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Thursday, February 07, 2013


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Coach Simon wore green at Timon.

If anyone is interested:

CSAT @ Wilson game changed to today @ 6:00 due to possible bad weather tomorrow.

2 girls, one pledge.

Not surprised that they were ignored but since this was brought to my attention I'm happy to remind you that St. Mary's also starts at least 3 underclassmen. Besides that they beat East, lost to St. Joe's in 2nd OT, and had extremely close games with both Timon and Nichols (both lost in the final seconds of the 4th quarter). Honestly, all three of those loses could have gone either way however; the polls do not reflect that nor do they receive any love from you guys... SAD!

The Nichols loss was not in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. They failed to score in the final two minutes of the game and lost by nine. My apologies for missing the three underclassmen St. Mary's starts.

As I've stated multiple times, I think St. Mary's saw a much different East team than the one currently ranked third in the poll - they lost to Maple Grove by 10 a couple nights later. Also, the Lancers followed up the win vs. East with a loss to unranked Newfane. The close losses don't carry nearly as much weight as good wins, similar to Timon in the large school poll.

They are a good team, no doubt, just not sure the current resume warrants a higher rank than what you're seeking.

They'll have a chance to make us look as foolish as you make us sound with upcoming home games against Nichols and Cleveland Hill.

Close loss by St. Mary's to overrated Timon means Nothing!! They are both overrated and good at losing both games. If they didn't start so high in the poll, they wouldn't even still be ranked. Cleve hill game wont show much as they will be likely playing a deeper bench in a tuneup for sectionals as the #2 seed

can someone tell me what timon's record vs. canisius and st. joes is over the last 5 years?

SAM!!! Newfane beat St.Marys!!!...and there only big loss was at the hands of Amhearst...and 3 league losses they have are by about 9 or 10 points total.The way it is goes like this.....a good conditioned team with a full bench of decent players can do good against a one man team with a so-so supporting cast...its not a knock on St Marys nor Newfane but we see it all the time on any given night a team of decent players all get hot can shoot down a high flying team not ready...some team wont win many no matter what but others can sneak in and sneak out with a win if they play mostly error free ball....but that the truth in all sports....no matter who or what or how close there are wins and losses.....pretty close makes for some good chatter but it doesnt change the W-L column.If Darnell Carson @ CSAT misses a game against anyone.....i can tell you what will happen.that kid carries the team and his brothers not bad but no where near his elder bro...i tell you right now if he dont play their chances of winning get cut in half....hes a good kid and player....and they have worked hard growing but they could be called the Carson Eagles..i dont know but i bet he is grabbing most their points every night...hes good.they have more wins by 5 points or less than anyone....but they are undeafeated and thats all that counts...in another week or so all this will be cleared up as the seasons come to an end and the preasure of losing one game and ending your season is on the top seeds not the bottom....they by their record can take more chances and things can turn from good to bad with a 10-0 run!!!!!EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT POST SEASON AND PLAY GOOD,PLAY HARD,AND DO YOUR BEST!!!..and always feel like ive saw the games after having and reading all the conversations here....you are truely at center court!!!

Sorry Sam. this St. Marys team is far removed both talent and coaching wise from the teams of the last 3-4 years. u should have raised tuition to keep your coach.

Reality, far removed talent and coaching? Please, one reason talent down is because free rides are over and boys are not brought in to just play basketball and given free passes. Coaching??????? Kidding, right? The coach now is much better and he doesnt act like he's better than everyone else or that he invented the game. Anyone could have won with the kids that were there the last 3-4 years so please!

You guys are hysterical! The loss to Newfane that your all hanging your hats on was a fluke not to mention it was probably the best Newfane has played, EVER! Funny that the win to East doesn't hold water yet you're hung up on the loss to Newfane! How did Nichols do against far larger (stacked) teams like Joe's & Canisius?!?? The loss to Nichols was in the final minutes (my apolgies) and the majority of points lost were due to free throws (made/missed).
I have to agree that the free rides have come to an end for St. Mary's and recruiting to play sports is for college not to mention Illegal in Catholic Schools - more of them should take note of this! This team is Far from what they had the last 3-4 years, agreed! The "team" is made up of few that can actually play basketball but you're all missing the point! This is not the first time you failed to mention them when they deserve to be mentioned and you continue to degrade the hard work these boys in! We will see how the rest of the season goes... My intent is not to make anyone sound foolish as stated but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

