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Sunday, March 03, 2013


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The 3 who grab all the headlines deserve them, but not enough is ever said/written about the rest of the players for CHS. Ryan Richards, Josh Huffman, Howard Washington, Jamel Mosley, Jake Cercone, Ryan Raccuia, etc. are all a part of the team and have all contributed to the success of the team this year. Without those guys, I don't think we get to this point. One more to go and you did it.

if canisus wins on sat. is that the end of there season?

I'm pretty sure they would play the Class A state champ from the NYSPHAA and if they won that, they'd play either the PSAL champ or AIS champ for the Federation championship.

If that's not correct, MIG is sure to have the answer. He never misses the Fed Tournament.

CHS, Don't forget about the best young coach in WNY in Kyle Husband. He has done an awesome job there in his time behind the bench.

Congratulations to Canisius! They should be penciled in as NYS CHSAA state champs as they defeated their opponent in the state title game, Nazareth, previously by 10 or so.

Kyle does a very good job at CHS. I'm sure he'd be the first to say that the kids deserve a ton of credit as well. It wasn't too terribly long ago, strangely enough, that CHS fans wanted him deposed and replaced with Joe Zera based on comments from the old prep talk blog. It just goes to show that a coach is only as good as his last game.

Good luck to the Crusaders and St. Mary's. One word of caution though, beware of and be ready for some home cooking.

I echo what Hoopster said about 'home cooking' I have a BAD feeling about Canisius. I read 1 of the players say 'we r looking forward 2 going 2 NYC 2 have some fun' - yes I get they r kids and want 2 enjoy it but hopefully coach Husband reminds them it is all about the game.

I think Canisius getting 2 Fed would b great. Now that Vernon lost I'm not so sure we couldn't have 3 teams at the Fed! Jamestown, Canisius, Olean r all possible.

CC is correct IF Canisius wins the CHSAA A title they would get another catholic school I think - that would b the 'public school' champ Bishop Ludden who destroyed Olean last year in the public State B semis (they moved up 2 A this season) - in the Fed semis Friday March 22 at 1:30. Winner would then play the AIS/PSAL champ Saturday March 23 at 5pm for the overall State A title.

I'll make this clear - the next 2 games 4 Canisius would b harder than the last game if they get there.

I agree with Hoopster. I love home cooking. Especially Mrs. Drake's

MIG,if you would like me to be limited to 140 character,just ask,im a good guy and would offer the shirt off my bck if someone needed thet needed it.of course i wear a few so as to subject the surrounding fans to the massive scars i have from having half my colon removed and titanium rods,screw,&plates prut in my back.but i do like to talk alot(no surprise there!)and im reakky not up on the posting etiqette on these blogs.i certainly dont want to be the guy that makes this place different because im here with alot to say in my posts. I have already stopped most of my(.....)seperation and am using caps where needed.I'm basicaly a great guy and i say that with with cerainty because my Mom told me i was! i know they are extremely long at times but understand most of you are my only connection to the High School sports scene outside of what i try and read,and most of you know conversation is more in somewhat in real time. And i can joke around as much as the next guy and can take it with the fun and saecasm that at times is attached to it...im just glad to have a few good guys to talk hoops with and if there are some jokes that come at my expence...bring them on i laugh at most myself as they are true,but put in a funny subtle way.I do my best for what i can gather.!!!

That's great. Then lets keep it to basketball. We don't need to know your life story. I mean we already do. No need to repeat it every post.

who makes you read my posts? it only takes a minute to scroll past it.and ive never even seen you here before.i said early in the year i had a user name because i didnt want anyone ripping on my son or his team...not that their are that many that cut the kids down but there are some so i used a user name unlike some thathide behind them....i dont have a whole lot that i can do to my situation but there are more people spoofing different user names as though they are hiding behind them.....not me,my sons team is out and was a sad exist going out to a hustling 13th seed and got plain ole beat.but i know CC very well.my kids work for him as does their mom.so im aware i repeat myself and write long post and spend everyday of my life in such pain you would be amazed i even get around....and you may be in a similar situation.but my name is Ken Sears and i apoligize i waste your valuable time with my meaningless,repeaeted,poorly spelled,crappy punctuation.i am truely sorry for it and i could easily get angry with your remarks as though i should not bother posting."We don't need to know your life story"...a qoute from you above~"who is we?".i just thought i had a few friends that i enjoyed posting with and i apoligize to everyone and will just kind of read the blog from know on because i just dont have what it takes to write one or two sentenses...i get alittle into it here and aparrently im more trouble with my long posts for people and it surely is not my intention to make anuone mad...i dont mind the jokes at me the fun at my expense...i enjoyed it as i can take the ribbing and so on but "Holly" seems to be bothered by it so i will not post anymore as it sounds like ive got nothing worth posting anymore....and your probably right,i still lovethisgame but ill just dim the lights and bow out....your all good people and im who i am.

Is Ben Drake single? Most of u men r PIGS but he seems like a fine young respectable man. I would leave my current 'life partner' 4 him in a heartbeat.

I never said you were wasting my time. I just think you have some valuable insight on the game and it would be easier to follow and comprehend without all the repeated backstory. No is making fun of you or has made one joke about you as you have implied.

ilovethisgame/Ken Sears: Keep on posting. Like to see what you have to say. Obviously, you love basketball and have some insights. Keep doing what you are doing!

