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Monday, December 23, 2013


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Rasheed Paul isn't playing for east this season but that really doesn't matter there still going to out run olean and its gone be because of there guards who's been carrying them since last season but seems to continuously get looked over Johnathon Lewis avg 22 points and 7 reb right now and avg 19 last season Percy Bryant is avg 17 right now with 10 assist a game and avg 16 last year ... Olean guards will not be able to keep up with then two and if they try and put Bathurst on 1 of the 2 then aj Ayala will have a Mitch match .... Olean is pretty much the same team they have been the past 3years they haven't added new pieces but east has gotten a whole lot better with adding another weapon on offense.. I remember when Johnny Flynn lost to sweethome at buff state and how big of a deal it was , thats what this is shaping out to be

And Paul didn't play a game last season and they went far without him ... He played a full season his sophomore year and was in and out the starting lineup , johnathon Lewis also lead the team in scoring that year with 15 a game and carried them to buff state and lost to olean bye 4 points so i dont get why Paul is getting all this hype for east ... He would def be a key addition but east is very talented team without Paul ... Tyson is a great defender , the Guards can score at will they can pass and they pressure and go after the ball better than any back court in buffalo .. And aj does it all deep 3's , DUNKS whatever

Sherman is way to flawed. Randolph is a hit or miss basketball team and they were riding a state championship in football into a young Maple Grove squad. Sherman found themselves in a good situation and capitalized. Sherman won't get the chance to touch the section 6 plaque this year.

Good job CC poll looks pretty close to what I would do if I had a vote! Nick - Sherman is VERY good 4 a D school and I think will make the State Final. U r wrong. Already looking forward 2 my yearly trip 2 JCC - Sherman in D, Randolph C2, and I pretty sure a OTC/S Creek battle in C1.

Everyone have a great CHRISTMAS (NOT 'holiday')!!!

Having seen Sherman play, no doubt they're good but I'm not so sure about them being a state finalist team. There are some chinks in the armor. They do not have very good size, a lack of a true go to player, and at times they can lose their heads a little. Don't get me wrong, they're very good and an overwhelming favorite to win section 6 class D. But I think they will really struggle to get past section 5 in the Far West Regionals.

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