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Monday, December 09, 2013


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Well Done; should be fun to watch as they gain more experience!!

Saturday had a plethora of exciting early season games. With Timon, Clarence and St. Joes all winning in OT or last seconds of regulation. Its great to be back in season!

any updates on former hs kids in college-reggie? campions? rebaum ?paige? white? any others?

Paige is averaging over 25+ per game at Moberly CC. If he can get his degree he will be attending Texas Tech next season. Campion plays sparingly, Rehbaum was conference player of the week last week and is playing 35 minutes per game.

Reggie is not getting many minutes at St Louis(who are a very good team this season) but is producing in those minutes. He is 9 for 13 on FG attempts and has grabbed 15 rebounds in just 6 mins per game and has even started 2 games. SLU has a good number of senior impact players so I would expect him to be a full time starter in years to come.

How did that youth movement go last night, looking at 3rd or 4th in their own league. They will have to buy a ticket to get into Buff State this year. Sal and the boys come watch the Red Raiders and see how building a program is done

I think at year's end Niagara Falls will get it together and challenge for the NFL title. Probably not Buff State though. NFL is a weak league again this year across the board. Clarence punked one of the better teams like NT.

CHS grads Gordon Lyons, Geneseo, Aaron Nevins, Utica, and Matt Hart, Hamilton are all leading their teams in scoring. All averaging around 20 PPG

All solid players. I really think that Hart could have been a Div. 1 player, maybe not a starter, but a solid contributor somewhere at a mid-major. But, I would imagine he weighed a great education at Hamilton with the opportunity to play immediately versus spending time on the bench at first, and maybe longer, at a mid major Div 1 school. I am astounded that McDonald is starting for FDU. It appears that the coach is giving him a chance where other coaches may not. Good for him.

Using current college participation and performance CHS is clearly the top program in WNY. There are at least 8 former Crusaders now on NCAA college rosters covering all divisions. Hart and Nevins are 1 and 2 respectively in their conference scoring, Lyons in top 5. Last years trio starting to make their mark. There are many guys playing college hoops, for one WNY HS to have this level of performance from their former players says a lot. As for Hart specifically many D1 teams would benefit from his style of play. NESCAC leading scorer as a sophomore, he clearly has the skills and game to perform at D1. Many D1 coaches missed on him.

the red raiders are going to show the NFHS how to rebuild a program!!...just kidding arent you. They have a final end of the season #1 ranking in the country and have players in the pro level...who from the RR is or has played in the NBA...great program you have down there and even better when some good players tranfer in....but a far cry from showing the Wolverines anything. Dont be chaffed that they get a story here on them and their youth movement...the have plenty of things done to rest their hat on. tearing up the jr. college ranks is not like going to D! and tearing it up. of course there more but think about that...NFHS has earned the respect they have gotten.

Niagara Falls glory days are well in the past. Along with the #1 ranking lets also mention they had a player who two years later would be a top NBA draft pick yet they couldn't win the sectional title when Sweet Home locked them up. Niagara Falls has went from #1 to a team that never met expectations to an also ran that is down 17-2 against a mid level conference opponent. Will never happen to a Drake led team, never

Nothing last forever, except The Bottom Lines marriage to coach Drake. Love the battle of words between Niagara Falls & Jamestown!Hope to see it play out on the court!

Drake has forgotten more than Sal will ever know!Here is a tip,you dont attack a 3-2 zone with a 3-2 offense!!Amateurish!!

Even coach coscia knew not to matchup against any offense!

You meant any defense!!

You are right,my bad!!!

