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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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well i haven't seen CH play but thought they were a fairly solid team so with that one would have to think there just maybe a perfect storm and St.Marys is bringin the thunder!!boy to see some of these games....best of luck.

Where will CC be all week???

thats my problem is i havent got to see any of these smaller class schools because it sure doesnt seem that they lack any talent and even have a bunch of good teams as far as i have read....wish i could see more...

The only place I know I'll be for sure is Canisius High School on Thursday for the quarterfinals. I still have not decided on tomorrow or Friday. Staying home tonight, since I'll be out every night after today until the Section VI titles are decided.

Sounds like coaching won this game. Did CH make any adjustments to the zone or maybe did not want too? They have some athletes. Thought st. Mary's would win, but not that handily

I don't think I'd hang it on coaching. The last two St. Mary's wins, in my opinion, are a credit to the combination of effort and chemistry the Lancers have demonstrated. I'm sure Rath has fostered that environment, but I want to give the players credit for dialing it up about six notches in the last week.

That's what I'm talking about! So excited for Thursday's game!

I think the larger court at Canisius (vs St Joes) will be an advantage for St Marys in their rematch with Nichols. It is similiar to their home court, whereas Nichols is much more similiar to St Joes.

SMH has been on the brink all season of playing these types of games (i.e. the last two). They've put together two sessions of unrelenting defense (zone zone zone!) and limited the mistakes in transition that had haunted them at times. Plus, they have a knack for getting under the skin of low-post big men, and forcing them into unnecessary (read: frustration) fouls. Can't wait for tonight!

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