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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


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For those who like to slam on me here goes. That team that won in 1978 had a player on it with the same last name as no not Haight it was Sweeney. Christopher's father who also happens to be Jake's Uncle played on that team. Mitch, Chris, Jake, Hayden and Brice started out on the Hard wood floor of a Barn. I think that's pretty cool! Go Raiders!

I'm Barkered out.

From the North,

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

- Abraham Lincoln

That's the first wise then you have said. Is this advice for me or are you stating what you going to do?

Well it's addressed directly to you. I'm not surprised you missed that though. I can barely read your butchered sentences.

Are you Serious,

I've accomplished my mission of getting a small school some press not sure what or who your supporting. I'll take your advice and just sit on the sidelines and see how it plays out. The silent for now North!

Over the last 2 years the N-O has taken a nose dive. Somebody has to win it I guess. It's definitely not at the level it was even 4 years ago. We should all probably prepare ourselves for the blow-out scores this nincompoop keeps posting after every Barker game.

I love the fact that everyone on here knows so much about basketball. Did any of you even play? Are you Serious talks a pretty big game for probably being just like From the North. Just remember just because you watch it doesn't mean you know it.

Awww somebody has some hurt feelings. I'm so sorry if I've caused you any emotional or psychological discomfort. Give me your address and I'll send you a warm bottle and large pacifier.

I've never claimed to know more about basketball than anyone else on here. Although, I'm 100% certain I know more about basketball than From the North. Being lumped into the same sentence in the post above is insulting. If you've read all of his posts it's not hard to understand why I feel that way.

This video applies to every post by From the North or any of his other aliases.

I never claimed to know anything about basketball I don't. That's why I value comments from people like CC , Sal ,Game, TML1000 and others. I do know about teamwork because I was once on the greatest team this country has every produced. I don't hide behind a computer screen either. I'm a proud father who supports his son and his team. I didn't post the above post because I could care less who you are. I asked CC to a game because I know he probably won't see Barker play until sectionals if we are there in the end. I would love to talk Basketball with anyone any time. From the North aka Darrin J. Haight 716.622.7222

I liked the silence a lot better.

Well the silence lasted about as long as expected.

It's quite a different tune you're singing from last year when you were whining about the All Centercourt teams. Back then you were saying that Jake played on a bad team and had to do everything by himself. That implies you do think you know something about basketball.

Nobody is hiding behind a computer screen. A large computer screen is around 23" so you'd have to be a 3 week old baby to hide behind it.

Why would anyone call someone to talk basketball when that person openly claims to know nothing about it? That'd be a great conversation.

Still not sure what you bring to the table other then personal attacks against me. Have you ever even seen Jake play? I love to get you opinion of his play you being the expert.

I've never claimed to be an expert. Thanks for the compliment though, I'll take them where I can get them.

You are by far the worst offender when it comes to posting ridiculously stupid things on this site and I point it out. It's not hard to comprehend. There is something I am having a hard time figuring out though. Why would you want my opinion when you "could care less" who I am?

For your sake, I hope the kids on your son's team don't read this site. I checked the roster and the kids on the "bad" team are the same kids on the roster this year.

Are you serious. What team does your kid play for?

SILENCE....for what the teams out in the country have to work with give them SOME credit. Maybe they dont have the flash and "school jumpers" that they havein the south...they play where they live and apparently only seeking alittle love from the basketball powers that be(and many of you read alot but dont know crap(and for your info I do)I have a section 6 championship patch which doesnt make me John Beilien...But Im a friend of his,coached by him as well as Denny Sietz and my kids did Ok too. I have seen Jake Haight play and the kids good..His Dad is proud...this Blog is Centercourts and he covers the good stuff but he also covers some of the area in which he is 10-15 minutes from these schools. I believe he does so to get ALL the backetball Junkies like us some love. Barker isnt to bad and if they can correct some issues the will dispatch some stronger compition. These are kids parents your mouthing off to...swallow your bitter pill and get it over with. For a school of their size they get the job done...for now. They may get better and certainly have the potential, weather they get the pieces in place is yet to be seen. Who knows maybe Jake who was an All WNY football player will make a splash in the wannabe NBA High school stars amoung us..with a 1% chance any of them are NBA material. Enjoy the games..enjoy the blog(its the best) and show just a little respect for each other. Afterall weather we are dreamers,parents coaches or do it for your job...enjoy it!!! Its a damn game.GAME is requesting to let this be accepted over written post. Im disabled and have too much time on my hands and realize I ramble...Im cutting it down as you can see by my number of posts, but will be back with more to the point and out posts asI have a great deal of respect for CC...MIG...TML1000...and you others who know who you are...TRYING TO KEEP IT SHORT!!!! God Bless and "let them play ball!!!

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