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Wednesday, March 06, 2013


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CC - Do you know if Olean has an 'open enrollment' policy and can you explain what it is? I have an idea, but am looking for clarification.

Thank you,

Good job CC with your small school rankings. I have been looking forward to the C crossover game since last years thriller between the 2, and this years version did not disappoint. OTC is a very good team, and they played great last Friday against Oracle. I had a feeling Silver creek's style was going to give them problems, having watched OTC struggle against St. Joes a while back. When the pace is crazy, like Friday night at JCC, that's when OTC is at its best. But when its more deliberate, and teams play with patience like Silver Creek did tues night, they struggle a bit. Silver Creek is a VERY impressive team, and should do well Saturday in the regionals. The point guard is very good, #44 is the perfect role/hustle player, and if that big sophomore isnt getting bball looks 2 years from now, I bet he could play tight end at a d1 school no problem. Now, onto the main reason SC won. I've watched Zeddie Williams for 2 years now and every time I see him I come away more impressed. One of the best penetrators i have seen, and a great passer and scorer. The thing that impressed me the most about him is his toughness. He got banged around like you wouldn't believe, but always got up and never stopped competing. It's easy to see why he is getting a full ride to UVA in Lacrosse. Good luck guys, hope to see you in Glenns!

Lakemen Fan -

I have no idea about Olean's school policies regarding enrollment. What are Wilson's?

Wilson's policy is quite simple and like most other districts. If you are within the boundaries of the district you are entitled to attend the school. I asked about Oleans policy because I've heard they have 'open enrollment', but I am unsure of what that means or if it is actually a policy.

Lakeman fan, you going to use that as an excuse as to why Wilson lost?

No excuses here. Looking for clarification and if/what an 'open enrollment' policy actually is.....

Then why even bring it up, Lakemen Fan? Tell us what's on your mind.

I know where you want to go with it, I just want to see you write it ... as you attempt to rationalize a 23-point loss in the Girls B final, perhaps?

The reason Olean beat Wilson easily in the girls B crossover is because Olean is a better and far more well tested team. Wilson played a weak schedule and the B-2 bracket was devoidof any other solid teams.

We could play that team 100 times and not beat them. Olean programs are great and I respect them tremendously. I enjoy watching how hard they work and how well they play the game. Girls as well as boys.

No need to bring up what is on my mind until there is an explanation as to what
'open enrollment' is and if it applies to Olean. This hinges on whether there is such a thing as 'open enrollment'.

what the heck is open enrollment! My boy told me I missed all the good games and DUNKS!!!well you all missed a good game as well,my 6 year old had a 7:30 soccer game and as much as he likes Olean I couldn't talk him out of going and it was a good thing as he scored the winning goal! 4'2" @ 6 years old???maybe a got a dunker!!!Do wish I could have been there with you all but a Dads gotta do what a Dads gotta do! wishing all the best to the teams heading to BCA. I think we are very well represented.

Little Game with the winning goal. Nice! Maybe little man could transfer that soccer prowess over to the court in a couple years, what ya think Game? There were 2 great games on Tues, and a solid one in East and Olean, with Olean winning by 12. East's senior big man was in street clothes with bandages on his face. If he plays that game is much closer Game. Make the trip down the 90 to Roch Sat Game, there will be some good ball played. If not check out Keith's live game blogs, they are usually pretty entertaining :)

When do the Tarheel bookie lines for regionals come out? Thought there was some sort of contest you were gonna run for this week.

Actually, the big man that was out for East, Jonathan Kinley, is only a sophomore. The Panthers started five underclassmen this season.

If thats true I might almost be ready to call them the favs over big bad Olean next year. I think they were almost as good this year but maybe still a year away.

Tarheel.."Little Game",I love it! And he will absolutely be bringing his stuff to the hardwood following his brothers, well Dad too as I was on the 79-80 B2 Section 6 Champs but got to understand we could not contain Sugar Ray Hall & Crawford for McKinley. And my second oldest had to settle for a red Section6 patch to a feisty 2 guard team from Lackawanna that we could not stop 3 years ago and my third oldest this year.....well lets forget that but he does sit on the 1st Team All-League with Darnell Carson and a teammate and 2 others. If you guys could see "LGz" "court" his older brothers have in the entryway you would roll over!!!maybe if I can get permission to post a picture link I will. We have a door top hoop and one tied to stair rails. When playing for fun he can use his right hand but when just me watching and teaching everything is done "left" handed. Ok back to biz,i think that Bathurst seemed to elevate his game as needed and at will against Lackawanna. But are you guys telling me the big man was lumped up and didn't play? If so very correct on a different game or at least closer as im just very impressed at the discipline in which Olean plays with but can see your view 4 sure sec6. And for those who have nothing to do there a Seniors All-Star game between the N-O & G-R Leagues. Granted it wont be a game of Buff St. level but its a fun game to watch the guys open up a bit and Darnell Carson is to play but my boy just said CSAT always has a guy or 2 my last game to see my boy and me and "Little Game" will be there for sure. Long ride I know but would love to see any of you guys if you got nothing else going on,and please tap me on the shoulder and let me know who you are if anyone comes,I wont hold my breath! And CC can I talk you into a free lunch at Bills tomorrow!!? Not so sure if you guys will miss me and my "overposting"...but i'll surely miss you all...great bunch of people.

