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Sunday, December 15, 2013


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center, what did you think of the officials Saturday?

I was a lacrosse referee for five years - did a lot of varsity games, including playoffs. I know it's a different sport, but I will say that it is SO much harder on the field armed with a whistle, than it looks from the stands. That experience provided me with some perspective.

I don't ever address officials from the stands and I don't write about them, as in critique their performance. When I think a game was poorly officiated, I might tell whoever I'm with about it, but that's about it. In most instances, a bad game by a ref is no different than a bad game by a player. It happens. For the good ones, not very often. For the not so good ones, just like the players, they tend to start seeing less and less time.

My only major problem is when a ref has such an ego that he makes it all about him. There's a few of them out there, but usually what people think is some sort of conspiracy was nothing more than a bad call (or the right call made against your team).

So there's my long-winded cop out to your question. I'll leave the assessment of officials to you, you've got a pretty good forum right here. There's plenty of people reading these comments, probably even the guys you didn't like from Saturday. Maybe if you make your point well enough, they'll take it into consideration.

Large School Poll
1. Canisius
2. McKinley
3. Clarence
4. Jamestown
5. St. Joe's
6. Wil North
7. Lockport
8. Ken West
9. Amherst
10. NT

HM - NF, Wil East, Iroquois, Cheektowaga

I am not putting Timon as a large school.

Canisius is so good...the rest will move up down and in and out of the poll. The Taplin factor has North overrated again and Clarence will be taken down by having a softball guy coaching their boys basketball team although from what our coach tells me he is one helluva softball coach. When is the last time anyone has put Ken West and NT ahead on NF in the polls

CC observes, "[h]e's a great example of a player who doesn't look to get his, but rather helps his team to get theirs." Everyone should read that again.

While this was written about young Mr. Washington, it could have easily been inserted into Webster's Dictionary as the definition of a lead guard and the single most important trait of a basketball player. Great things can be and are accomplished with players that are motivated to play the game in this unselfish and team-oriented way. It's what makes the game such a treasure.

I look forward to seeing the Crusaders in action so I can watch first hand what I love most about basketball, the team player.

Congrats to Mr. Eckstrom on his career night. As a post player, I'm confident he has much to be thankful for as his effort is a sign of receiving quite a bit of assistance from his teammates. I can't wait to see Olean play. I trust and hope this will be their year!

Reuben Owens is still the JV coach at Amherst. He lost his cool and received two T's in the previous game, so he had to sit one out. Being a family affair Garrett helped out and slid right in to coach the JV for Chris.

Correction, he just finished the game for Owens Friday, it was not from the previous game.

Thanks. I saw Garrett coaching the JV team on Friday when I got there, and as it was my first trip to Amherst this season, made the assumption he was the new coach.

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