I have said in the past i dont consider any school that pulls players from anywhere but in their own district...The MMA schools do it although they have made some rules that are like the rules made for Congress and contribution funds..lax and lip service. When high profile players transfer into schools they do it for a few reasons....to get their kids more exposure due to the players already their and to give their kids a chance to score a great junior college for them to get a few more years of beating up on inferior talent. This is not really a basketball crime in my book but it may show that these kids cant play to their potential on their own, and a strong supporting cast is needed to bring "JR" into some surrounding to catch a look from scouts checking out other players. this information is passed around and usually gets some very good chances to spend 2 years at a JR. College tearing up subpar compition and get them ready for their final 2 years at a D1 school...if they are lucky or good enough for the last 2 years before they start job hunting which I hope they put more into their studies than bouncing the ball as there are very, very few who make it to the NBA headlines. If playing some good high school basket is what you love,,,,spend more time playing it where you were born and raised...if your that good you will be noticed.....if you need other greatr players around you then you are only a piece of a puzzle and not the whole picture. Theres a kid from a school that doesnt get much smaller or country than Barker and they have a kid nasmed Jake Haight who was an All WNY 1st team football player and on his second game of this young season has scored his 1000 career point on a team who at times had just enough guys to play. He is not one of the pampered talent that moves around more than most peoples bowels to find a place to play. In the end make a list on where all these tranfers end up after the years after H.S. Nothing more exciting than being noticed for who you are instead of where you play and with who and most important having parents to move you around enough to forget what school you actually play for. But on a good note this wporks well for many kids and they go on to have great jobs...but very few have jobs playing basketball.....let them enjoy the High School years....and how you do it is up to you and always in the best interest of the kids so there is some good in it all....just make sure we do it for all the good of the kids lives and thats not a life of sports only. Good Luck to all teams. Players,Coaches, and of course the parents. Cant wait till Buuff St!!!!!

CC you missed a great Game.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Barker 22 30 52 60

Newfane 6 14 18 31

I agree with henry and bottom line. Ben is a much better coach than sal. sal can't coach. NF is young yes, but his players won't get better as the year progresses. he struggles with simple bball strategies on both sides of the ball.

Bottom line how did Drake and Jamestown do last night?

North!!!!does your seeing eye dog communicate with you somehow. That was a terrible game.Im pleasantly suprised with Barker and their play. Of course they have not played anyone in the top 50 yet but I like them. I hope the coach can harness theose players to their full potential because they did alot of nice things that i like to see with the style of play I love most.Those kids were chasing loose balls to the stands, the floor....i dare say if one rolled out in the hall the would dive through the doors! Once they utilize all their players with what they each do best I would take a peak at these guys for being one of the top team if not the top team down in these here parts!!I was impressed with their play and not so much with that of their opponent.I am and always have been a believer as that when the ball is on the floor you had better get down there with it and claim it for your team. When you see more than one or 2 guys playing defense with thier feel and palms up.eating the dribbler or the ball to where they are trying to get it......Basically playing with alot of heart. Those thing I hold dear to my heart because back in my days i was not much of an offenssive threat(at all)but you did not want to be the man i was defending or if under the basket you can gaurantee i will step in and take the charge and get the star player another foul and much frustration...yes my elbows were sore to the touch the entire season!!The Raiders have plenty to work on....to put them up a few notches on the chart but one thongs for sure they have the personel.

How can a game be great when a varsity team almost gets doubled up ?

It was great game because I've never seen the Blue Zone look so dazed before. It's the only gym in the NO League allowed to act the way it does. It's a great place to have a game. I wish more schools would allow there fans to get a little wild, That is as long as it's respectful.

Ageed - great place to play - come and watch.

I would agree with you on that North. respect should be and is demanded of them and the blue zone has had sactions imposed on them. But its true as long as its respectful shout away...and it usually gets the opposing team into the game as well and makes for some good ole fun for friday night basketball. There have been times where they go a bit strong and if you know me you see I sit 10 ft from them. But it was a good game because the 2 teams like one another and my boys and myself are friends with many of the players as well as coaches and fans. the game was played as though it was take it or leave it from the Blue side while the Raiders were all bussiness from start to finish. I see so mucg the could do to up their game drastically and hope the coach sees it as well because this team is most likely one in a very long time before another of this caliber comes along. I will be attending games when other teams are to far for me to travel...unless CC is driven then i will tag along for some games well south of here!!!all the best!!

Can anyone actually talk about NFHS in this thread? How does one school (Barker) get more attention than all other schools in the section combined???

