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Tuesday, December 03, 2013


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Well done CC! Great to see you in post-season form, already!!

Good job CC hoops season is back! I'll start my season as always at the Pastor tomorrow. Nice win 4 Syracuse over Indiana!

All WNY 3 spots r gone already! Taplin, Bathurst, Eckstrem only 2 spots remain :)

Can't wait 4 Olean-East at Buff State. The 'Falls Jamestown' game for 2014

St. Joe's will host Aquinas this Monday, 12/9 @ 7 pm.

The game was originally scheduled for Tuesday, 12/10.

Whoa!!...Must have dozed off...ok GAME on.

Good stuff already! Looks like it will be a short ride over the river and through the woods to see Oracle Charter play. Its almost a given when you get out hustled for loose balls your likely out of shape or not top shape or lack desire to win the easiest of games. Nice start to the season for all though and look forward to the season....and Barker returning 4 is very good ...didn't they only have 7??!!..Jake is surely going to be fun to watch...I will see him twice by default and maybe more!!good luck to al the players, coaches, and teams. Looks good already!

Will there be anything posted about the games play at Damien Thursday ?

Yes, just got home and typing something up right now.

St.Joes tonight? Stayin here for the game I will send you a update! I wont interupt the game you be at.I wish there wasnt a game closer and I would love to see tonight.Playball!

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