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Saturday, March 16, 2013


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Great win 4 the Mack's. Beat Burke Catholic and they will have beaten 3 straight catholic school's 2 win the Class A 'Public School' State title.

Being at Glens, and seeing how good Burke is - they looked JUST like Canisius - I will b voting McKinley #1 in the final poll if they can win the State title title. Just 2 punish Canisius 4 never making the Fed in this 4 year run.

All WNY team I will post my 'picks' tomorrow - 1 spot still left open on 1st team depending on tomorrow.

they out of everyone really seemed to have it the sweet spot by taking their already strong play ,up a notch.Now to continue that for another game will be a magical run for them.they have seemed to either been playing close to error free ball or they have great coaching that has got these kids heads on right and looking syraight for the crown.i know they have these kids on the move and they certainly are active and really just have it right when it counts and I don't care who you are if you got it working like that you will be tough to beat.now if you run into a team like you then it comes down to error free ball and heart because at this level im pretty certain everyone has got "GAME". All the best to them and I just have a feeling especially in light of the way they have dispatched all comers thus far,you have to like their chances but I do lack knowledge of the team they play so its a vote from the heart as well.

They have GOT to do something about how cold it is during the first session at the Glenns Falls civic Center on Saturday. I get that there is an ice rink under the floor boards, but my god you could hang meat in that arena. My family and I were freezing.

I agree with MIG, what a joke that Mckinley has to beat 3 CATHOLIC schools in a row to win the PUBLIC school title. And if they do, their reward is a date in the Federation tournament next weekend, where they will probably end up meeting another CATHOLIC school, depending on how the brackets play out. I suspect the new Pope has something to do with this.
First things first for the Macks, though. Beat Burke catholic today. Burke does kind of remind me of canisius, similar guys with a similar style. But Mckinley reminds me VERY much of the old LaSalle teams that were able to win 3 state titles in 80's and 90's, particularly the 95 and 96 teams that had 3 lightning quick guards, not a starter taller than 6'2", and got it done with defensive pressure and points in transition. If mckinley runs for 32 minutes today, I believe they can bring home the state title.

MIG. Still hung over from McKinley's big win? We are all patiently waiting for your All- WNY pics you said you were going to post Sunday.

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