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Tuesday, April 02, 2013


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Well said...nothing more to add than you have there already.

Did McKinley run more than one offensive set all year? Curious how a guy can get coach of the year simply because his team won because of depth and elite talent. He was as much a spectator at these games as the crowd. Does the best team's coach always get your COY?

Not to mention how classless Dorsey was in the final when he lied to the ref and tried to convince him that it was Morris that was fouled and should be shooting the free throws and not the actual player who was fouled. Classless and a poor example for his players.

His kids play really hard and that just doesn't happen. as far as what happened in final game never heard that before but do know of a coach that did do that and he gets nothing but praise. careful throwing stones

I agree; yes MCKINLEY had talent and depth but they also had FERVENT INTENSITY and GREAT CHEMISTRY which doesn't happen by accident.

Obviously there is only one aspect to coaching and that is running offensive sets. You bring up a great point John Moore. All the other stuff coaches teach and do is pointless. John Moore is a freaking genius.

Another good point made by John Moore regarding the "elite talent" and depth at McKinley. Possibly the most D-I players ever to come out of one school in a season and the deepest bench in HS history. Wait, who came off the bench for McKinley again? Anyway, can't wait to watch the McKinley starting 5 at Kentucky next year. Another state run this year for McKinley is inevitable as well with all the depth that returns.

In my opinion, Moore or Les, Zaire Dorsey is not only an excellent coach, he's one of the best and will stand the test of time. He's off to an amazing start after five seasons.

Yale Cup I teams will all play six nonleague games in 2014, meaning many or all may have openings in their schedules. East vs Olean in a B1/B2 crossover preview? Yes please!

6-6 Tanner Schmit will return to Nichols after playing his sophomore campaign at Clarence. Schmit said the move was not basketball related and spoke highly of the Red Devils and Clarence coach Todd Banaszak.

JUly 20th NFHS team Camp at NFHS, top teams competing come check it out

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