because this Barker team could probably beat the Falls...bur thats not the reason...i was actually in on it to stave of some guy claiming Jamestown to be a beasketball mecca. When enough good players transfer into their school they are a good team. if they play with boys born and raised there im not so sure and i say that because im not sure how many players families use Jamestown p,o boxes and play there or live with other families for the season....that is bogus...we have players private and public transferring to where they may get the most exosure, or supporting cast because there are some great ball players who stay at home and play where they were brought up. while others tranfer around like a criminal facing extradition. and they do so because the school they should play at doesnt have enough "quaility player" to give them a chance to show their skills. If your that good play on a team that you can help and if you are in fact that good you will be noticed. But in this day and age where parents will pay anything to have their child "placed" on a team at a good deal of cash...and of course the alumni of certain schools make sure some of the dirty money finds itsd way to these marque players....its just not my idea of going out with some pride and playing where you live.I do know that some of these schools truely do offer a higher brand of education and with that im fine so long as the kid is a top honor student in the school in which he comes from for if hes not....it stinks of recruiting at the H.S level which is shameful in myn book. these inner city kids are a different story as they are eligible to tranfer to different schools and schools like EAST and McKinley are a few schools who dont need to recruit to be competitive.....as far as the MMA.....well they have...or are said to have cleaned up their act as far as redruiting goes but the fact that they did it to begin with doesnt show a whole lot of values that most Catholics live by.....dont worry though "penance" is coming up soon...i supect a long line at those instatutions.And FULL C1..!!!!! what more is there to say about NFHS..!!!!I was just jumping in on the James"gang"town croonies running them under the bus like they are the premier program in the section. I wanted to wake him up from his slumber!!!!LOL....you know i love you all...just like to get thing to chat about...but Barker got some game...meet me for a game...Ill buy!!

and for all the Jamestown folk who say they dont bring in player.....you brought in this guy..my Dad whos since passed away told me all about how they had to go about it but he was a awesome player...so this parctice of importing talents been going on since the Tyrone Beaman day and beyond im sure.http://www.linkedin.com/in/coachtybeaman...hes a far better coach than anyone in RR country .

Barker is a Cinderella story you might say. Four years ago they were a team that had seven players on it. On that team was a Freshmen who would four years later be on his way to becoming the schools all time scoring leader. The current record holder was at the game when this freshmen now a senior would get his 1000 point. He was was there trying to recruit this freshmen now a senior. His father is his number one fan as most father's are of there kids. This isn't about my son though it's about the team. You see there pretty good this year and that's what is all about! It started the other night when the panther sounded more like a kitten. I guess you had to be at that game. I wish the team all the Best because basketball is after all a team sport.I hope Niagara Falls is next years Cinderella story.

Watch out for the falls.

Jamestown lost because they brought in the top team from section 5 just like they attend tournaments in NYC and Elmira instead of playing in the Clarence classic. Carlos Rivera from Jamestown, Jaysean Paige born and raised in Jamestown. Darin Butts all 12 years in Jamestown. Quinn Lee Yaw lived in jamestown all his life. Fletcher Larson from Jamestown. Brandon Kellam was the only "transfer" since Tyrone Beamon. I understand that Canisius is very good we know because we scrimmage them. Olean very good we scrimmage them, Timon the same. If you were at jamestown to see the rededication of the gym last night you would know what Drake has done to make every kid in wny wish he went to Jamestown. Drake is in a class all his own and that is just the facts. Go to North Tuesday and he will show Mr. Taplin and his dad the same thing as he has for 4 straight years

Ouch! Bottom u really love jamestown basketball. Nothin else goin on?

Bottomline, are you the JV coach at Jamestown? I heard you are.

Dont get me wrong..I dont dislike Jamestown...better yet i dont dislike any team...reason being...I love the kids ..out their busting their humps to achieve some sort of greatness...and in the end some are just basketball players and some are just awesome athletes playing games they love. Im not hatin on anyone and only brought up Tyrone Beaman because I knew that situation "very" closely.I dont think anyone is going to say they are not a great basketball school but have not enough royalty to even remotely poke barbs at NFHS. When I played in my early days I was fortunate to have a coach named John Beilien...who probably knows a bit more than anyone posting on this blog and is a personal friend of mine and his nephew a former "Barker Alumni" and 1000pt club member has a team called the NCCC Trailblazers ranked in the top 10 in the country...you know like one of those schools Jaysean Paige plays for possibly because of academics which if true falls on the coach which would be a huge disservice to the young man.Maybe hes toning his game i dont know but wish him well.But the young man in Barker is a gamer and if things are going well mid season get out and see him play. As always good luck to all the kids and all the teams...we just chatter they bust their butts to make it happen. Take care all.

