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Friday, March 01, 2013


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Ok contest today sponsored by NOCO energy corp. There is no prize just bragging rights. Which begs the question why NOCO is even sponsoring this. Anyway, heres how it works. There are 6 games today, including Canisius vs. Chaminade. Simply list who u think will win each game, and by how much. The closest in total points wins. For example, if you pick East by 6, and they win by 2, your differential for that game is 4. Lowest total differential for the 6 games wins, and since there are no prizes, CC will give u his friends and family points from NOCO. Good luck.

East -4
Olean -9
Amherst -6
Nckinley -5
jtown -5
Canisius -13

4 starters if ANYBODY ever rips my basketball game again after I nailed 2 3 point shots and had a reverse lay-up in between games at Buff State, I will take u on 1 on 1! Me and CC beat these 2 kids half our age 6-0!

No great games 2nite. All expect teams won. Drake looked well-dressed as usual, Sal a slob. Haha I am only kidding. Sal I hope your kid is ok on a serious note. I don't get Crumpton only having ONE 2 point FG and I think your guys shot WAY 2 many 3's but o well.

Jamestown 3 AA titles in 4 years and it's going 2 b 5 out of 6.

Tuesday should b a GREAT nite. ALL THREE games will b VERY good. Excellent way 2 close the high school hoops season, as far as games being played here in WNY anyway.

I've seen you play MIG. You got some game. But me and McShea will take on you and cc anytime for case of mountain dew. We played with Keith-` he is a beast down low. Now on to the Noco sponsored contest. I guess since no one else entered, I win. Not to toot my own horn, but since no one else will, I guess I have to. Straight up I went 6-0. Not real impressive cause I think the favorites were kind of obvious, other than Falls-Jtown which had alot of the people favoring the falls. Not me. I had jtown by 5. They won by 7 so I was close. Amherst game was my biggest stumble, as I had them winning by 6 and they won by 21. My total differential in the 6 games was 30, which averages out to 5 per game for the mathematically challenged. But as I said, since I was the only entrant, I'll take them friends and family points anytime cc. Looking forward to the Regional contest next week. Maybe we will have 2 entrants for that one. I'm thinking we need a new sponsor. Go UNC vs FSU today!

Congrats Jamestown on a big win. Some arm chair coaching. It is sad that Niagara Falls did not play up to their potential against Jamestown. Crumpton played outside too much and why NFalls didn't press boggles my mind. When they pressed at the end of the game they had some success. And the one kid on the Falls who hit some early 3's didn't take many shots after that. Why? Oh well, there is always next season.

The way Mt Vernon just lost 2 New Rochelle in the Section 1 AA Final is the most amazing ending ever 2 a basketball game, Chtistian included

For anyone who has yet to watch it, here it is. I agree with MIG, it is the most amazing ending:


The coaches are brother Rasaun and Rashiem Young that played at UB and Buff St.

Never seen an ending like that. Ever. That sucks Mount Vernon won't be at Glenns

thanks for sharing and as little as i know about the"higher end" schools i do know those 2 schools and you got to say to yourself it was meant to be after closing the game on a 9-1 run.but as a human being with a heart i surely feel for those boys going down like that...but good for the world of high school basketball.and Tarheel i can only imagine the level of play in Glens Falls.got to get my little guy ready for bed and school tomorrow. he does it all on his own but at just 6 i must be there to make sure all goes well!!And im not jumping on the band wagon im taking it over!!!LOL...that may go to the ESPY's!!

Can we do a Twitter-like 140 character limit on 'I love this game' CC or no?

I'd rather see some capital letters and space between paragraphs, instead of.....to....separate....every....thought.

He is on twitter though if you're wondering what ilovethisgame in 140 characters would look like - @done4fun

alot of

good that

would do MIG!!!!

Another year of cliches,excuses and wasted talent.Unfortunately for the past,present and future players of NFHS that have been and will be coached by "coach Sal"saturday nights result is and will be a sad pattern for years to come.Anybody with a basketball iq higher,which doesnt take much, than those who were responsible for giving yes giving the job to"Sammy Beck"saw an embarassing offensive performance saturday night!It is very clear that every year from start to finish the nfhs boys do not improve,they actually regress.Running an offense,and i use that term loosely, that most biddy teams run or worse than that set plays with one option that when stopped after the second time through,has no second or third option is painful to watch.Unlike others on this site,i will not attact any coach or player personally.In my opinin it is very clear that "coach Sal"is in way over his head when it come to coaching the once feared NFHS B-BALL TEAM.Anybody who saw thursday night's game,would agree that the jv coach should be the main man in charge.If"coach Sal"truely wants what is best for his players,the choice is easy,step down and hand the team over to the jv coach,it will be the best coaching decision 'Sammy"has made in three years!!!

I dont even know how to tweet,i'm just trying as I go.I dont know if things show up in right place or not on twitter CC.I know this girl who does social media for a business and will get lessons asap.Here on the blog is one thing,but I want to keep it real on twitter,and before you can hammer me with it,no im not a twit.My journalism class was in 81,so I have obviously lost my touch saying alot while writing alittle!Follow me on twitter I only have 2 or 3 and besides if you guys didnt read my posts what would you do with your extra hours of free time!At 49 and retired one would think its not such a bad thing,but spending a good amount of time on my back doing heat therapy its plain to see what I have on my lap and having fun at my expense is fine,i hate writing properly.HA! and speaking of characters........! Jerks!!!see you Tuesday. CC buyin lunch tomorrow if you can make it.lmk/here or email

Sal should definitely step down. Bro, you are in WAY over your head. Last year someone asked you if you were considering playing man defense, or a triangle and 2, in one of the sectional games. Your response: "I dont think we need to try any gimmick defenses". WHAT??? how is man or a triangle and 2 a gimmick defense. And if it wasn't for carlos switching to man in fourth quarter of last years jtown game, you would have lost that too. You said as much in the papers the next day. John Forcucci: relieve Sal if he won't step down, and conduct an area-wide search. This job is the highest profile job of any sport in wny. Let's get serious about filling it. Or if you don't want to do that, at least give Carlos the Head Coach position. His tenure as a player at LaSalle, and as a coach at NF has certainly earned him a look. Or Coach Esposito from the girls team. Or bring back Colangelo. At least he got his team to Glenns a couple times. Sal must go now!

I will take that job at Niagara Falls. I only have a one year comittment at Fordham, and the ACC still hasn't called.

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