Sugar Ray was the crossover game against us, failed to mention that

Wow. No shame in losing to Ray Hall. He was sick. I Remember watching him in college. And Lackawanna always shows up for sectionals, whether 3 years ago, or the great teams of the early 2000's and beyond. Gus, I am consulting with my guy in Rochester for the regional lines. No, actually, we set our own lines. I'll post my picks tomorrow, but how we can do it is list each winner of each game and how many points they will win by. Closest to the total number wins

So I think there r STILL 2 first team All WNY up 4 grab's and Saturday may decide it...

Obviously Weir, Taplin, Crumpton r making 1st team.

I still think u have 5 guys fighting for the last 2 spots:

T Campion
M Morris
S Eckstrom
W Bathurst
Z Williams

A White, K Anderson locked on 2nd team.

Those r the 10 FIRST-SECOND team spots.

So Saturday may b the best Regional ever. I could c Section 6 going 4-1 or 1-4. And all 5 guys who I think r fighting 4 those last 2 spots will b playing in 4 of those 5 games.

Throw in Syracuse-Georgetown and Noon and Duke vs Carolina at 9 u may have the greatest Sat every of basketball!

Syracuse-Georgetown AT Noon and greatest Sat EVER of basketball. My spelling is as bad as 'I love this game' is brief!

And I never miss my All WNY picks!

Player of the Years:

2012 - S Weir
2013 - A Weir
2014 - S Taplin
2015 - B Kellam
2016 - TC Brown/H Washington (split it)

Most of us will b dead by then, but save this post CC just in case we r all still around.

I thought for sure you'd have Maceo Jack in '16.

Throw in Terrell Ford for 2016, as well.

Justun Jones for 2016


I have good news 4 Section 6...I have missed the Regionals the last 4 years being at Spring Training and each year we went 2-3 (2009/2010/2011/2012)

The last year I WENT 2 the Regionals was in 2008 and Section 6 went 4-1.

I didn't honestly realize we had gone 2-3 each of the past 4 years. Yikes! That is not good. In fact when I last went in 2008 we were at Buff State. I wonder the last time we had a winning record during an odd year at Blue Cross....

The last time we had a winning record against section V on the road was 2003. Falls lost to McQuaid, but Olean, Honors(won state) and Ellicottville won.

MIG.....MIG?????!!!!!!Where the love bro!?I don't misspell words I'm just using shorthand type spelling to shorten my posts!LOL..anyway I'm happy to say all of the sudden I have auto correct on my laptop since I upgraded to IE10. I'm on the phone now cause I'm laying gown for heat therapy and the phone always gives me a chance to put down the right stuff ..now that I can spell thanks to spell check!!!!!

#45 Jonathan Kinley for East listed as a senior in the program. So either you are right CC, or I wasted $2.00 on the program. Forget all that nitpicking though. Lets get down to what this is all about: the parlay. here my picks. C if anyonre can beat these:
D University prep by 9
C Silver Creek by 4
B Olean by 11
A Mckinley by 3
AA Kearney by 3

Instead of listing who's a sophomore or a senior here, try to pick these games. Good luck boys

Cmon man! its been 2 hours. No takers? Where's gus? Where's MIG? Where's CC? I mean it is his blog. Where r these people??........Oh yea. It is Fri night. Like most normal peple they're probly out.

Like your picks TARHEEL so I am not changing any of them.

Olean by 11 is too much...SC by 4 is too few.

I'm w/ TML and w/ those lines no need to parlay anything. I'll take UPrep, SC, Batavia, Aquinas, and Jamestown.

