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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


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I think we should just use the rankings you did and the hell with power points anyway. It makes more sense than the high seed Burgard will end up w/.

Burgard is only going to get a 7 seed at best. the biggest disparity between actual seeds and CC's rankings is Lew-Port. They could get as high as the 3 seed, likely at least the 4 seed, in A-2.

Does that mean Lake Shore is a 6th seed at best with a tough road game on tap for the quarterfinals?

While the website doesn't have the brackets, if you click on standings and then standings by class, it does have them with power pts and power pt avg. used for seedings.

On Section 6 website there is no bracket yet for class B-1.
There are 15 teams.
Years past you could at least see the bracket structure and get an idea of who you may play prior to the end of the season.

Anyone know the bracket structure for B-1.
For example how many play in games, how many teams on byes.

Thought things would get better w/out Jim Walker as in charge.

Does anybody know if Williams and/or Fulton will play for Timon tonight?

Yeah, well I thought things would get better when I wasn't in charge anymore either.

this stuff is a bit outside the box for me yet.on the bench till games are played out.~~wasnt pretty but we'll take it tonight.looking good though.

The B brackets are going to be set up similarly to the Big East tournament bracket if that makes sense. There are 15 teams in B1 for example so Id guess judging on how it was set up last year....8 would play 15. 9 vs 14, 10 vs 13, 11 vs 12. Winner of 8 vs 15 would play for the right to face 1...9 vs 14 would play 2. 10 vs 13 would play 3 and 12 11 would play 4...or so I think...

I think that is incorrect. 1-4 get double bye. (10 vs 15 winner) plays 7, (11vs14 winner) plays 6, and (12 vs 13 winner )plays 5, 8 vs 9. 4 remaining teams play 1-4. Good luck following that. I may have lost my self

It goes like this:

1st round - Tuesday, February 19th
Prequarterfinals - Wednesday, February 20th
Quarterfinals - Friday, February 22nd

Seeds 1,2,3,4 get a bye until the quarterfinals

Seeds 5,6,7,8 get a bye until the prequarterfinals

Seed 9 also winds up with a bye until the prequarterfinals (because the total # of teams is 15), where it plays seed 8

Seeds 10,11,12,13,14,15 all play 1st round games:

10 vs. 15 >>>> Winner plays 7 in prequarterfinals
11 vs. 14 >>>> Winner plays 6 " " " " " "
12 vs. 13 >>>> Winner plays 5 " " " " " "

When the number of teams gets over 16 in one class, you get to the play-in game, for the right to get to the 1st round.

Congratulations to Ryan Funk for having 37 points last night for Clarence !!

Yes, the brackets are up for some classes but do not believe what you see. If all of the games are not input correctly, then the brackets will be incorrect, as is the case in AA. For whatever reason, the Jamestown points that have been input are skewed.

In reality, Jamestown will finish with a 4.583 power points average, Falls will finish with 4.571, North with a 4.167 and Clarence with a 3.75 for your top four seeds. Lockport and KW will both finish with 3.143, so a coin flip will decide the 5/6 seed. NT will get the 7 seed, Frontier the 8 seed, WSW and Lancaster will coin flip for the 9/10 seed, N-W will get the 11 seed and OP will get the 12 seed. So we have:

1. Jamestown
2. Falls
3. North
4. Clarence
5. KW/Lockport
6. KW/Lockport
7. NT
8. Frontier
9. WSW/Lancaster
10. WSW/Lancaster
11. Wheatfield
12. OP

A-1 is as follows:

Sweet Home will still get the top seed as they have finished with a 4.583 power points average. McKinley can finish with no higher than 4.417, so they will be the 2 seed. Everything else is also settled except for the bottom of the bracket, which is dependent on GI's final league game. So the final standings will be:

1. Sweet Home
2. McKinley
3. South
4. Hamburg
5. Hutch-Tech
6. Wil East
9. GI/KE

For A-2, things are still a bit unsettled. Amherst will be the top seed, Iroquois will be the 2 seed, however, the 3/4 is still in flux between Lew-Port and South Park. If Lew-Port defeats GI in their final game, they will be the 3 seed. If Lew-Port loses and South Park defeats Bennett, SP will be the 3 seed. The 5/6/7 situation is also yet to be determined. Lake Shore has finished with a 1.571. Cheektowaga and Pioneer each have one game remaining...Cheek plays Depew and Pioneer plays Amherst. If one or both win, there will be a coin flip with Lake Shore for the 5/6 or 5/6/7. If both lose, there will be a coin flip between them for 6/7. Riverside and Starpoint will finish at 8 and 9.

1. Amherst
2. Iroquois
3. L-P/SP
4. L-P/SP
5. LS/Cheek/Pioneer
6. LS/Cheek/Pioneer
7. LS/Cheek/Pioneer
8. Riverside
9. Starpoint

Brackets are under sectionals.

Who's the Georgetown Prep playing at MEC tonight according to the News scoreboard page?

I believe they are the team from Maryland that beat Canisius by 12 earlier this season.

The Crusaders had room for an extra game - I wish Middle College would have played them instead. I'm also pretty sure Bishop Kearney now has an opening. Maybe the Crusaders will visit them sometime in the next week, before the postseason begins.

Yea, I'm surprised they'd be making the trip up here for this, but didn't know if there were other Georgetown Preps around. I wonder if they tried to get one with Nichols before they both scheduled other teams.