I have to agree with Sam. I can't speak to St. Mary's loss to Newfane cause I wasn't there, but I do get tired of people downgrading a win over another quality team because it's "early in the season". Excuse me, isn't it just as early in the season for St. Mary's too? If there were key players missing like Eckstrom for Olean vs. Nichols thats one thing. But the reason East seems to struggle early every season, is because Starling schedules TOUGH opponents. And credit to him, because end of year his team is almost always in the mix. Btw, recruiting does go on at ALL schools, it just takes different forms. There was a reason Duke Davis ended up at Lasalle to end his very good hs career. No, it didn't involve coaches gettin in his ear, or mafia payouts. Quite simply, his buddies told him he'd be better off leaving Niagara Catholic for LaSalle. Fact.

i walk on water

i dont really think anyone is saying SM isnt good....the have three underclassmen starters and they have had some good wins.and when it all comes down to it....maybe some of SM close games were"flukes".And it wasnt a fluke...they won.regaurdless of how you do it or how pretty or ugly games are they are either wins or losses....or the third choice....fun chatter on random smatterings!!!thats why this forum is here to have all these fun conversation as well as give our thoughts on the way we see it through each our own eyes.we all have our opinions and if it were not for having to hear everyones crazy views and thought we would have to stop calling it "random smatterings"...well lets hope there are no more "FLUKES" just wins and losses cause far after all the chatter thats what the box score says,and thats all that matters....almost doesnt cut it in anything!!!have fun everyone and all the best to all teams.

Sam -

Please help me understand what I've ever written to degrade St. Mary's. If you can't find anything, which you won't, please choose your words more carefully. Your comment about the Lancers, "The "team" is made up of few that can actually play basketball" borders on degrading.

It sounds like you see your share of Newfane games.

I would be interested to read your top 10.

To answer your question above regarding how Nichols did against Canisius & Joe's, here are the results of both teams in those games:

Canisius 75, Nichols 63 -- Canisius 76, St. Mary's 41

St. Joe's 56, Nichols 48 -- St. Joe's 76, St. Mary's 67

I'll end by reminding you that I'm one guy, doing this to promote HS basketball because I'm passionate about it. I think most at St. Mary's would be pleased with the coverage I've been able to provide for them over the past three years. To quote you from above, "This team is Far from what they had the last 3-4 years, agreed!". Yet you want me to continue to rank them like it's still 2012. But hey, if my lousy attention to detail this year makes me a duck, then I say QUACK!

This is the REAL Gina Rath. I was just informed to read this article as someone used my name to post on this blog. I have too much respect for centercourt, honest people, all coaches, and the players to be ridiculous. With that said, and after reading some of centercourts posts and comments, I've become a fan. Nice work centercourt!

maybe im just stuck at Centercourt or maybe you find out things you may or may not like but thats what brings me here.When it comes to H.S Basketball CC has the goods as well as some others here that are pretty good folks as well.We may not all always swim in the same pond but to get here you have to bring yourself.Thats whats great about it.And CC seems very open minded when it comes to all teams...he gives all that deserve a little talk,just that.So i would say "the real Gina Rath" you hit the nail right on the head.As for me i just love this game. QUACK...LOL....thats some funny sh#*!!

I don't undersrand why ST MARY'S. Should get so much attention this season; whether it is positive or negative. There are so many other teams having better seasons. Let's talk more about them. Thank you!!

Thank you to the real GMR. I wish more had your perspective on things. I have nothing but respect for you and your family as well - great people.

As far as the coaching at St. Mary's, Paul Rath took over a team that graduated all five starters, with his son Paul as the only player returning with any significant varsity experience with the runner's up to the 2012 Manhattan Cup. Yet they are 15-6 (the 2012 team finished 19-8) and have been ranked in the top ten the entire season. The coaching at St. Mary's is just fine.

I am going to repeat myself unfortunately because my point still seems to be distorted by some... My initial statement left was because this blog read "Of the 20 schools currently ranked in the large and small school polls, seven of them start at least three underclassmen: Olean, Jamestown, Williamsville North, East, Clarence, Nichols, and Silver Creek." St. Mary's was not listed even though they are currently ranked & have at least three underclassmen starters.
With that, I would like to thank CC for making the correction! I certainly did not mean to offend anyone and my comment about the SM "team" is in reference to the reaction received regarding my post that said how far removed this team is from the previous four years. I can be a bit harsh and expected most of the comments but when it comes down to it I am a huge fan of HS Sports in general and only wish the best for all of the kids out there putting in work!
CC - I'm glad you're covering HS hoops and respect the fact that it must be difficult to cover not to mention deal with the Random Smatterings from random posters! My apologies if I offended you in any way!
My sarcasm is hard to detect in text so I can see where it sounds offensive! To the person wondering why time is being spent on SM and not other teams having a better season... Switch pages because there are many other blogs to get in on...