2guard, William Miley is the JV coach at jamestown. He was on the 1999 team led by Maceo Wofford that captured the sectional title over Lasalle. I am a fan of the program. My son was able to be blessed to be Coached by Drake and I will forever be indebted to him for all he taught him. I don't know as much about the game as John Beilien and cannot call him a friend.

by the sounds of your story about Coach Drake he is well worthy of any accolades you care to bestow on him...and if he has done those things for your son...I applaude him as well. These post sometimes get into a bit of a fun (poking at one another)..you can always count on me to be apoligetic if wrong...never be demeaning to any coach or player as I had a quiality player graduate last year that worked hard enough and played well enough to be a memeber of many of the top teams we all speak of...as well as being on the all WNY Academic Team. Now I would have loved to see him persue sports in college but most wanted him for football....and IMO if our kids play sprorts in college they better be good....going for free and having a great chance to do it for money. If those are not in the criteria...give up the dream the Gronkowskis live and let him get a great education and a body that wil let him enjoy the fruits of that education well past our age...(Im 50 and was on the only team to bring a sectionl B title to our school in history)Good luck to you and those you cheer for...i was meerly jumping in to the defense of NFHS who surely has earned a spot in the elite BBall schools in our area of all time. The Red Raiders are no slouches either but stand not above but in very close company with the top program around.Good luck to all you cheer for and may they do very well and the kids enjoy the game. Best Regards......."GAME"

You have to love this BLOG it's great how us fans of there respective teams can defend them to the last word. I can't do either, because our program has been closer to the bottom then every being near the top. I hope this is our year as I have had people tell me it's the best team the school has ever produced. I hope this is true and they have a dream season either way I'll be there number one fan! Keep defender you teams and programs it make for great reading. Game and CC there is a local game tonight if you don't have any plans. Always North!

thanks for the info and thoughts and opinions here at least to me...I thank you all and we ran out of things to say for the topic so i would say if we can get back on topic ....Lets and if not we will let it sit for something to come along...stay active with positive comments about any of the things CC puts up as he works very hard and has several guys here that know plenty and also work hard taking in games and researching all the things for our reading pleasure and knowledge. If your favorite player gets passed by its most likely he wasnt the top one of the story but you can bet he will get some press here but make it positive and not as if it was a crime they were overlooked...these guys here watch more H.S. basketball in a week than most of us watch in a season that doesnt include our kids. And to be clear I have no kids playing but my 54" 70lb 7year old 2nd grader is already playing with the 3=4th grade teams....and the only kid we know of so far thats name is spelled "JAKSON"....in the entire SSA.ord database!!!!!...will be posting youtube on his progress. hes right handed so naturally he is forbidden to use it except in emergency situations!!!!LOL...LOL!!!!! have fun everyone!!Jak attack will be coming to a gym near you in ...several years!!!!

From the North,

If you're going to hammer home the point that your son the "freshmen" just scored his 1000th point and is being recruited, don't backtrack at the end and say it's all about the team. Stick to your guns, be the blowhard you were obviously meant to be!


It's "Freshman" dude.

I'm not saying Barker isn't a good team, I know that they are. But I am disappointed that their non-league schedule consists of Kendall, Elba, Pembroke, and Lyndonville. They knew that this was their year and it would've been nice to see how they matched up against some better competition. It seems like their coach was more interested in aiming for an undefeated season instead of testing his team, which could end up hurting them come sectionals.

I don't think Barker's coach was aiming for an undefeated season when he set up his schedule, but rather rolled with the same schedule they play every year. My guess is that it's a situation where the feeling is if they alter how they always do business, they may not be able to get the same geographically convenient schedule back the following season when the talent level returns to that which Barker basketball has traditionally dealt with.

With all that said, I completely agree that Barker knew this was to be its year and should have stepped it up. The N-O this season is not at the level of competition that Barker will face against the top tier schools in Class C. We've definitely seen it happen before where a team gets rich on the poor and then gets a rude awakening in sectionals (what up Dunkirk?). When you field a team with a legitimate shot like Barker has this season, you have to just go for it and deal with getting the schedule that traditionally suits your team the following year. The only thing you really stand to lose is, well, maybe a Section VI champion's plaque.

I can't disagree but he has schedule tougher teams as scrimmages. East Rochester,Notre Dame,Oracle and Lockport. In some ways it's like the school classifications you don't change them just because of your strength or opponents strength year to year. We have played these schools for years. Like Coach Drake the kids respect coach Carson and that means more then wins and loses.

Good point CC, I'm sure that was why the schedule wasn't changed now that you mention it. But From the North, I have to respectfully disagree. I don't think changing classifications and changing non-league games is comparable. I think if a team has an exceptional talent level in a given year, it is in their best interest to play a higher level of competition that year. It's good experience and makes for overall better, more competitive games.

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