Good Morning,the sun is shining and im awake,those are important things!An 11 pt win by Canisius earlier this year doent translate to a auto win but if they play their game and the guys are ready i hope they win it....preperation is great overconfidence will kill you.They got my vote for the win if all execute to "T".

Ken - Keep posting brother! If people don't want to read your posts they can go pound salt. I've know you and your family for a long time. I poured many drinks for you, Larry, and Glen:)

Take care my friend!

Game keep posting. I enjoy them, and am sure others do too. Twitter is its own thing, and is limited to 140 characters because some TOOLS on twitter feel like they have to tweet 20 times a day. Sometimes less is more guys. This blog is a different entity, and sometimes posts need to be a little long winded for us to get our points across. Canisius should handle their business, but I totally agree with hoopster and MIG, respectively. Be careful of the refs and crowd down there, and guys have fun on the trip, AFTER you handle your business on the court. I want and expect to see the Crusaders in Albany in three weeks

I'm on mobile and didn't realize how hard it is to post and to Holly aka whoever u are!!!! I will admit that at times I'm posting as though I'm posting to all my friends and do get sidetracked at the topic at hand and yesterday was a bad day an my apologies to all your a great bunch and I would love to keep you all as posting buddies! Good news ill post when I get home.... So I guess I could have said its all good and love is in the air....LOL... I apologize and we all good!

What time does CHS play Saturday? Some alum in NYC would like to know.

WT716 i looked on google as you probably did as well and could come up with everything but...on search the first thing to pop up was John Beilein who coached me in high school and is a friend of mine as is the entire Beilein Family.Im sure we will know very soon and really had my heart set on meeting several of you tonite but i have a little 6year old boy who has a soccer game at 7:30 and even tried to ask him if he wanted to sit courtside in front row but said he didnt want to let his team down by not showing!that did it for me,a 6 year old with good ethic and will be brought up the same way in basketball.i will say im very sad i cant come tonight as i was very excited to see you Tarheel!!while talking to CC & MIG (two great guys)there was no way i was going to catch up with you!!i hope you all have a great time and my game to see was going to be OLEAN/EAST,i was so inpressed with their discipline that it translates to big things for any team on the court,but just so happens Olean is not short on talent.And of course i will miss my chance to see Silvercreek who i know CC is thrilled with their play as well.But to all you guys that i would have loved to meet...my son and his wonderful girlfriend will be sitting near CC..his name is Connor and feel free to go up and say hello in-between games and just tell him who you are as he knows i like to keep anyone who wishes to be anonymous just that.i really am a bit sad as i was so amped up to meet anyone who was willing to meet me~even if it was just you Tarheel i have to take my boy and in order for my son to come im making that work out by leavin early to take my daughter to dance and in my life...my kids are my life.KEEP ME UPDATED ON TWITTER @DONE4FUN,i only have 3 followers as im twtter challeged but think im getting it and yes i can keep it to under 140 characters.i will keep posting and do my best to keep it more on key....and as i said if any of you spent an hour with me you would understand the person i am,the best to you all and say hello to my boy,hes a good kid,

lakemanfan....thank you.....i think i know ya but enail me or twwet me your name @done4fun....or same name @hotmail.com

Canisius plays at 2:45 pm

thanks for the time "CC Writer"!!! i googled to try and help before i had to go..thanks,do you know if any kind of feed or replay will come about....i have not saw anything but highlights and the way they play and Olean play tickles my basketball senses to the max...execution,not selfish(12 guys 1 team)...as i always have said one superstar can carry a bunch of fair to medium range players only so far and they will never compete with 3 average or above and teams with those type of players.i would elaborate but i think you know what i mean.Another thing is that ive also saw an emergences of a few different styles that get it done by throwing a few guys into the line up that are fast and play textbook defense and their biggest thought is how many rows cab i go into the bleachers to get my team a loose ball....thats the oppisite of a turn over but never gets credited as such.and i understand coaches also dont want their key players/leaders diving five rows up.so to have different looking types of teams i think is a good subject for a discussion sometime..idk maybe im just over thinking but we see teams win and lose with soo many different combos and CC & MIG just so happen to be the only 2 guys "i know" that take in that many games to actually build teams around a coaches therory of play and i have seen some that i think were brilliant,granted you have to have a semi good crop of guys but i think it can help some teams on the bubble get over the top a bit more.just some thoughts

Props to the Southern Tier for winning 4 out 5 sectional titles in both Boys and Girls this year.

P.S. the rest of WNY is lucky the Southern Tier has no Class A representation...

Hoopster: You're "pencilling in" CHS to win Saturday in the state championship game?! C'mon now you should know better than that. I had Nichols "pencilled in" to win the Manhattan Cup in 09' and we all know how that turned out.

Those were the days, eh MMA!? Upsets every year, made for some great suspense and basketball!! And I used a pencil for a reason; you gotta play the game and, of course, NYC championship officials. Despite that I think the Crusaders can and will overcome to continue their very impressive season.

I try and save the pencil(and eraser) for the golf course - works wonders.

And I use the eraser on the basketball court! :) Of course even an eraser on the links wouldn't help my game. Any suggestions Coach Jack?

We have nothing penciled in, the down fall of some good teams before ours that never made it out of the Manhattan Cup final.

Hoopster only one - play with Mark he makes just about everyone look good on the golf course. :)

I wish you guys would stop using my nickname so casually. I grabbed alot of rebounds in my career to earn that nickname.

Canisius loses the CHSAA state championship to Nazereth, 46-40.

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