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Sunday, December 29, 2013


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Well done Centercourt; hopefully EAST and OLEAN will keep their eyes on the prize and meet in March with the winner moving on to REP WNY and bring home the Gold!

Hopefully, they will save some of that "big chip" on their shoulders for their schoolwork, as some of those kids have potential to go play somewhere big.

When does the rankings come out do they come out weekly ?

There's no poll this week due to the holidays. The Buff News resumes its poll next Tuesday, meaning I'll show how I voted in it one week from today.

CC, are there any must see games this week?


Park at St. Mary's


Greece Athena at Olean
St. Joe's at Timon

Good to see CC go statewide, see 12/29 blog post of NYSSWA President John Moriello regarding East/Aquinas game.

Query, how much longer before CC goes national?

I got to give AQ credit scheduling East , Canisius and Olean and some Section V bloggers accuse them of ducking teams.

I always thought it was the other way around. Hard to say a team that annually schedules Canisius, Falls, St. Joe's, Timon, Nichols, etc. is ducking competition.

East over AQ, Olean over Athena. I sense some tough votes come next week in the polls. Either way Section 6 is looking good

just wondering why do these crazy things pop up on this blog

It's called spam. It seems the typepad spam filter could use a serious upgrade. I have to individually remove anything the filter doesn't catch, which lately, has been a lot.

lol that's why you make the big bucks

the east olean game is in tyson's hands if he has a breakout game east win he dosent...... the guards will do thier job olean's big man has got the brst of he 2 years in a row its pretty had 2 beat a team 3 times i honestly cant wait for that game i hoping east can pull it off i cant reserve a room in gleens falls till after the game last year i lost 38 cancellation fee!!!!!!!!

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