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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


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Superstar players cannot go 1-4 from the line in the final minute when they could put the game away. Sterling is very good but the hype is much greater than the actual product. Many kids could put up numbers giving the ability to coach the team like he does with his lack of a true coach at North. They have a realistic look at 3rd best in their league and a 5 or 6 seed. Funk is at least his equal and gets nearly no press at all.

Reading what CC wrote about the game, it sounds like Taplin went 3/4 from the line and not 1/4 from the line in the final minute. Even if he made the 4th one, they still would have lost.

Hey guys keep a close eye on johnathon Lewis season from east high . He's a great talent as well !

Taplin was 2 of 4 in the final minute from the line and 3 of 6 in the final 90 seconds.

1/2 - 2/2 (on the technical) - 0/2

Were have I heard he gets no press from? Look at the top of the article his name is is right there what do you mean no press.

Can someone fill me in on a T being called in final minute of a great good hoops game? Did bench deserve it? Did coach? Sounds crazy bonkers bananas to me?

The technical was called on coach Bananasack for yelling at the ref. Was surprised at the call myself. Good point about the timing of the call because I thought Clarence was done when it happened. Coach had every right to be yelling. Refs let lots go, lots of no calls in player control situations. Then Funk is wearing WNorth players at the end and they call him for a travel that happened cause he was getting fouled. Should have kept with the no calls.

THANK you for that answer, Mr. Universal. hopefully we don't have #refereeproblems like this for what should be a bananas(ack) seazon. Keep the whistles away unless something needs to be blown (and not the game itself yes-yes-yes?)

I mean his dad doesn't pump him up to the media like has happened with Taplin for 5 years now. Funk is his equal but doesn't have a father who is crazy and consumed with living through his son.

I took a comment down because it was getting a little too personal. If you don't like a coach and want to call him a bum, I guess that's your prerogative, coaches have some pretty thick skin.

But I don't think a player should be named and have to read negative comments about his father. I'm all for spirited banter - this is a blog - but there is a line I need to protect. Thanks.

cc What game will you be covering tonight?

Weather dependent, but my hope is to be at Canisius at 4:30 pm & work my way back north.

If the forecast gets me worried, I'll stay local and take in the same one you'll be at.

Just received word that the Jamestown Tournament has made the following changes:

One game tonight at 7:30 pm between JHS & Greece Athena.

Greece Athena vs. Fredonia 6 pm
Jamestown vs. Bennett 7:30 pm

Fredonia was supposed to play Atheena tonight with JHS/Bennett following, but all after school activities were cancelled at Fredonia.

I Wasn't there but I would have to guess that the "T" was warranted as was another one he DID NOT get in another game when he used profanity on more than one occasion to the refs loud enough for many to hear(never ok, no matter what you think of officials and the calls that have been made.) Here's what I will say about crunch time technical fouls: It's only wrong if a player or coach deserved one earlier in the game and the official did not give them one. If the official put up with unsporting behavior earlier in the game and did nothing about it, its his own fault and he should bite the bullet and put up with the behavior late in a close game. However, if it is the first time the behavior warranted a technical, then by all means, that's on the coach/player and NOT the ref. Some of the comments lead me to believe that many on here think that under a minute is 'free reign' to go after officials because a T shouldn't decide the game. No one wants that to happen, including officials, but the game should be officiated the same no matter what the score or time on the clock says and with consistency which is often not the case also.

Would have to agree with Universal. Ref missed a big call at the other end on Taplin. Clarence stayed composed and finished North off nicely. Coach did not seem to earn the "T".

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