(unknowingly) to stay with the guys the grew up playing with than abandon them for a better school with better facilities,coaching and supporting cast.and i have no one in mind as there is plenty of good noticable talent here but although it could have hurt some by not seeking a place with a supporting cast to force and improvement in their game as well as the coaches and personel that can get the exposure such players really need when it comes to good scholarship looks from good D1 teams....and as i said i have no one in mind but am sure a few of our "local gurus know of" some guys who may have been better served in another environment.and although there maybe~or im almost sure there are i have a greater respect for them to stay where they did to help keep a great group of players/friends together and look back at the achievments and accolades they may have garnered along the way instead of school hoping to get that big time lok they may have to work a bit harder to get out there for the powers that be to see.But i also hold no ills for any player who does as in the end it will all be in the past and the choices made will be yours to live with and what those choises are are the best that serves yourself a better education,sports,and your future....i can think of one young man i would have liked to see at a better school...for two reasons..the first and most important would have been more looks at him for the next level and second we would have not got beat by him twice!!!hes a great kid and great kids find a way to make thing happen and im sure that D.C. will do just fine...all the best to ya.

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