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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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I Like your picks. I think there should be minimum requirement of 5 wins to qualify for SEFTIONALS ànd there should be 1 bracket for each class. This would help the SECTION 6 teams in REGIONALS and States due to eliminating sub-par COMP and promoting fresh legs due to eliminating a game or two. Contrast SECTION 3 match ups for TONIGHT that include JAMESVILLE-DEWITT VS LUDDEN and PROCTOR VS CNS along with HENNINGER VS LIVERPOOL; a far cry from the extremely bad games in SECTION 6. NO Oftenest intended but LEW-PORT as a 3 seed????????

I don't get all this lewport bashing. I think they r a class organization, and will represent the community well, as they always do.

well just a tad bit of woulda/coulda..>!!Lew port lost to Grand Island by 11...and Newfane who took a suprise EXIT from the playoffs beat Grand Island by 35 points...and of course i like newfane and am disappointed they are out its the way it gors and lewport fans team is still in so every game is a fresh start so hopefully the play better than they did against GI who was hammered into the ground by a B1 school...good luck as i hope all teams win but im only going to be half right!!!all the best and we will be there supporting the remaining teams and not moping around wondering

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