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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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looks like jamestown lost a good recruit. Where will they go now to get a player. Thats cheating...... should have sectional title taken away.

That will never happen even if it's true. I need a favor from all those who follow high school basketball. Take a look at Jake Haight's Highlights on youtube and let me know what you think.I know where he stands in the NO league, I'd like the fans of the NFL league's opinion since they are a stronger league.Thanks again!

Why is it cheating? Brandon had family in Jamestown that he lived with when he moved to Jamestown, and once he had family problems, Coach Drake welcome Brandon to live with his family. Don't try to be narcissists and say Drake did this to recruit or improve his own winning record, but give him credit for being a good Christian and taking this kid into his home from off of the streets.

It's cheating because that's what it is. When trouble broke out why didn't he go back to Rochester then? Why did he leave Rochester in the first place. It's called exposure, getting your name out there. I asked a ref after a game at the UB champ a few weeks back if my kid had Division one talent. His answer was yes but because he lacked exposure it would be tough getting noticed. H's right so as apparent you do what ever you can to get you kid noticed.

How would leaving City of Rochester where you could play for a private school be a move to gain exposure?

What trouble do you speak of?

Who is your son, the unexposed D-I talent?

Did you really try to shorten up "as a parent" with "as apparent" in your last sentence?

When he had to move in with the coach it was reported because of family troubles. Doesn't cost money to go to a public school it does private. You tell me I posted where you can see his high light film above. You can be the Judge.

From the North, your statements are illogical and make no sense and are clearly based on jealousy and a dislike for Coach Drake and his program.

Yes, Brandon obviously moved from the City of Rochester to Jamestown to receive more exposure... wrong. Section 5 is one of the best basketball sections in NYS, and has national talent going to Syracuse and other top D1 schools.

"It's cheating because that's what it is. When trouble broke out why didn't he go back to Rochester then" Another idiotic statement, you don't know his personal situation or what it is like to come from a background such as his so you shouldn't speak about the decisions this kid has made or the open arms the Drake family extended to help him out.

For the record, the move was ok by section 6. I was told it was on the up and up. I questioned how the kid could play football in Roch. and transfer to Jamestown in the same year and be eligible. I was told by a sect. 6 rep everything was legit, so I have to believe that legal custody was handed over to Drake by family as that is the rule. The same must of been done for Paige as he also lived with drake, Apparently after the season he moved out and is now looking at Aquinas. to answer the argument,there was no cheating. I wish the kid the best. now how about talking about hoops, Can/Am is sept 7-8 at NFHS

Drake is a great guy but it will be interesting to see who is a new addition to the family this year come basketball time...

LOL, new addtion will be 6'10 or something close, will transfer in after football season from somehwere, unreal, section 6 made a mistake. Sal - Drake has you fooled....

Grantland article about Johnny Flynn -


From the North, I have looked at the video of Jake and no he is not a D1 talent, a skilled player, for sure, reminded me a lot of former Canisius Crusader Gordon Lyons who is has been a starter of high quality at Genesseo since his freshman year. Gordon is entering his junior season. Your video did not show much in the way of rebouding which is what Gordo was tenacious at.

As you have asked posters/viewers of Jake's to "judge for yourself", I suggest you do the same and take in some D3 games and compare Jake's talent to the small forward and post player's that you will see. Medaille has an excellent program and a recent appearance in the NCAA D3 tournament. Buffalo State who made the D3 Sweet 16 3 seasons ago will be hosting Hobart College who has been to the last 2 D3 tounaments this season.

The level of play at D3 is not a bunch of "scrubs" hooping it up for the fun of it, it is intense and
skillfully played basketball, played for the love of the game. That mini rant put aside, keep an open mind and realize that D1 is not the "holy grail" for everyone and for Jake to reach his ultimate peak as a player it will most likely be accomplished by being on the floor as a D3 player and not on the bench as a D1 player.

Rusty thanks for your input and we are looking at D3 schools. Like you said it's better to play then sit the bench. His video was done by his coach so I had no input. It's a start in the right direction and again THANKS!

wow kellam and Waters(NF,Nichols) to Kearney

Word is that BRYANT has transferred to HUNINGTON PREP in WVA. What a joke; HS ball has become; kids from ROCHESTER and TORONTO going to HS in WVA. KEARNEY will still be very good if everyone is eligible; they have 2 VERY talented SOPHS in addition to FOSTER and the arrival of KELLAM and WATERS.

And on the football side Canisius continues to bring players in from Ontario to board with other Canisius families.

The Canisius story isn't as bad; ONTARIO is just across the river and their schedule enables more exposure. KEARNEY already plays a National Schedule and BRYANT is already a consensus blue chip top 25 recruit. It is BS.

