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Monday, February 18, 2013


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All-Limestone, Maritime, Barker
MEC, Randolph, Oracle, Holland
MEC, Oracle

Olmsted, Westfield, C-L, Health Sciences
Silver Creek, Seneca, Maple Grove, Portville
Silver Creek, Maple Grove
Silver Creek

MEC will beat Oracle.

Frewsburg @ Chautauqua Lake rescheduled for Thursday at 7 pm. Winner visits Maple Grove on Friday.


Salamanca, Maritime, Barker
MC, Tapestry, Oracle, Holland
MC, Oracle


I-Prep, Frews, Westfield, HS
SC, MST, MG, Port

MEC over Oracle
Silver Creek over Maple Grove by 10.

Olmstead will win Class C outright. More than likely the State Title. Coaching is key and they have the best coach in WNY history.

Rich is a good coach, no doubt, but I think he just might be a front for Coach Schunk. And has anyone ever seen this olmsted school?? I think Bulls Fan and wife got 12 foster kids

Yes, I have seen Olmstead and been to a game there...it is in the old Ken high.

Ok so you've been to Olmsted. I'm glad to see the school actually does exist. GREAT win over I-prep. Good luck to the guys in their upset bid over Silver Creek. In the words of Dennis "Shooter" Hopper : No small school has ever done what this school is doing". Let's hope Jimmy Chitwood has one more in him

Venturing outside the city limits to try and catch that upset in Silver Creek. Hoping to run into my long lost buddy, Earl. I didn't know he was coaching Olmsted.

Me coaching? Hell, no! It's a lot easier to be undefeated from the bleachers.

Well the boys kept it close for awhile. Great effort and good season. Silver Creek is going to be a tough out. And that coach is way too skinny to be Earl. Although i did hear Earl p down a few lbs.

how is Barker doin....anyone heard of them????They have a kid (Jake Haight) who is a very good player....i think they play Oracle today....hope its a good game......the last of the N-o Leagur reps.and as i said many teams are prepared and ready to play and now more than ever the coach is a major factor as he must make adjustments to great teams he only has limited knowledge of....and thats for all coaches so having a above avg. team will get it done this year....good luck.

Barker plays Oracle on Wednesday at JCC.

CSAT is still alive & well, and also from the N-O.

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