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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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i hate to do it to my newly made blog friends...my post I have written took so long i had to copy and paste it because my session timed out !!!!LOL.God forbid and i hope no one goes through what i do you may understand a very little bit about why my posts are so lomg as things just keep popping in.to my mind which is currently out there somewhere!!!!....its right after this one....

for not seeing many games other than my boys games which included 2 against CSAT..Darnell was in charge of that team...and when i say in charge i mean...totally.i never saw him go as far as tell the coach to take a seat but that was about the reality of it.even with Carson they were handled easily by most of the teams in the N-O.league and they either won by teams shooting themselves in the foot.or Carson magicthey were no match for teams that played error free ball which i know is rare but even keeping the mistakes to a minimum would have won a few games.he (and very much to his credit)closed out all the close games they were in and believe me there were MANY!im not so sure i expected to see them flame out this early but Darnells hat was out of rabbits. .without him this year they would have been 5th or 6th in the N-o league....all one has to do is go to their Maxprep page and its not an opinion its a fact he avg23.1 ppg,next closest was 9.4 and the rest all went down from there but what also struck me was there speed as a team they avg 30 boards a game and a awesome 15 steals per game. that im sure converted most into layups at the other end.Darnell presented some unique situations for oppossing team because of teams not adjusting to their trapping defence out front...thats what gave them their steal and Darnell a few of his points.but as soon as they came up against a team with two guys scoring 20 or more they suffered defeat as they only had him to hit 20 or more almost everygame.and im a bit amazed about all the buzz they got with anyone who knows a lick of basketball knows he is all they had and it was obvious right up till the end when he scored over half ther teams points and lost...they exposed them and dispatched them.he could no longer carry them any further,but cograts for carring the team on his back the entire season and IMO,most coaches are to blame for not putting together a game plan to "slow him down"...you cant stop him but if he were properly covered you could have slowed him down a bit because all any coach had to do is take 5-10 points of any game he played in and they would have lost a good number of games he pulled off for them with out any double teams.thats what i would have done...i have just done a small bit of homework on Maxprep and was able to see what yould work based on their stats by leaving their poor shooters/scores basically alone flood the paint and have a guy on Carson no matter where he went...if he goes to the bathroom the defender goes with him just as Tyler Martin were allowed to run in circles till the became open they were left alone after running the wheel through wice and instead of a low post defender step out on him to slow him Brendon Moxham were both allowed to run in circles till they were open for a clean 3pt look which the buried many,many times.its simple defensive stratagy and the wilson boys did it and this tear Darnell did it...except Darnell could take the look and let it fly or recieve the ball and blow by the man defending him.low post players have to be aware of there role in slowing anyone who runs the wheel...which is as old of an offence as i can ever recall....i was a defensive and annoying defender which frustrated many top players in my day....maybe someone would like a volunteer someday as i would love to look things over and figure how to stop the guy that kills most teams,that live and die by just one or 2 guys.whats tough is figuring out how to stop teams with 5 good guys on the floor and a fair bench.other than that there is not a single reason a team with one or two stars are allowed to get free and make you pay.all five guys need to execute that plan and the only other glaring must haves are keeping turnovers way down or at least in half and freethrows and my big thing is to have them "properly conditioned" and and if you lose then you have some piece of mind...of course IMO and to those who dont know me i wrestled my freshmen year and most my friends played hoops and i could not mke a lefthanded layup and could never dribble with my left but made the JV team as a soph. as it was a normal thing to me to dive into the bleachers five rows deep in tryouts and Mr Denny Sietz the Varsity coach told the JV coach"keep him" i was 5'8" and could dunk anything i could palm...setup shop in my guys back pocket and took so many charges the bottom of my forearm were sore everydat the whole season but i always steooed in to try and thats what i mean when i say each player needs to know whose on the floor and what can they do to help as well.i always had my man between me and the basket at "ALL TIMES" and if he was out on the perimeter i knew to sag down and be prepared to box out and more.i never played organized basketball untill tryouts but i was a top sport im my class...know my son who just had a early exit from playoff & who barely made the 8th grade mosified team was a starter on the jv team for both years and was a second team all-League selection last year and hoping for first this year and they had some big wins agaibst St.Marys and beat Grand Island by 35 as well. and im sure im not alone in my disappointment at their prequarter game against Bennet by si diepite ove 30+ turnovers and as the end was coming close up by 2 they made 3 trips down the floor and came uo empty...didnt take care of the ball...the most important thing in basketball.....thanks to the possibly one person who read this long book/post and awesome if more than one read it...i know im odd but with not being able to sleeo at night and jaying down with heat therapy ity hard to stop my heart deom writing....thanks for even having the ability to do so her on Centercourts Blog.i am a good guy you can ask my mom...she will back me up!!!again best regards to all and thanks for your time.God Bless