Not totally disagreeing with you, but Kearney does not play the same schedule that Huntington plays but I do agree that it is another example of wrong people in a kids ear. he has offers from ACC schools already has played with USA basketball. but kids and parents are naive

Agree with you on both points Sal. Completely different definition of National schedule. H-Prep schedule teaches players that they can't take plays off and to have to stay dialed mentally into a game from beginning to end. Most if not all games will be dogfights due to often 10 high level D1 players being on the floor at the same time. Kearney's best games won't come close to that many high level players being on the same floor. He does already have his choice of schools, so hopefully he is making transfer for the level of competition.
Problem is most of these kids don't realize that after high school, ball is a full time job; a kids chance of making it is increased if he is grounded emotionally, and normal high school ball presents a greater environment for that growth.

Wonder what his grades are? Oh, who cares, just as long as he can play hoops.

Can/Am on sept. 7 at NFHS, local PAL team will have Howard Washington and Laterrance Reed of Canisius, Sam Eckstrom of Olean and Vinzell Watkins of NFHS as nucleus game run between 9am-4pm stop by

I do not know Coach Drake personally but he gives the impression of a person who deep down cares for student athletes. In saying that, would he be so willing to take a troubled student into his home if that student could not help him win basketball games?

Is there a basketball camp or clinic at Sweet Home High school this weekend?

BCANY Showcase Sat Oct 5th at Sweet Home. 2 other exposure events Sat Oct 5th at the SPIRE institute in Geneva, OH and at Bloomsburg University, PA (this one boys & girls)...

Does anyone know how the boys Western New York team did this past summer in the BCANY tournament?

Anyone hear who Coach Drake has recruited this year? Its getting close to the start of the season.

Where can I get a complete schedule of games for the upcoming season i couldn't find anything on the News website

Where is Darnell Carson playing in college?

List of locals in college....http://www.homebasebuffalo.com/home.php

carson at nccc not playing

time to update Homebasebuffalo. that is last years list. No seniors from last year listed as freshman.

No new recruits bot Jamestown just blasted Timon without its top returner in Zac panebianco. When will you all learn it doesn't matter who the players are as long as Drake is the coach they will remain the class of Class AA. Niagara Falls had superior talent and won but its Jamestowns to win from here for at least ten years. His son is coming up in a few years and they will be unstoppable

You Jamestown people are all fooled down there in your own world.

Bottom line.not sure what age bracket Drakes son falls into but if you havent seen the group of young kids the Falls has coming up Jamestown will be in trouble.They tear through all the lgs here in buffalo and from what i hear through the state and beyond ask around anyone affiliated with youth basketball Falls will return to promise in about 4 or 5 years it will be scary.

I would take falls kids over jamesown kids anyday. But i cant believe we are talking about how good coach Drakes 12 year old is and how good the falls little kids are. Get real here, lets talk high school hoops. Coach Drake needs to stop writing about himself and his family.

Barker has had three scrimmages against OakField Alabama, Attica and Oracle and won all three. They might be the team to watch coming out of the NO league his year! Can't wait for the season to began!!!

When will you expel learn. they are SCRIMMAGES! Who cares.I wish they would lock the doors to keep you trolls out. from the North , that means parents too.

It is funny that we are all fooled down here...we must also have North and the superstar Taplin and the falls fooled too. Drake is a high level college coach who is coahing against guys who wear sweat pants half the time. And the falls youth program, how about the falls high school program which couldn't win with superior talent because of their lack of coaching and now they have no talent so we will talk about their elementary school kids? Drake and soon his son will dominate the hoops scene for the next 10 years just like the last ten. Heck they can't even find good games around here, they have to go to tournaments well out of town to find comp. Last night they smacked middle college and aquinas. Coaching is everything at this level and we have the finest coach in NYS

Enjoy the ride while it last if he is that good he will be moving up to the college ranks at some point. I have had to endure three different coaches in four years and all most seen a program die!!! Again enjoy nothing lasts for ever!!!!

From the North,

Thank you for your sage words. You're so profoundly philosophical it hurts my brain to read your posts.

For you to personally have to deal with all those coaching changes must've been tough. There are no words to express how sorry I feel for you. I think we should all start up a collection to help pay for your grief counseling.

On a separate note, nice use of exclamation points. I personally feel there is no better way to get your point across. I've actually started an Exclamation Point Club!!!! I'm not in the club myself, but the EPC!!!! has been gaining momentum in the 10-14 year old demographic. Feel free to sign up.

Why is Carson not playing at NCCC? Too many guys in front of him? Academics? I can still see him helping NCCC even with their talent. Anyone know?

Also, hate to be a blog hog, but where is Stan Wier playing and how is he doing?

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