Gus I hope you're wrong about Batavia and Aquinas, but I like your picks. Remember MIG's post. Last time he went to Regionals Sec. 6 went 4-1. Maybe. I still think we will go 3-2, but that's why they play the games

Those are picks using your lines. Who cares if Olean wins by 11 or 1 so long as they win. But they won't win by 11, if at all.

Any way to stream the Canisius game?

HALFTIME: University Prep 32, Sherman 28

End of the 3rd: University Prep 53, Sherman 42

FINAL: University Prep 71, Sherman 55.

HALFTIME: Mynderse 25, Silver Creek 24

FINAL: Silver Creek 53, Mynderse 47. The Black Knights are going to Glens Falls for the 1st time in school history!

I guess CC and SC better get that room some were talking about when CC said how good he thinks they are.....How would you like your crow???med.rare
and that room will be in Glens Falls!!!

Canisius losing 2 Jesus of Nazareth is HORRIBLE. 3 years winning M Cup never make Fed? I don't care what any 1 says from a hoops standpoint VERY VERY disappointing.

If Jamestown makes it 2 Glens I am voting them #1. They each had 1 WNY loss (Olean/W North)

I am also thinking about voting Silver Creek if they win the State title and Olean doesn't. If they go 25-0, would b hard 2 deny them.

Also very good chicken fingers here at Blue Cross. I would say $3.75 for a bottle of M Dew is a bit much however.

HALFTIME: Batavia 33, Olean 29

The Huskies are in a serious dog fight right now.

AGREE with MIG ; teams need to REP WNY and win big games on the road and CANISIUS does NOT do that. They are a good team but couldn't make the jump to OUTSTANDING team.

OLEAN losses on a 3 at the BUZZER. Absolute total disaster day so far 4 WNY basketball. #1 State ranked B and A school's go down.

WNY basketball looks really really bad today.

U r right Gus 11 was way too much. Guess I should have made Olean a 3 point underdog. I am SHOCKED Olean lost. I thought they could have won a state title. Congrats to Silver Creek, and we still got a shot with Macks and Jtown. On a happier note, Canisius just lost to MoMo jones and Iona. See ya griffs! Lets hope Niagara can take out Iona on Sunday

GAME is feeling a bit bummed and get attached to all the teams when it comes down to this time of year, but this is the time of year you have to answer the bell but can't forget both teams feel that urgency and it looks like the bounce went the other way a few times.....winning & losing. All the best to other teams left>>>>you still got "GAME"!

FINAL: McKinley 79, Aquinas 52. Macks are heading back to Glens Falls for the 1st time since '07.

FINAL: Bishop Kearney 53, Jamestown 41

Just checked out Bishop kearney's schedule on maxpreps. If anyone can tell me any school in recent memory that played a more difficult schedule id like to know. I remember the Nichols team that won the Federation Wil Regan's senior year played a very difficult schedule, but this 2012-13 slate of games by Bishop Kearney is sick. And it apparently paid off, as they are headed to Glenns Falls next weekend. That team just had way too much talent not to make it to Glenns. Mckinley had a very impressive win, knocking off a private school in the PUBLIC school Regional Final. Good luck to the Macks and Silver Creek next week at the state tournament

It wasn't quite Russia stealing the Gold in 72 or Miami getting a 2nd straight National Championship taken from them in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl, but close! Olean BEAT Batavia by 2. Bottom line the red light was on, ball still in hands. In college u go 2 the monitor, shot waved off, Olean wins. Batavia should do the right thing and allow Olean 2 join S Creek and the Mack's in Glens. Those refs allowing that clearly late shot 2 count was a travesty.

'If the Red light is on, the shot doesn't go down' very similar situation 2 'If the glove doesn't fit-u must acquit'

I look forward 2 seeing Olean where they belong 830 Friday in the State semifinals!

Got to love Keith's reaction

Didn't Batavia lose to Will North at the Cataract classic? Was not impressed.

Just going to throw it out there but was it a waste of a season for both Olean and CHS?

The ball left Redband's hand before the buzzer sounded.

Canisius and Olean both had great years. They are the best 2 teams in this area. The Batavia Olean game was one of the best I have seen. I don't know what happened to Canisius, but isn't this first time they defeated a team from long island and played in the state title game in the last ten years?

they reviewed the Mt. Vernon - New Rochelle shot why not this one if so close? idk/idc but at this level in the season game winning shots so close need a look IMO...but I wasn't there and didn't see the game so I don't know how it was so close anyway where a JV player gets called up and is allowed to even touch the ball. I mean East had the big guy out of the line up and it was a good game and I thought a a better game plan by the Steelers would have made that game much closer. Anyway if truly was a missed call without a single bit of doubt I'm not so sure I see the coach saying "you know what the shot really didn't count ,you guys should go, said no one ever!!!"