It's too bad facts get in the way with what cc writes.

many blogs im sure but personally i like this the best because i think he goes to more games than many of us do....of course thats a guess as i dont know for sure but i do know i see him at alot of games and get the scoop on many games simple by reading the blog here cause the view from center court is best isnt it!!!????and i could not agree more with the poster that said that regaurdless of early season teams have to be ready to play....Newfane looked ready and St.Marys did as well.....they crumbled in overtime as many of them looked bewildered and shocked that they were about to lose a close one and a great game. And i have seen newfane play before and can assure you it was not the best game they ever played...last season at the Jolly Boys tourney they won another fluke...best game played "EVER" by send the host Will South Billies packing.A win over SM is not a feather in anyones cap...or many others...now if you knock off Olean then we can talk!!!St.Marys was a very good bunch of kids and were very classy in defeat which says alot about them,their coach and their school.as i keep saying we will all get our just due in a few weeks when we see whos who at Buff State....i love watching the games in person but if im not feeling well channel 2 gives you a live computer feed which still gives this hoops fan a good dose of High School Hoops.and another thing i mentioned before is to Sam....i can tell you love you H.S. Hoops as much as anyone it seems and Random smatterings are where things and talks like these take place ...some by people stopping in to stir the pot and some just because thats th beauty of this part of the blog...some sarcasm,some opinions and whatever else as long as it remains fairly calm anything goes(within reason!)but it has been nice chatting with all of you and we who dont know one another can walk by people at games and wonder......is that the one guy from Center court!!!LOL....have fun as the season winds down yet heats up...expect all teams to bring a game or they will "B" packing!!!take care all.

I know how Gina Rath feels. Someone on this blog (and I won't mention names, but he sees a local hs hoops writer as a deity) has been posting as a variation on my good name. I wouldn't mind so much but his posts are horrible. I mean what's with the cheese and crackers??

Since it seems no one wants to actually talk basketball; I will take the lead with a blast from the past.... my all WNY team from the 90's (90-99):


Good work MiG (and your many personalities), youz finally got the traffic going here.

Where are my friends Johnny Abatti and Angela?

btw...do you like Abatti's Pizza? I love it!

nice job fullcourt. i think i would have Julius Page on second team. And a team that includes Ritchie Campbell should have Marcus Whittfield. if we're doing 3rd team i would include Demetrious Jackson from Seneca. tough inside- don't know if anyone remembers him

Damien Foster?

I don't think Whitfield played at Burgard past '89, so he wouldn't qualify for fullcourt1's 90's team.

AGREED; CAMPBELL should be on the 80'S team with WHITFIELD; RUFFIN; LAETTNER; and K ROBINSON. Second team from 80's : AIKEN; HALL; ROWE; C ROBINSON; KWITCHOFF. PAGE will join MODIE COX in the backcourt of the 90's 2ND Team.

Mike heary

B. Dux, Karon Barnes, and Maceo should be included for 2nd/3rd team honors.

Stokes (New York State Player of the year as a Senior) and Eberz ( I believe is the leading scorer in MMA history) have to be on the 90's first team instead oF M. Campbell and O Allston. Also Paige belongs on 2nd team instead of Perry.

When did Tony Kelly play for Lackawanna?

I love that the posts r kicking in here. I will announce the 2013 Player of the Year soon to keep up my streak of not missing it for over 10 years.

Roger next time u c Center Court go up 2 him and ask him if MY IP address matches the posts u seem 2 think r negative toward u that u feel came from me.

U don't want 2 talk 2 me anymore and that is fine I think I'll live, but 2 just 'assume' any posts about u r from me makes u parinoid, and not having the u-know-what 2 simply come up and ASK me makes u bit of a coward.

Again - please - ASK CC if the IP address of the posts about u match MY POSTS. The answer will b no they do not. I am sorry some1 out there is having fun at your expense, but I can assue u it's not me.

Tyronne Beeman.....Ray Crawford???...just a few names i remember back in that time period.....when i may haveor may not have played!!!LOL...its foggy but i think Beeman had to go to jamestown and live with the coach or something like that and i may be wrong about the school and coach thing but remember seeing Beeman alot and Crawford played with another guy at Mckinley...and the other guy may have even bbeen better but i forget his name...not saying the are worthy of Lester Rowe, and LaVern Evans was a good player from the Dick Crosett day in Lockport...i hope these are some names that will arouse some interest in how they were and so on.John Beilein also coached J.V football in Newfane in the late 70's ...he was a Social Studies teacher there.thats about all the names in can remember that may hold or (may not) hold any interesting basketball talk about days gone by...i like seeing the names as i read them you get that"O'YEA" feeling.Have a great day,week and enjoy the upcoming rush and flurry of 2013 H.S. Basketball action.

ah ha!!!it just hit me after reading a post above and i may have some things twisted on the Mckinley thing....the other guy was Hall.....and im almost sure it was Hall and crawford that anchored that team in 78-79....now Ray is that Hall???...or both!!!?? anyway thanks to the poster up several that i didnt see before posting...my apologies for not reading more.....had a post going last night and fell asleep at the keyboard and woke up with a bunch of rows of "m's"!!must have had finger on the trigger...again my apologies.