Centercourt.....i wrote my lifestory/book/blog post above as i was nodding in and out and i read now and realize there are so many puncuation errors as well as spelling error,well lets say more than i usually do!!!please feel free to delete it and im sorry for not paying closer attention to detail which is ironic because i was talking about teams paying more attention to detail.im sorry and apoligize to all the readers of the blog for the post and others like it.i guess that what happens when you live a somewhat secluded life and want to reach the outside world for some good old conversation and sharing of info and ideas.have a great day all

thank you CC.

for those that can't make it to Koessler center tonite WGRZ will be streaming the game live with Stu Boyer at 7pm. maybe ilovethisgame will be able to watch.

ilovethisgame: i played base ball with Denny on sundays at olcott.Is he still with us and where? think denny was the best athlete in Newfane history. I played for LP,we beat newfane all 4 yrs i was in school in baseball and basketball.1953-56

hey larry yes denny still with us and he was the man who showed me the fundamentals of hoops and his wife just passed and he know helps his son Jamie Coach basketball in North Carolina somewhere...actually i have a link as it was a feature in a newspaper...i was born and raised in olcott my grand parents owned the hotdog stand down by rhe beach...i only used the user name to protect my son during the season but i have posted my name on several post....i think im known as the long poster here!!i would love to get that article to you about Denny...he coached the last team to win a boys section 6 title which i was a member of.if your on face book just look up Denny but make sure you get him and not his son...they look very alike but its worth it if you would like to touch base with him...and if you need more info i will be glad to post mt real name if it will help you.i have got to meet some really swell people hear and im thankful for that....they are very good bunch of guys here that really are passionate about basketball and especially high school...bless them all!!!for putting up with me!!hope to hear from you again LP Harry and you can probably fiure out my grandparents that owned the hotdog stand in Olcott.....(Sears)dont tell anyone!!!LOL...im Ken...Don was my dad.he passed away at age 51 going on 24 years ago March 30.....if anyone reading my ultra long posts still have your Dad...Love him like you never have before because i sure wish i could..........

Trust me, coaches did game plan against CSAT to slow Darnell Carson down which is easier said than done. First of all, your only chance is denying him the ball, which is a problem because he is quicker than everyone he played all season. Once he gets it, its over. His handle is too good, I can think of maybe 3 guys in WNY that could maybe defend him on the ball...J.J. Wilkins from the Falls, Aaron White from Canisius and Johnathan Belton from Amherst. You can try to double team him but there's a good chance he splits it and finds the open man because he's a good passer. Fredonia didn't stop him or slow him down at all, they didn't let the other guys from CSAT have a good game though and that's what you're better off trying to do. Give the coaches some credit though, I guarantee not one on CSAT's schedule didn't game plan to try to contain Carson, its just not easy when a kid is that quick and has that good of a handle and feel for the game.

Monday was my 1st ever look at Carson and I agree there are not many kids who could handle guarding him. Like you say sometimes its better to plan around him than for him. Fredonia won that game by playing better team ball and CSAT looked like a team that counted on Carson too much and it finally caught up with them. Would be great to see Carson and White from Canisius goo at it. White controlled the game last night and that was the one spot Timon had no answer for Canisius and IMO the reason they beat them.

thats my whole point...you cant stop him....the best you can do to put your team in a position to win is to slow him down.when they played us we had as much as a 26 point lead in the first half and he had 10 points...well for whatever reason...he was left one on one and blew out 25 second half points and on our last 2 possesions shooting the ball seemed like it shouldnt be done as several looks were not taken and CC will vouch for this and they won by 4....there is not a doubbt unless you have not seen the kid play he has one of the fastest first steps there is out there.he is a great player and if just to slow him...not stop him could have left better outcomes as he was a clutch player who always came through in the 10+ single digit wins.i love the kid cause he plays HARD and sometimes seems to have to force his team to do the same.i wasnt at Fredonia game but notices they had 2 players with 20+ points while Darnell had over half of theirs and you are correct and i said it all along..it caught up with them.they rode him all season and i have nothing but great things to say about him.and there are stratagies to deny him the ball more than most teams did they just were either not up to it or couldnt.great player period.oh and yes if he were on another team with a few more quaility players he would still be playing.

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