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Sunday, December 22, 2013


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Centercourt touched on this in his blog above but I have to reiterate how horrible Eckstrom played. He did not play anywhere near a returning All-WNY player should play. I've never seen him play that bad before but then again, I have not seen him play against guys that are bigger and more athletic than him. He played extremely slow, very lackadaisical and he really only has one post move and just was not up to the task.

I thought Trueheart was an animal all over the court and if he plays like that all year, deserves a spot ahead of Eckstrom on the All-WNY squad. Wheatley was just abusing Eckstrom on the defensive end. Pushing him off the block consistently and just playing more physical.

I thought that Bathurst played his hart out and kept his team in the game throughout the entire first half. Canisius played a 3/4 court man-to-man defense and it definitely wore him down. Canisius has a lot of depth and their guards played better than Olean's guards. If I was Olean I would have put more pressure on the ball just to challenge Washington but they let him dictate the game in the half court set and he did a very nice job of controlling the tempo.

I can't wait for the Olean/East crossover game. If Rasheed comes back for East then I give East the edge after what I saw yesterday.

does east move a head of olean since they lost friday ?

Olean looked scared before the game yesterday...players and coaches. CHS looked loose and it showed. Also for a team that has played together so long idk but it seems like Olean should have alot more chemistry. Bathurst is real good but not a leader. The only leader I saw was the pg. and the only time Eckerstorm shows any fire in his belly is when coaches took him out late...where was ANY of that fire all game? Sorry Olean but you are NOT winning states!

Howard Washington deserves the hype. He's going to be special.

Beyond Canisius, the large poll is as dicey and full of parity as I can ever remember this week.

Large School poll
1. Canisius
2. Timon(12 pt win v Mary's; close win v North; close losses to AQ/Olean)
3. St Joe's(close wins v Macks/Lock; loss to Park; blown out by AQ/BK)
4. McKinley(close loss to Joe's; blew out KW)
5. Clarence(close wins v Amherst/North; close loss v Mary's)
6. Wil North(close losses v Timon/Clarence; last second win v Jtown)
7. Jtown(blown out by Athena; close loss to North)
8. Ken West(blown out by Macks; close win v Lock; 10 pt win v NT)
9. Amherst(close loss to Clarence)
10. Lockport(close losses to KW/Joe's; close win v NT)

HM - NT, NF, Iroquois, Sweet Home

Can someone please post a link for the Rochester Section 5 boys basketball rankings? Thanks...

What time will rankings be posted

Brian - You know you can just google it and with a few keystrokes find the link yourself?

The one constant with Canisius over the past few years is that they take the court "knowing" they are going to win. That confidence is clear to see.
Their oponents often look like they hope they have a shot at winning

What song did canisius come out to

Chs fan - Ricky Martin - "Livin' la Vida Loca"

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