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Monday, January 20, 2014


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EAST lost in ROCHESTER last night to an athletic but struggling FRANKLIN team. What a year...

Actually the last time Olean played at St. AMry's was in the Adpro challenge last year against canisius

Olean beat St. Mary's 84-78 in 2011-12


Fredonia should be ranked higher. I would at least have them ahead of Park.

CC what teams are still undefeated now that we are at the half way point of the season? Section sixes web site is pretty good but I see some schools still are not updating it will it ever become mandatory?

The only two local schools(Sect VI or MMA) that are undefeated are Barker and Sherman.

Canisius is clearly #1 in large schools, but can we make another poll, because they are in another class right now. They destroyed Joes and Mckinley, and handled Olean with ease.

I posed this question to CC and Mr. McShea....

Is this current CHS squad better than last years team?

CC said yes, McShea said no

i think east lost they edge.

East hasn't lost there edge they had a 12 point lead at the half against Mckinley they gave that game away in second half they came out thinking that they had already won it will be much different next go around .. And the last 3 games johnathon Lewis has be battling a bad ankle and lost one of his big toe nail ... But east always play better late in the year anyway so east fans are not worried ... And Tyson hasn't played since aquinas he played 1 min in the McKinley game i mean east only lost 2games what other team in the town didn't ???? But i think this is what the east boys needed they always play better when people start to count them out

Last years Canisius team is better... The level of play in area is down this year..This trend has been going on for years now. Its what makes it so interesting, all these teams can beat other teams on a given day ...except Canisius is better , but they are not as good as last year...Level of play across WNY is down across the bored IMO.

Buffbball...I agree with your observation that the level of play has been trending down for years now. I couldn't believe some of the teams last year that made sectionals. Size and skills seem to be lacking. Going to several of the games for different teams this year I see guys dominating that wouldn't have done so 3-4 years ago. Hopefully it trends up. Maybe startign more programs in the elementary school. Other sports may be sucking up the good players too. Regardless, the game of basketball is GREAT!!!

Barker has sure picked a bad year to be GOOD!!!....I mean it in a good way i would like to see them playing some more teams like they are going to see in the post season because they have a good squad pounding the hardwood and rocking the rim. The N-O league has got me watching alot of my nieces Girls JV games as they are both 7th graders and show alot of heart and Hustle and ball movement.After the JV game I was heading over to the Jake Haight show and the weather turned me back. Keep that name fresh in your heads peeps...well dont matter you'll hear it enough just wish they had stronger company but they do alot of good things icluding spreading the ball around...moving it well and taking advantage of mismatches.Im glad to see some great things coming from Quaker Rd.. Lil GAME is only in 2nd grade but is already started skills camps and the YMCA program and @ 4'6" and two all league brothers Were aiming to be back CC with a vengence!!! Looking forward to some games been kind of locked down with this cold weather and bad back dont work...have fun all.

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