Sugar Ray Hall, all time leading scorer at Canisius College

Game, did you mean reading your own post. Kidding. How about Mike Freeney from LaSalle, or Eric Gore, DeSales and Lasalle. CC, or anyone else, where is Thursday's Newfane/Wilson game?

thanks....i knew i remembered....well with some help!!thanks and he played with crawford at McKinley correct??i remember watching him throw down a dunk in a game i played in against him....i loved it...we did lose tho!!!they were tough but dont remember how far they went or if they made it past regional in Roch.But yes Sugar Ray....explosive!!!

Newfane is at Wilson on Thursday, with a 6:30 pm start.

I believe the following players were each the all-time leading scorers at their respective colleges when they graduated:

Bob Lanier -St. Bonaventure
Jack Herlan - U of Rochester
Pat Cullinan - Pitt/Bradford

when i went to Niagara university basketball camp i won the most improved player award...which was fairly easy as i wrestled my freshmen year in school....switched to hoops cause more friends played hoops than wrestled.But had the priveledge of having a guy named Phil Scafiddi helping out...I knew then he was a great teacher/player..its been so long but so glad i was able to share with him and him with me a love for the game that was coming from a guy who would end up being such a special guy...truely blessed to have been able to be there at that time intil his passing.and as most of you can see i lack some knowledge of a non stop following since my days then kids come and then your love gets rekindled if you will for not just the great sport of basketball...but High School basketball.and i actively played in pick up games mens nite at local gyms until it all ended on Feb.19th 2007 While working at school 192 in Buffalo i fell through and uncovered hole and the rest is history...im totally disabled so i hope that may explain that i post plenty because my mind still wants to play and teach but my body cant so im left at the keyboard learning from by most accounts sound like some very good basketball minds.i enjoy it and hope you all dont mind my posts and understand ttake care all.hat its about all i have nowadays so i thank you all for at least reading the first couple sentences of my post that (i know)sound as though your here talking to me and im typing to you!!!!truely sorry for rambling as well but some days are tough to swallow bein that im not even 50 years old yet.tahnks MIG...i caught that!!LOL!!i do talk to myself..even here !!!LOL!!

Thanks CC. Always on time with the info. Game, please don't ever stop posting. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't read one of your comments each day. Of course I could get a second job with all the free time I had if you did stop. Ha! kidding buddy. And very impressive Jack Herlan. Now if you could just get some of us in at Augusta, I would drop the blue and gold for the maroon and white today!

thanks"Alice"..LOL~~im on to ya!!your the only one who calls me game,your next name is ghost!!nice posting with you and thank for the friendly "jabs",now thats how you have fun and enjoy this stuff...it dont last forever and hope i get a chance to run into you at Buff State..if a team i may or may not like gets there!!thanks again always fun..ok ...ok im done!!Im going to call you the "Russian Jet"~~~Gotchya!! & everyone likes a good "GAME"!

Thanks Alice, but if I could get us to Augusta I wouldn't be doing this.

hey Jack,wanted to say i was glad to see i chat with a scoring record holder!!!!congrats and I enjoy your posts as good as any.

Thanx. It was more than a few years ago and as my coach from back then says - I have only one way to go on that list now.

well you said it best Jack ~~~only one way to go~~and if it was more than a few years ago i reckon it may be a few years still! and the thing is you been there and at the top there is only one way to go,but i would not call that a bad thing!

Not a bad thing at all, but a very different game - no 3's, fewer substitutions( at least for me, I avg. about 38 min/game.) At a DIII school and played against DI's 40% of the time. Very enjoyable atmosphere at home and some great times with guys that I am still playing with but now its golf.

well the ball just gets smaller with age. i was a athlete to the core until while working a union carpenter i met my demise so to speak...what was really cool though as we were remodeling school 192...think it was Performing Arts....but anyway i saw a state basketball champion ship painted on hall walls so i fell in 2007 so i think it was a year or more before then so i was loving being part of the hands that was rebuilding a Gym...and upgrading locker rooms,pool,,,and so on...also did several additions~~but sadly another workers split second error of leaving a hole in the floor uncovered...well that was the end for me,I was 42.so you see why i like to mingle and make friends and learn all i can as i have 4 boys and the youngest is 6 and i have him dribbling in the house and as a righty I make him dribble with right hand in his pocket....he will be strong with both for if you are not you will never reach a high level unless your 7'.....well he is as tall as the 8 year olds he plays soccer with...he was to big for his real division.watch for him in 5-6 years!!!best to ya Jack

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