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Friday, February 08, 2013


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sounds like a great game.....i was looking back and saw Newfane has 3 league losses...1 to Akron by 3 points and sounds like they gave it away by not finishing and their other 2 losses to undeafeated CSAT...one loss at home they at one point had a 26 point lead but let Darnell Caeson loose for 25 second half points and a 3 or 4 point loss and the rematch at CSAT they Panthers im told missed a bunch of shots on an off shooting night and with 26.3 seconds left led by 5 after much scapping it out i read they lost by 3....so it looks like the 3 losses were at a combined 9 or 10 points......oh to have made a few more shots and they may be sitting with a goose egg in the league loss column...but thats is how sports games go,score,limit errorsand hope to get the breaks and this is true im all most all sports.im sure there is about to be an explosion of great H.S Hoops in the coming weeks and should be fun to watch.the toughest thing for the fans is to decide which games you think are going to be the best....its the time of year where good teams can be sent packing with a bad game they have not played all year.the good teams at the top will most likely do well its that group from 5 on down that could provide us with some of the best games.i enjoy watching these games better than the NBA....hold on tight everyone as teams close out their seasons and head right into the playoffs which will take alot of thought as to who will end up playing who....and of course the Buff State show is always a winner!!enjoy the finish all...i dont think we will be disappointed.and BTW...BE SAFE WITH THIS WEATHER!!!

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