I'm still waiting for Frank Wychek to say it was a forward pass, Brett Hull to say he was in the crease, and George W. Bush to admit Gore won Florida. I guess you never know, Batavia might do the right thing, but if I were Olean I wouldn't hold my breath


There was no review of the shot New Rochelle hit to win the game, just officials conferring and getting it right. Video review is not an option in NY HS basketball.

Game: they did not review the Mt. vernon/ new rochelle shot. HS rules do not allow replay in NYS. The officials did confer and decided it was good. Also. I saw the olean video and it looks like thrre is time on the clock , even though the backboard light is on. Hard to tell for sure

I saw that also, it appears 0.1 seconds are on the clock when the light is on. However, the ball is still in his hand with 0.1 seconds, so it's possible the shot got off and it's possible it did not.

alright,alright everyone pick on the cripple!! you know what I actually watched it and you are all correct, and I mean I watched it the minute MIG posted here and when I watched it on one of the tv programs they said "after reviewing it "so I thought maybe they went backdoor (no pun intended) and probably where I got that idea....but I will be straight up honest...if I were the coach and knew I won it wrong I would ask for the right thing to be done if possible or rules (allowed) for the right thing to end up right. so that's where I got the review thing. but I believe in doing whats right. ibb!!!!!

The only thing I know about a "cripple" is that time I was up on cripple creek

I was at Olean game. Batavia shot beat buzzer. PERIOD. Great game, Olean victim of bad luck, but shot was clearly good.

if I spring a leak she mends me, I don't have to speak , she defends me....a drunkards dream if I ever did see one!..thanks for the kind words Levon ,friends forever,
Lowell George!

My observation on the "buzzer" beater is that it could have went either way but I think it is good for the game that the team/athlete who makes the incredible improbable play gets the benefit of the doubt. OLEAN is a VERY Good team but they seem to have a sense of entitlement courtesy of the local blogs and media that they should just be given the SECTIONAL; REGIONAL; and STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. There are a lot of good AND hungry teams out there!

Earl I was at the game as well and my only point was in COLLEGE BASKETBALL D1 they would have went 2 the monitor and WAVED IT OFF - PERIOD. The ball was CLEARLY in his hands when the red light was on the backboard.

And CC is right just because another pictures shows the ball in his hands at 0.1 it doesn't mean he got the shot off in that 0.1

I hear that Olean is having pratice today waiting 2 c if the NYSPHSAA rightfully gives them the game.

I would like to report that the basketball comittee at glenns falls have received a detailed email from Batavia HS. We think they are conceding the regional B final to Olean HS, but nobody here seems competent to open the full email. The comittee will keep media outlets updated.

Please; if a team only has a .1 second marigin of error than they need to go back and woodshed. It was a great game that could have went either way. OLEAN will likely take it to another level next season. This was a hard game to lose but that is what can happen when you don't seal the deal.

The refs look at the clock first, buzzer second and the backboard lights last on a last second shot.

I looked at the video too. It was closer than I originally thought, but still the right call. If they go to the monitor, they would rule it good because that was the original call and it was too close to overturn. Refs do not look at the clock, they look at the ball and listen for the buzzer. The red lights illuminating are there to help, but it's tough to see everything unless the shooter is in the exact right spot. Also with the ball bouncing around as it was and the shot coming contested from the deep corner, it would be impossible to get a clean look at that play. It's a shame that either team had to lose that game, but maybe Olean will take this and get more focused next season than they would have been had they won this and went back to Glens Falls. I have had teams win (and lose) a lot of close playoff games. I always told them that if it is close, sometimes luck plays a larger part in a close game than anything else. The best way a team can eliminate stuff like that is to win comfortably.

They look at the clock if there is one on top of the backboard or review it on replay. They then go by the buzzer. They cannot obviously use the clock if there isn't one on top of the backboard or do not review it on a monitor.

Listen, My son was on the golf course tonight and not at basketball practice. It is what it is and all these young men should be proud of themselves. Stop with the speculation and the degrading of others. Grades and character is what counts!

Impossible for one person to look at two things at the same time. If you look at refs during an end of quarter situation, the trail guy always signals that he has the call on any end of quarter stuff. And mom, you're exactly right. The Olean guys should be very proud of what they have done. They are one of the best teams in the state, and were unlucky. Luckily for most of them they get another chance at this.

Check with an official Coach to see if you're right.

