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Sunday, March 03, 2013


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So proud of my boys from Amherst. 1st in 8 years. you can Mckinley beleive in yourselfs.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the magical ride comes to an end against McKinley. Amherst has no Stan Wier to take over the game like last year when McKinley was upset. Good year for Amherst but just too much speed to overcome on tues.

They are a team and they are gonna win as a team. It is a team game not about one player. Thats ok though the boys know they can do it!

Section V schedule for Wednesday's crossover games:

5:45 pm - B Batavia vs. Hornell
7:15 pm - C Lyons vs. Mynderse/Clyde Savannah winner
8:45 pm - AA Bishop Kearney vs. Greece Athena

Games played at Blue Cross Arena

Good news for Olean if they win a state championship in Class B - five-time defending Federation Class B champion Collegiate was eliminated in the NYSAIS quarterfinals.

Collegiate should have been playing in Class A by now anyway.

As i said and agree with you CC,in Olean game it looked like Eckstrom fouling out was more of a distarction to Lackawanna than it was to Olean as Bathurst shrugged off all attempts made by the Steeler players getting in his face and jawing to him while he was shooting fouls.If Lackawanna had the discipline that Olean had they had a very remote chance at an upset bid but as good as they were it only seemed to amp up Bathursts play and he was the force for Olean that did them in.Havent seen enough of East to see if Tyree will be any trouble for Eckstrom to easily move around undernesth,should be a fun game to watch

In East Aurora's crossover win vs. McKinley last year, it was a team effort. Stan Weir led with leadership, no doubt, and 17pts, Cox 16, and the other 22 pts spread over 4 others. The best team effort wins most of the time.

I agree brian. There's no way East Aurora wins Class A last year without Stan Wier, but that team came together at the end of the season and was playing at a high level.

I thought Irondequoit and Kearney lost..

Greece Athena beat Irondequoit
Bishop Kearney beat Webster Schroeder

They play each other Wednesday night, winner gets Jamestown on Saturday.

i think BK new season is just that and they have to be playing and beating WS..my guess is they my finally hit stride just in time and if so i think the AA for JT ends in Rochester....i hope not but if BK is on their game...it will be tough to win...but i also would not bet very much against on a team with a kid named Tommy Campion either,but if BK is firing in all 8cylinders it will be a tough one to win IMO

CC, I had my Franco's on Saturday, and the Red Raider's looked great. I think Coach Swierski should of picked up the tab, but Sterling does have one more year left...

Great to see my Red Raiders continue to show they are one of the best in WNY year in a year out, and Ben Drake is likely one of the top coaches in state. With Jamestown only graduating 1 senior this year(albeit an amazing senior pg), they should be at the top of WNY for at least a couple more years.

I was disheartened to read a lot of the comments on the Buffalo News blog during the game, it seems there was definitely a Niagara Falls/anti-Jamestown bias going on. But like the saying goes "If you aint first your last".

I was on blog , and did not see anything to the tune of anti Jamestown goin on? And looking back still dont see anything.
Agree Coach Drake is a great coach.Not only during games making changes on fly , but his teams are always well prepared.
Falls team simply IMO is not versatile enough. They play only one way and don't change anything up. A team knows they are going to play the same way all game.
Next year Red Raiders should be back possibly against a Will North team with best player in the area Taplin.
Also would not be suprised to see Jamestown beat Kearney.

WNYHOOPS, I was there in the second row right behind the scorers' table. It was me, coach Gorman and my wallet. Good luck to Ben and the Jamestown program for the remainder of their season.

CC - Do you know if Olean has an 'open enrollment' policy and can you explain what it is? I have an idea, but am looking for clarification.

Thank you,

In 2011, Jamestown became a favorite of non-WNY media in Glens Falls for being a disciplined, well-executing team, that still had style & flare. It's great to see that hasn't changed and that JHS is living in the moment and not taking themselves too seriously.


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