Nichols ended up getting Lew-Port to reschedule for Tuesday.

no offense hoopman32 but i could score 37 against lancaster

B-1 is fairly jumbled besides top seeded Olean. EA has finished their season with a 4.000 power points average. Maryvale and Lackawanna each have one game remaining(Springville and JFK) so it is quite likely that all three teams will finish with 4.000. However, there will not be a three way coin flip. Lackawanna would receive the two seed due to tie-breaker procedure 4b, stating the team with the fewest league losses will get the higher seed(Lackawanna will be 10-2 in league, Maryvale and EA will be 10-4). EA and Maryvale will coin flip for the 3/4 seed. If Newfane defeats Wilson, they will have the 5 seed. If Depew defeats Cheektowaga, they will have the 6 seed. If those two results hold, Burgard and Lafayette would be in contention for the 7/8 seed, depending on their final league game results.

1. Olean
2. Lackawanna
3. EA/Maryvale
4. EA/Maryvale
5. Newfane
6. Depew/Burgard/Lafayette
7. Depew/Burgard/Lafayette
8. Depew/Burgard/Lafayette
9. Tonawanda
10. Dunkirk
11. Alden
12. Albion
13. Bennett
14. Eden
15. Springville

Who do you see as the stronger bracket for the crossover games?? A1 vs A2 and B1 vs B2. I know who the favorites are, but which is stronger as a whole?

I think the Class A crossover will be between McKinley & Amherst, and would be a great matchup. If Amherst hadn't lost to Clarence, who lost to McKinley, I might be voting the Tigers at #6 by now.

Even if the Class B crossover game is competitive, I just can't see anyway Olean loses it - they are too good.

The Class C crossover game kicks off the night at 5:15 pm at Buff State. That's the one I'm most looking forward to. Don't be fooled into thinking the level of play will be down because they're C schools. The four teams with a real chance of making it to that game are right there with any small school not named Olean.

Lenna, Its too bad you cant give a ggod player some credit. You obviously are a young kid or someone who has zero game !!! A fool should keep their comments to themselves.

I couldn't score 37 points during 15 minutes of warmups.

Funk has been solid all season, as have the rest of the Clarence starters. But 37 points in a victory is a special night that definitely deserved a shoutout. Congratulations to Ryan.

37 points is alot of buckets so even if your playing a so-so opponent it takes a good baller to throw in that many....i didnt see the game but i do know you dont drop 37 and not get some kudos...so ~~kudos young man.i could feed ya rebounds CC simply by kicking them out to you with my cane.hope to see you at Buff State...with a purpose other than watching great teams play...i do have a fav i just dont share!!!

Your boldness is what drew me to you in the first place, Lenna. I love you, and together we can conquer anything. Or at least Dr. Phil

This Georgetown is a team from Ontario near Toronto,CC, not the Maryland one. Didn't think that team would be taking a trip up here.

Thanks. I kind of wondered myself, but the one Canisius had faced was the only one I'd heard of.

Due to Rush defeating Penfield last night, they moved ahead of BK into the 6 spot in AA1. Thus, BK will now face Fairport in the 2/7 game in the AA1 quarters...crazy.

I'm pretty sure the Georgetown team is a school near or in Washington, DC. Believe it or not they are coached by John Thompson III, who is the son of a legendary Division 1 college bball coach, and civil rights activist. It says that they play in some league located in the east. I guess its pretty big. Impressive

Thanks BLT..I mean MLT, soon it won't be pretty big, however.

TML should b named VP of this blog because he is so good w numbers

Hey Joe, where you goin' with that...

You should ask 'im how to reduce the national debt. I'm turnin' over in my grave.

TML is a nerd, straight up. Don't be offended buddy. Here is a list of some famous nerds: Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, that goof who started facebook, booger, and possibly most famous local nerd of all: Erv Weinstein. So keep giving us those numbers TML.

No discussion about famous local nerds can take place without throwing Buffalo News pollster McShea is God into the mix, with his notebooks and prognosticating on POY and ALL-WNY teams begining as early as the MMA-ECIC challenge, his presence at high school hoops is within the realm of the nerdy.

I found it a little troubling while taken in a local senior night, non league game this past week when the coach of the host school didn't get 2 of his seniors into the game until late in the forth quarter. To make this error in judgement worse is that his team was in command with a 15 pt. lead throughout most of the game. That is truly not the correct way to honor your out going seniors for all the hard work they put in this season and certainly goes against the long standing tradition of what the true meaning of what Senior Night is all about.

Big suprise at Canisius College, HUH? Crusaders cruise over St. Joe's.

Cruise like The Triumph. 8 pt difference at half -close all second half, within a few pts of each other until last 1:30. Joes took lead at one point in 3rd and it was tied also. Canisius lead after 3rd was 55-51.

John mclane: great post. He is a tool but keeps this blog alive with his lively posts and all the accused but unproven aliases. Give him a little respect, he is a pollster.

well if ANYONE is going to dedicate a fair to extreme amount of time covering alot of games,gets all the line he needs from me!!~its those people and even yourselves that make it nice for someone like me who is diabled and cant go to as many games as i wish i could like the info i get from you all.i know alot of people and have met some here...maybe not with a hello or hand shake...but good info and a good laugh now and then with things.i do get to see some good games but wish i could go see some of these bigtime games i often read about.when i played in school as a junior i won a section 6 championship with my team but lost the crossover game.....Sugar Ray was unstoppable!!.

Wow. Who would have thought at the start of the year Bishop Kearney would go out in the quarters?? I agree with TML, that is crazy. Speaking of crazy, has anyone seen Lloyd Braun?

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