And congratulations Olean mom. You should be proud if your team as I know you are. I enjoyed watching them play. The good news is that I can see them again next year.

Olean is done:

2012 - lose it State semis
2013 - lose in State quarters
2014 - lose in overall B title game 2 East

Sorry boys, 1 step down each year.


2012 - lose in overall AA title game
2013 - lose in State quarters
2014 - lose in State semis

Thankfully HS commish Center Court has them playing a non-league game next year.

Will Bathurst is a scratch golfer. Fact.

For all the people that think you should always foul up 3 in the last 10 seconds:

Imagine being up 3 with 5 seconds left and losing by FIVE in regulation.
Not saying you should never foul, but some people on here speak in absolutes

They lost because they got 3 technicals, not because they fouled up 3.

Point was, none of that would have happened if they played it out.

That's one example earl. You talk about people speaking in absolutes, but you seem to be too. I gather from what you are saying that you think it should always be played out. Each end of game situation is different, so each situation should be handled accordingly. many factors should be considered, including the 3 pt % of the guys on the floor, how much time left (5 seconds?, 10 seconds?)and which big guys the team in the lead have available to them, so that they can assure themselves they can grab the rebound off the second ft intentional miss.
Now, I must address the end of the Silver creek semifinal C playoff game at glenns falls. After a silver creek miss down one with 20 or so seconds left, and a tie up call on a nice put back attempt by sophomore Bill Brooks, Pine Plains was awarded the ball on the side. Silver Creek was forced to foul, and for some reason Zeddie Williams fouled the kid from Pine Plains. This was Zeddie's FIFTH and DISQUALIFYING foul. Absolutely inexcusable. I don't blame Zeddie, as in the heat of the moment at the end of the game kids get caught up and he probably figured he was doing the right thing. But someone should have made him aware of the situation. Now, even if Silver Creek was able to force ot, they won't have their best player on the floor for that crucial four minutes. Not to mention after Pine Plains hit both free throws to go up by 3, SC still had one last chance to get off a gasme tying three. It would have been nice to have Zeddie in there in that situation, especially since he had struggled offensively and was definitely due to hit a big shot, as he had countless number of times during the reg season and sectional and regional playoffs. Tough loss, but GREAT season by Silver Creek Congrats to the players, coaches, and community. And to Zeddie who had one of those special seasons we are lucky enough to witness from time to time in section 6, good luck at Virginia, enjoy yourself on that amazing campus in Charlotesville, and four years from now I have a feeling we'll all be discussing what an amazing career you had in lacrosse at Virginia University.

Tarheel, i was not there, but the play you speak of goes to show how unselfish the is. Too many times i see players w/4 fouls whiff or give less effort in those situations, while precious seconds tick away, just so they can stay in the game. From what i have heard he is a special player and unselfish. It's not something you can turn on and off.

Congratulations to Silver Creek! You made all of Silver Creek and Western New York proud. Good luck at Virginia Zeddie!


Nice article by Jim Rigg's of the Jamestown Post-Journal on the un-level playing field of Section 5 private schools vs. Section 6 schools.

Keith great article about Zed Williams in Thursday's buffalo News. Just got done reading it. Don't know how anyone could read that article and not root for that kid. Just an amazing story, and it seems as great a player as he is on the court, he's an even better example of a person off. It's a shame that silver Creek did not advance, but that doesn't matter because they were truly an example of what a TEAM is. Astonishing that for the most part they only played 5, maybe 6 guys, at least when I saw them, in the big games. Great group of kids that not just their community but everyone in wny hoops can be proud of. I am not a lacrosse fan but I know where I'll be a couple times this spring. That's right, a bar in silver Creek. But after that I'm gonna go watch those kids play lacrosse. Would love to see them bring a state title home.

isn't open enrollment somewhat the same as the private schools thing? or not. I mean why don't all schools go to open enrollment.what has happened as they have taken the traditional way of kids playing for their schools where they have lived....not moved there to play has taken away from the whole joy of winning...cause your not winning because you have a buch of great kids that grew up playing together its because they have invited the top talent to come play and bring a trophy hom to the school.congrats to all the schools that play the way it should be and that's play where you live and that's it...WTG McKinley!!I may be all wrong but to me Jamestown can look better in defeat than Burger King winning by getting the best players in their warehouse/school.

liked the read...felt I was there at the game and a lot of these situations surely affect the teams in different ways depending on personel and those thing are hard to keep in line at the heat of the game which is why asst are worth their weight in gold,,,WNYHOOPS...thanks as well and the link was very eye opening..."I did not know that!"

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